Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1601 - A Battle At Godhood (Three)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1601 - A Battle At Godhood (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1601: A Battle At Godhood (Three)

A gleam of light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. He knew that the Spiritking was telling the truth. If there was a battle among Origin realm experts, even if they were at Reciprocity, the shockwaves would be terrifying but would be nowhere near destructive enough to destroy a world. At most, they would just cause heavy damage. He could tell that everything in the World of Forsaken Saints was much tougher than the Tian Yuan Continent since origin energy had existed in the environment for countless years. However, that would still not be enough to endure a battle between Godhood experts. Everything would be destroyed if the battle went on for long. Jian Chen knew that Celestial Decay would definitely descend if a quadrillion lives died by their hands and that it would possess terrifying power.

However, Jian Chen had taken the initiative to come to the World of Forsaken Saints just to avoid having the battle take place on the Tian Yuan Continent, so how could he agree to the Spiritking’s suggestion so easily?

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. He stared at the Spiritking’s face and gruffly said, “It’s not impossible for us to fight in my world, but there must be a condition. From today on, none of your Forsaken Saint Race can set a single foot on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

“Impossible.” The Spiritking declined Jian Chen’s condition. He declined firmly and decisively with no hesitation at all.

Jian Chen’s gaze grew colder as he said, “If that’s the case, there’s no point in talking anymore. We can only fight.” When Jian Chen uttered the last word, his presence suddenly surged, and he aggressively charged toward the Spiritking while the Zi Ying Sword in his hand shone with a violet light. The Qing Suo Sword hovered above his head and flickered with an azure light. Under the control of Jian Chen’s soul, it was ready to strike at any time.

The Spiritking’s eyes were cold and emotionless. He gazed at Jian Chen deeply before entering the tunnel in a single moment. He shot toward the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen missed his attack and watched the Spiritking enter the tunnel. His face immediately changed, and at the same time, the Spiritking’s voice loudly reverberated from the tunnel, causing the entire tunnel to shake.

“Jian Chen, I will fight you in outer space in the other world. Don’t try killing the protectors and elders who are at Origin realm. If you lower yourself so far as to touch them, I will do the same.”

“Jian Chen, go quick. Only you can stop the Spiritking now. You can’t let him harm the Tian Yuan Continent. Leave the other people to me.” Shangguan Mu’er’s voice rang out.

Jian Chen nodded and looked at Shangguan Mu’er, “Then be careful.” With that, he charged into the tunnel like a loose arrow, heading toward the Tian Yuan Continent as quickly as he could.

“You be careful too.” Shangguan Mu’er’s voice gently came from behind. It was filled with concern.

The Spiritking and Jian Chen both left the World of Forsaken Saints. Thus, the World Mountains experienced a rare moment of peace. However, the peace was broken once again. Great booms mixed with music materialized as a devastating battle ensued. Shangguan Mu’er began fighting the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints.

Although the foreign world possessed an advantage in numbers, most of them were only at Receival, and there were only five at Returnance. Xiong Zhong was the only one at Reciprocity, and he was at early Reciprocity. On the other hand, Shangguan Mu’er was at the peak of mid Reciprocity. Coupled with her unique skills of the zither, she was able to take on all the Origin realm experts by herself. Not only did she fail to suffer defeat, but she even gained the upper hand. As time marched on, the eyes of many protectors filled with confusion. The music was gradually taking over their souls.

In the end, the forces of the foreign world used a treasure that had been passed down for countless generations. They only managed to achieve a stalemate with Shangguan Mu’er after its assistance.

The treasure also managed to weaken the charm of the music, so the protectors gradually recovered from her control. However, their battle prowess was still dulled since their souls were being suppressed by the music, preventing them from using their full strength.

All the Sainthood experts of the four races were gathered around the entrance of the tunnel on the Tian Yuan Continent. All of them stared at the tunnel as various emotions flickered through their eyes. There was excitement, anticipation, and worry.

All of them knew that the greatest human expert, Jian Chen, and the mistress of Three Saint Island had entered the other world. Their actions were connected to the survival of the Tian Yuan Continent. Their fates were bound together, which weighed on everyone’s mind.

At this moment, an indescribably tremendous pressure suddenly emerged from the tunnel. It gushed into the world like a flood. Soon after it appeared, the quiet tunnel began to shake violently and its walls began to crack.

All the experts there revealed drastically different expressions when they sensed the pressure. Even the sea goddess, Houston, Tie Ta, Yang Lie, and the other Origin realm experts revealed extremely ugly faces.

“It’s the Spiritking. The Spiritking’s coming over. Everyone retreat,” Tie Ta cried out. The tremendous presence made them all shiver with fear. It was definitely beyond Reciprocity. Only the Spiritking possessed such a strength aside from Jian Chen.

“What! The Spiritking’s coming over!? Has sovereign Jian Chen been defeated…”

Many Sainthood experts among the four races became extremely pale. Despair filled their eyes.


However, before they had too much time to think about the situation, a figure flew out of the tunnel. He was a blur that shot into the sky in a single moment, disappearing from everyone’s view. He moved unbelievably fast, exceeding the reaction speed of many people. His terrifying presence had failed to injure anyone on the Tian Yuan Continent either.

Just as the figure flew into outer space, the tunnel shook once more. Jian Chen shot out of the tunnel like an arrow as he radiated a blinding violet light. He did not stop at all, directly charging into outer space as well.

“It’s sovereign Jian Chen. Sovereign Jian Chen hasn’t been defeated…”

“Fantastic, sovereign Jian Chen is pursuing the Spiritking. Sovereign Jian Chen is invincible…”

The people in despair immediately regained their high spirits when the violet light appeared. They all involuntarily cried out and were extremely emotional. Although many of them could not see Jian Chen, the resplendent violet light and extremely sharp sword Qi had basically become Jian Chen’s symbol.

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