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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1619 - Surrounding The Evil Spirit
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Chapter 1619: Surrounding the Evil Spirit

Jian Chen pursued closely. Although the Primordial Godsilk could not keep the evil spirit trapped, he controlled it to turn into two nets and move along with the evil spirit. The nets would go wherever the evil spirit went, sticking to the evil spirit like leeches. They suppressed the evil spirit’s power to devour, so it was unable to use its abilities to their full capability.

Jian Chen controlled the twin swords to constantly attack the evil spirit as well. They shone with a dazzling light as they pierced through the evil spirit with devastating might. The evil spirit would become much weaker with each attack.

“Sustenance, you cannot kill me! I am indestructible! You are all just making a pointless struggle,” the evil spirit roared out, but it did not fight Jian Chen. However, it fled as fast as it could, and its speed exploded all of a sudden. With a flash, it crossed several thousand kilometers as if it had teleported.

Space seemed to fold up before it as it fled. Whenever it passed through a fold, it seemed to teleport by several thousand kilometers. To no surprise, it fled in the direction where the presence of life was the heaviest.

“Sustenance, I want to devour large quantities of food. As long as I recover some strength, I won’t need to fear him anymore. I’ll even devour him,” thought the evil spirit. As it fled, it just happened to pass by a city. The city seemed to have reached first class in size, possessing a population of several million. The people who lived here were relatively weak, with the strongest only being Earth Saint Masters.

The evil spirit continued to flee, but it slowed down slightly. As it flew past the city as a red mist, it immediately produced a terrifying suction, quickly draining away the several million lives into the sky like a long river. The evil spirit had absorbed all their lives.

The city was not particularly large, only with an area of several tens of thousand kilometers squared. As a result, the evil spirit’s devouring powers did not weaken at all and instead strengthened even though it was currently suppressed due to the size. It sucked away all the lives and vital energies from several million people, reducing the bustling place to a ghost city.

However, devouring the entire city’s population took less than a single second. The evil spirit did not stop for any longer and continued towards the next city.

Two more seconds passed after the evil spirit had left and a resplendent streak of violet light shot through the sky. It crossed the city like a bolt of lightning, disappearing into the horizon instantly. It directly pursued the evil spirit.

Jian Chen’s face was terrifyingly sunken within the violet light. His soul was now powerful enough to envelop the entire planet. Obviously, he saw exactly what had happened to the city earlier, so it made his killing intent surge.

Several million people had met their end by having their lives drained away in a single moment. Moreover, all of this was due to the evil spirit ahead.

Unfortunately, the evil spirit was determined to flee, using all its abilities to cross through space as quickly as possible. Space seemed to fold up before it, so it moved extremely fast. Jian Chen would not be able to catch up instantly.

Very soon, the two of them passed over a dozen cities. Without any exceptions, the evil spirit’s arrival at each city would lead to a devastating disaster. The lives of all the people would be drained instantly and the evil spirit’s strength slowly began to recover after devouring so many lives. Its presence was gradually strengthening.

Jian Chen was stern, and he said grimly from behind, “We can’t let this evil power devour anything more. We have to use everything we have to stop it. Everyone, stand in scattered formations in front of the evil power. If the evil power approaches you, keep it busy with all you have. As long as you can keep it busy for a single moment, I’ll be able to arrive and assist you.” Jian Chen’s voice rang out in the ears of all the Origin realm experts from both worlds. Immediately, all of them stood in many formations, forming a huge blockade in the path that the evil spirit would pass through using Space Gates before the space was disturbed. They tried to keep the evil spirit busy for some time.

All of them were extremely grim because they knew that their powers would weaken since they were scattered. They might be reduced to food without even lasting for a single second against the evil spirit.

However, they had no alternative now. Although there was a portion of them that would be devoured before Jian Chen could even make it in time, at least there was a chance for them to keep the evil spirit slightly busy. They would die anyway if the evil spirit recovered a certain amount of power.

The evil spirit continued in the same direction when it sensed their actions. It produced a strange laughter and directly charged towards the region with the fewest people. The weakest among them were Sainthood experts, so their life force was many times greater than ordinary people. The evil spirit would be able to recover quite a lot if it devoured them.

“Oh no, it’s heading towards us. Everyone be alert. We must use our full power, or we won’t even be able to last a second,” a Saint Emperor said grimly among the Sainthood experts. Without any hesitation, he immediately poured his full power into his formation to face the evil spirit that was charging towards them.

Four old men that wielded metal swords hovered towards the back of the group. They were also extremely stern as they radiated with a surging sword intent.

“Sword Formation of Slaughter!” One of the old men called out. Before he had even finished talking, the four of them stood in a sword formation with extremely fluid movements. They radiated with a supreme sword intent. The four of them were clearly only Saint Emperors, yet even Receival experts would feel an extremely great sense of threat from their sword formation.

“Slaughter!” The four old men called out loudly. Their voices reverberated through the surroundings and an extremely powerful sword intent immediately expanded. The four old men shone with a resplendent light and moved together. They charged towards the red mist like a huge divine sword.

The four old men were A’Da and his brothers.

Although their sword formations could threaten the Origin realm and even kill Receival experts, the attack was clearly not enough to catch the evil spirit’s eyes. The evil spirit punched out and a fist that was condensed from the red mist, colliding against the four brothers with devastating might.

With a boom, their sword formation collapsed. The four of them all vomited blood and flew backwards. Although their sword formation was not weak, the disparity in strength compared to the evil spirit was just too great.

However, the part of the fist that was condensed from dense mist had clearly been shaved off after the collision with the sword formation.

“Hmm? What is this power? It’s clearly puny, yet it gives me a slight sense of threat!” The evil spirit thought in surprise. It could sense how extraordinary the sword Qi was, but it did not think too much of it. Immediately, it turned into a cloud of red mist and shot towards the four brothers. It even enveloped the Sainthood experts who attempted to stop it with formations, beginning to devour their lives.

Whether it was the four brothers or the Saint Emperors, they all began to wither at a visible rate within the red mist. Their life force and their essence were being drained away at an extremely terrifying rate.

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