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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1578 - Shock
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Chapter 1578: Shock

“This is impossible. How can your body be so powerful? It’s even tougher than high class magical beasts.” Changyang Xu stared at Shangguan Aojian in shock and disbelief. At that moment, he even began to suspect that Shangguan Aojian was a high class magical beast that had assumed a human form. How else could he explain how Shangguan Aojian’s body was so tough?

Changyang Xu was only a Great Saint Master, but he grew up in the Changyang clan, so he had come in contact with many Sainthood experts throughout his childhood. He had gained a rough understanding of the strength of Sainthood experts, but according to what he knew, Saint Rulers were still unable to endure a full powered attack from him if they did not use Saint Force. Even Saint Kings would not be able to accomplish such a feat. Only magical beasts could achieve such a tough body.

“What a tough body. Probably only sovereign Jian Chen has a body as tough as that aside form magical beasts,” said an old man in the crowd. His voice was filled with amazement. He was a Saint Emperor.

“I may not be able to see the young island master’s strength, but just that attack is enough to determine that the young island master has definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. No wonder he’s from Three Saint Island. He’s so powerful just at the age of twenty-three. He’s no worse than sovereign Jian Chen in the past, actually,” said a middle-aged man. He was an ancestor of an ancient clan and a Saint King at the Ninth Heavenly Layer.

“The young island master really is worthy of being called a prodigy, but in my opinion, there’s still a great difference from sovereign Jian Chen. After all, sovereign Jian Chen obtained his strength through his own effort, unlike the young island master and the younger master of the Changyang clan, whose strength originates from the support of their families, and the young island master has probably eaten a Violet Cloud Peach in the past,” a ruddy old man nonchalantly added his thoughts to the mix.

Many human experts all clasped their fists at the old man when they saw him. They showed some respect.

The old man was Cangqiong. He was different from everyone else, having become a Saint Emperor from his own hard work, unlike the other Saint Emperors who had all eaten Violet Cloud Peaches. After ingesting an immortal peach, his strength had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor.

Among the four races, there were only a few people who had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer as Saint Emperors. Aside from Cangqiong and Yadriam, there were the four brothers, A’Da, A’Er, A’San, and A’Si.

And now that the seal preventing breakthroughs to the Origin realm was gone, it was likely that the six peak Saint Emperors would break through.

“Brother, do you admit defeat?” Shangguan Aojian indifferently asked as he stood there with his arms crossed.

Changyang Xu coldly snorted and said, “Even if you’re the young island master of Three Saint Island, you have no right to claim you’re better than me. I’d like to see if you can emerge unscathed from my Earth Tier Battle Skill.” With that, Changyang Xu roared out. Saint Force surged out of his body without any restraint at all. He was enveloped by a thick layer of azure light, caused by his wind-attributed Saint Force.

As he used the Earth Tier Battle Skill, violent gusts of wind appeared in the Changyang clan, kicking dust and sand into the air.

At this moment, Changyang Ba casually waved his hand. With that, all the dust and sand in the air vanished. Meanwhile, he looked at Changyang Xu and nodded, feeling satisfied. He thought, “Impressive. I never thought that Xu’er had comprehended such a great Earth Tier Battle Skill.”

“Wind Assassination!”

After charging up, Changyang Xu finally cast his Earth Tier Battle Skill. His entire body seemed to have fused with the wind as he charged at Shangguan Aojian with a speed far beyond what a Great Saint Master could exhibit. The wind-attributed Saint Force on his Saint Weapon had compressed as well.


With a heavy sound, Changyang Xu’s Earth Tier Battle Skill firmly landed on Shangguan Aojian, and it erupted with quite a powerful ripple of energy. Changyang Xu clearly found the energy ripple difficult to endure as a Great Saint Master, so he was forced to rapidly retreat. He became rather pale.

It was quite difficult for him to use a powerful Earth Tier Battle Skill.

However, Changyang Xu paid no attention to himself. He stared ahead. His eyes were filled with eagerness. He was eager to see Shangguan Aojian injured by the attack. If Shangguan Aojian was injured, even just a tiny bit, the Violet Cloud Peach would become his spoils as agreed upon earlier.

However, Changyang Xu was completely stunned a moment later. Disbelief flooded his eyes. Shangguan Aojian had emerged unscathed after taking on the Earth Tier Battle Skill with his body. Even Changyang Xu’s strongest attack failed to leave a mark on Shangguan Aojian.

“Impossible, this is impossible. You’re cheating. You must have been cheating,” Changyang Xu cried out rather crazily. He refused to accept this fact. The young island master was only three or four years older than him, yet he possessed such a terrifying strength. He was unable to do anything to just his body, which was a great shock to Changyang Xu, who had always been arrogant and acted condescendingly.

“The Violet Cloud Peach. Yes, it must be the Violet Cloud Peach. You must have consumed it, which is why you possess this strength. This is unfair. If I had a Violet Cloud Peach as well, you would never be my opponent,” Changyang Xu loudly declared. At that moment, he suddenly felt envious, so envious that he almost turned green. At the same time, he felt more and more displeased by his uncle. He thought, “My uncle is just too biased. He is willing to give a Violet Cloud Peach to an outsider but not me.”

“Shangguan Aojian, there’s nothing for you to be complacent about. You’ve won, but you’ve obtained your strength from a Violet Cloud Peach. Otherwise, you would have never been my opponent.” Changyang Xu was very reluctant to give in. He was still extremely arrogant even when the situation had developed like this. He did not know how to stand down.

Shangguan Aojian did not become angered, “Younger brother, why don’t you think about whether you’d still have your current accomplishments if you didn’t have an entire clan supporting you from behind? If they had spent their cultivation resources on someone else, they’d also be able to attain what you have today. I must admit that I only have my strength today because of the Violet Cloud Peach and various heavenly resources, but so what? That’s nothing to be arrogant about.”

“You…” Changyang Xu was completely tongue-tied. His face alternated between dark and pale. He had always been arrogant and viewed himself better than others, even looking down on the other people the same age as him. However, the achievements he took pride in were described as nothing by Shangguan Aojian, and he just happened to not know how to respond.

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