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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1602 - The Daluo Sword
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1602: The Daluo Sword

The stars twinkled in the cold and dark space. They did not shine particularly bright. Who knew just how far away those stars were.

At this moment, a dazzling violet light suddenly appeared in the dead silent space. It flew from a huge planet at the speed of lightning while shining like a violet sun. It illuminated the surroundings.

A figure seemed to be standing in the stream of violet light. He stood straight as supreme sword intent permeated his surroundings, causing space to shake and collapse. The figure did not seem particularly large, but it contained a terrifying power that could destroy the world.

Opposite the figure was a middle-aged man who calmly hovered. He held an ordinary, dark metal sword and also radiated a supreme sword intent, causing the surrounding space to collapse. Although his appearance was nothing special, the pressure from his body was so terrifying that it could shake the world.

To no surprise, one was the greatest human expert, Jian Chen, and the other was the Spiritking, who ruled over the World of Forsaken Saints. The two of them had arrived at a spot that was extremely far away from the Tian Yuan Continent. The planet the Tian Yuan Continent existed on was now the size of a fist.

“Spiritking, if we engage in an all-out battle against your World of Forsaken Saints, both my Tian Yuan Continent and your World of Forsaken Saints will lose many lives. At that time, it will be not as simple as a few hundred thousand or million. It’ll be in the hundred millions. To avoid this disaster caused by a brutal war, why don’t we decide the outcome between the two worlds from this battle?” Jian Chen said with a heavy voice. He did not want the Tian Yuan Continent to engage in a full-blown war against the foreign world because the difference between the two worlds was just far too big. The Tian Yuan Continent was too weak. The Tian Yuan Continent was at a disadvantage and would definitely lose in the end.

Jian Chen really wanted to take revenge for his great-grandfather Changyang Zu Xiao, but he also understood that if he could not remain composed, then even more people would die from the Tian Yuan Continent. The amount that would die would reach into the hundred millions.

And now that the world was gradually recovering its origin energy and the laws of the world were gradually approaching completion, what they needed the most was time to gather strength. He believed that the Tian Yuan Continent would not need to fear the World of Forsaken Saints after quite some time, and at that time, even the World of Forsaken Saints would have to reconsider invading once again.

“Sure. If I am defeated in this battle, I’ll only take the protectors and elders who follow me to the World of Forsaken Saints and we won’t set another foot in your world within the next ten thousand years, but if I win, your universe completely belongs to us,” said the Spiritking. In the past, he would have never made a decision like this because the Tian Yuan Continent was not powerful enough to catch the attention of the World of Forsaken Saints. However, Jian Chen now had the strength to enforce conditions.

“Alright. Then the outcome of our battle will determine the homes of the various races in the future,” Jian Chen confirmed. He exploded with a violet light in a single moment and charged toward the Spiritking. Wherever he passed, space would collapse.

A gleam of light flickered through the Spiritking’s eyes, and he charged toward Jian Chen at the same time. His presence also surged, making the surroundings space shake and collapse.

The two of them engaged in a battle far, far away from the Tian Yuan Continent. The Zi Ying Sword and dark metal sword collided and so did their Way of the Sword. They glowed with the brightest light, outshining the sun, moon, and stars. The space around them experienced large scale destruction time and time again. Every time they clashed, they would annihilate a large region of space and turn the laws of the world into a mess.

Both Jian Chen and the Spiritking used their full strength. Although Jian Chen was slightly weaker than the Spiritking, the difference was not extremely large. It could easily be bridged by his eighth layer Chaotic Body and his abilities as a Class 9 Radiant Saint Master.

The disturbance from Jian Chen and the Spiritking’s fight was just far too great. Even on the Tian Yuan Continent, people could see lights exploding like suns and vaguely hear the roars of battle, which impacted the energy of the world on the Tian Yuan Continent and turned it into a mess.


The intensity of the battle was unprecedented. It completely exceeded any battles among the Origin realm. The shockwaves of battle were so destructive that the countless people who were watching all felt shocked.

Many humans, magical beasts, members of the Sea race, and Hundred Races had arrived in outer space. They watched Jian Chen and the Spiritking fight from very far away as astoundment filled many of their faces.

Jian Chen and the Spiritking would clash over a hundred times in a single flash. Jian Chen was currently covered with blood, his white robes dyed red. He had sustained around a dozen sword slashes and every single one of them was vicious and frightening. His body had even been pierced the whole way through. However, the Chaotic Body had gifted him with unimaginable vitality and battle prowess, so no matter how heavily injured he was, his battle prowess did not decrease at all. Instead, he fought more ferociously as the battle raged on. Coupled with the recovery of abilities of Class 9 Radiant Saint Force origin energy and the Chaotic Body, his wounds rapidly healed. When the Spiritking saw how quickly Jian Chen could recover, even his eyes narrowed in shock.

The Spiritking was in horrible shape as well. His clothes were speckled with blood. Some of it came from Jian Chen and some came from himself. He had also been injured, but his wounds were insignificant compared to the wounds covering Jian Chen’s body.

“Daluo Sword!”

Suddenly, Jian Chen bellowed a name and a resplendent golden glow radiated from his body. Coupled with a certain presence, it rapidly condensed into a glimmering, golden sword Qi. The sword Qi was so powerful that even the Spiritking frowned and became stern.

Swish! The sword Qi turned into a golden streak of light as it shot toward the Spiritking. Space collapsed on a massive scale wherever it moved, creating a river of darkness made up of spatial cracks, which devoured all light.

The sword Qi’s power was utterly terrifying. It had surpassed what the world could endure, making the space around it extremely fragile.


At the same time, the Spiritking bellowed out a name as well. His sword immediately began to shine brighter as he stabbed out with a mysterious power, making it collide with the golden sword Qi.


With a deafening boom, the Spiritking’s sword pressed against the tip of the golden sword Qi. However, the sword Qi did not disperse. Instead, it continued on without slowing down at all, pushing the Spiritking back. It was also at that time that the Spiritking’s upper garment turned to dust, revealing his bronze skin. However, his bronze body rapidly became covered with a layer of dense cuts. Each wound was extremely small, but they all drew blood, covering the Spiritking in blood in the blink of an eye.

The Spiritking’s gaze was cold and extremely stern. His long hair swayed wildly as origin energy surged forth. He used his full strength to stop the sword Qi. At the same time, the mysterious power within the sword Qi seemed to possess a special type of corrosion, eating away the golden sword Qi at a visible rate.

However, the golden sword Qi was not as simple as energy and laws. There was a certain presence within it that the mysterious power that came from the metal sword could not eat away.

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