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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 162
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 162: Smooth Killing

Seeing the Class 5 Magical Beast finally take damage, Jian Chen let out a breath in relief. The strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast was indeed strong to where even a Peak Class 4 Magical Beast was nothing more than an annoying ant to them. Against a heavily injured magical beast that couldn’t even muster up the energy to stand, even Jian Chen had somehow sustained a grievous amount of damage.

Just as Jian Chen let out a breath of air, an intense amount of energy suddenly came toward him. Jian Chen’s face grew shocked as he immediately looked up only to see a meter long crescent shaped blade of wind come at him from the other magical beast’s wings. This crescent shaped blade of wind carried so much energy that it caused Jian Chen to become even more serious.

Jian Chen’s expression became grim as he rolled to the side without any further hesitation to dodge the blade of wind. The crescent shaped wind flew by Jian Chen’s hair, causing a few strands to fly away after being cut.

The crescent continued on at an extremely fast speed that destroyed anything in its path without mercy. Finally it flew a hundred meters into the ground exploded with tremendous force causing dirt and dust to be kicked up into the air.

With his body violently moving in such a way that his left shoulder had smashed into the ground several times after rolling, the pain he felt surged through his body intensely and caused his nerves to be tormented. The skin continued to spasm as he grit his teeth in pain and tried to resist the sensations. Right now there was only one Class 5 Magical Beast left who was glaring angrily because Jian Chen had managed to only get away with an injury.

Then, the cow like magical beast with black fur began to gather up energy once more as the wings on its back began to emanate a sort of black glow. The amount of energy floating around the area quickly went from weak to strong, the energy near the wings was even stronger. However, the glint in the magical beast’s eye grew even dimmer and before long, it wasn’t even able to muster up the energy to keep its eyes completely open anymore.

Sensing the strong amount of energy come from the wings of the Class 5 Magical Beast, Jian Chen couldn’t help but retreat a few steps backward with a heavy face in preparation to dodge the incoming attack.

“Hou!” The magical beast roared with an extremely loud voice as if it was warning Jian Chen once more to not advance. He could see in the magical beast’s eyes that it was in a completely weakened state. Yet the energy condensed on its wings was ready to fire like a drawn bow. This was the last opportunity for the magical beast to live, the energy within this attack was all that was left of the magical beast’s supply. If this attack missed, the magical beast would be nothing more than a lamb to the slaughter.

Jian Chen’s legs took a few steps backward as he stared intensely at the magical beast with even more vigilance than ever. At this moment, the Light Wind Sword abruptly flew from Jian Chen’s hand high into the air toward the magical beast and then over it before turning around to strike at it from behind.

Just as Jian Chen was about to make his move. The wings on the magical beast began to tremble as a huge crescent shaped blade of wind blew toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had already anticipated such a move, and when the magical beast shot out the crescent shaped gust of wind, he rolled on the ground once more. Carefully making sure that his left shoulder wouldn’t drag across the ground, he dodged the attack.

Soon after it attacked with it’s wings, the magical beast looked as if it had lost every bit of energy it had. The bright colors in its eyes lost its luster and adopted a weary look.

At the same time, the Light Wind Sword in the air began to tremble as it fell down with a tremendous amount of Sword Qi radiating from the entirety of its blade. Soon enough, the entire sword was wrapped within a light glow.

Bathed within the white glow, the Light Wind Sword’s blade couldn’t be seen from the outside, making it seem very mysterious. Immediately following the sound of the sound barrier being broken, the Light Wind Sword flew toward the back of the magical beast with a tremendous speed.


The loud sound of a collision could be heard as the extremely sharp point of the Light Wind Sword broke through the skull of the magical beast and inserted itself deeply into its brain.


The magical beast let out a miserable scream that rang through the air and even shook the eardrums of Jian Chen with its vibrations.

The vibrations began to weaken after some time before disappearing completely along with the remaining light in the magical beast’s pupils. Quickly, the eyelids of the magical beast closed off its eyes to the world.

With some effort, Jian Chen crawled up from the ground unsteadily with a pale face as he looked at the Light Wind Sword that was impaled in the magical beast’s skull. He couldn’t help but have a victorious smile adorn his face at this fortunate sight.

“It finally died, the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast is indeed strong. I didn’t think two heavily injured Class 5 Magical Beasts would require so much effort to kill. It seems that the last encounter with the Golden Fur Tiger King wasn’t the full extent of its strength.” Jian Chen murmured weakly.

Afterward, Jian Chen walked toward the cow like magical beast and pulled out his sword from the head. Sitting down, he began to gather the Radiant Saint Force within the World Essence and condense it within his body.

He wasn’t in any serious rush to deal with the corpses of these two magical beasts. In the first place, his body wasn’t in any condition to work with the carcasses. There was also the fact that there may be other magical beasts in the vicinity, so Jian Chen’s first priority would be to quickly hurry up and heal himself.

Since Jian Chen had broken through to become a Peak Saint Master, his spirit had also increased as well. He could now control the Radiant Saint Force for not only a longer amount of time, but also a larger quantity of it as well.

This time, the wound on Jian Chen’s shoulder was very serious. The intense energy that struck his shoulder had even fried some parts of his wound, so even with the Radiant Saint Force, the wound would take some time to heal.

After 4 hours, the milky white glow that surrounded Jian Chen gradually dissipated, revealing Jian Chen’s body inside. His face was somewhat pale despite looking better than the condition he was in before. After using the Radiant Saint Force to heal such a wound for 4 hours, he was rather exhausted, but at the very least, he wasn’t feeling extremely drowsy like he used to feel.

Using the Radiant Saint Force for 4 hours had a very mysterious effect. The wound on his shoulder had already fully healed without even a single blemish showing on his skin.

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