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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1623 - Indestructible (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1623: Indestructible (Two)

This was all because as its strength declined, it would struggle to escape from Jian Chen and the Spiritking even if it tried to flee using the folds of space. This ability was directly proportional to its strength.

“Jian Chen, it’ll be up to you next,” A’Da said to Jian Chen though a communication technique. His voice was extremely weak; he was now incapacitated.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. He turned into a blur and caught up with the evil spirit in a flash. He directly stabbed the red mist.

This strike only flickered with resplendent white sword Qi. Most of it was hidden inside without leaking out to prevent damaging the Tian Yuan Continent with its shockwaves. At the same time, the azure and violet glow had completely vanished. Jian Chen could sense that Audriana was constantly observing the events here. To avoid revealing the origins of the twin swords, he concealed the unique glow of the swords so that none of it was emitted.

He knew that not all Godkings knew the origins of the twin swords, but he was unwilling to risk it.

The Zi Ying Sword stabbed into the red mist with powerful sword Qi, immediately causing the red mist to churn violently. Jian Chen’s attack did not contain his full strength, but it had just managed to reach the level of Godhood. Wherever the sword passed by, the surrounding red mist would begin to disperse. The evil spirit’s strength declined once again, dropping to Receival from early Returnance.

When the evil spirit’s strength was similar to or even greater than Jian Chen’s, his attacks were unable to harm it much at all, allowing it to endure them relatively easily with its own strength. However, as it grew weaker, it gradually became more and more difficult for it to endure the Godhood level attacks from Jian Chen. Virtually every time he struck out would be enough to deal a heavy blow to the evil spirit and rapidly shave away its strength.

At the same time, the Origin realm experts with the God-slaying Formation finally arrived. It rapidly descended from the air and enveloped the evil spirit, using its sword Qi to injure the evil spirit.

The Spiritking also returned from outer space; he stood opposite to Jian Chen and began to attack the evil spirit with his full strength. However, the two of them were just too powerful. They were able to fight recklessly in outer space, but they had to act extremely careful each time they struck out to avoid destroying the continent now. They completely concealed their energy without letting any of it leak out.

Surrounded, the evil spirit was no longer able to devour the four brothers. At the same time, its strength became weaker and weaker after each attack, before dropping below the Origin realm to Sainthood.

Jian Chen had charged into the evil spirit’s red mist to save the four brothers who were still trapped in there.

“You can never kill me, my sustenance! I am indestructible! No one can kill me!” The evil spirit roared wildly. After dropping to Sainthood, there was no longer any hope for it to escape. All it could do was curse secretly. If it had not wanted to devour the four brothers and benefit greatly, it would not have fallen to such a state, not only failing the devouring in the crucial moment but even getting heavily injured by the four of them.

“Remove the God-slaying Formation. Leave it to me and the Spiritking,” Jian Chen said with a deep voice. The evil spirit had now become equivalent to a Saint Emperor, so they no longer required the God-slaying Formation. In fact, the formation would even get in their way if it was maintained.

Without any hesitation, the Origin realm experts from the two worlds immediately removed the God-slaying Formation. As soon as the formation was removed, Jian Chen controlled the Primordial Godsilk to keep the evil spirit trapped there, so it could not escape.

The evil spirit charged into the Primordial Godsilk in various places constantly in an attempt to escape, but it could no longer break out of the netting with its current strength. Faced with Jian Chen and the Spiritking’s attacks, its strength dropped once again; this time to the Mortal realm. Its red mist vanished as well, revealing the evil spirit’s core.

The core was a fist-sized ball of red liquid. It seemed as demonic as blood, radiating with an extremely icy-cold and evil presence. This was the core of the evil spirit. Only when it was destroyed would the evil spirit truly be vanquished.

Jian Chen directly stabbed the evil spirit’s core through the gaps in the net, but his move passed through the core. Not only had it failed to cut it in half, but not even a sliver of the core’s power had been used up as if his attack was useless against the core.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed at this scene.

The Spiritking’s face changed slightly as well. He slashed down and the outcome was the same as Jian Chen’s move. The Cloudstream Sword passed through the core and failed to harm it at all.

“You can’t kill me! I am undestructible!” A mental pulse spread out from the core with the wild laughter of the evil spirit; it words contained a sense of mockery. It seemed to be mocking the sources of sustenance that were overestimating themselves.

Jian Chen’s face sank. With a cold snort, he used Martial Soul Force with his soul at Reciprocity. Immediately, a unique power completely condensed from the power of the soul suddenly appeared. The power was formless and unable to harm the physical body, but it especially targeted the soul. It then shot towards the evil spirit with a flash of light as a sharp sword under Jian Chen’s control.

Jian Chen still had not found the method to push Martial Soul Force to its greatest potential in the past few years, but his soul had already reached Reciprocity after all, so the usage of Martial Soul Force immediately led to the permeation of a certain pressure in the surroundings. The expressions of all the Origin realm experts of the two worlds changed when they felt this presence. To their shock, they discovered that this pressure suppressed their souls. Even though the pressure did not target them, basically all the Receival experts among them could clearly feel a sense of dread from the depths of their souls.

It was like their souls would immediately become extremely heavily injured if the pressure targeted them; their souls might even directly disperse.

The pressure formed an extremely great threat towards all the Receival experts present. Only the Returnance experts managed to maintain their composure. Of course, they would feel the exact same feeling as the Receival experts if the pressure targeted them.

Martial Soul Force was an extremely great power, so great that it was enough to send chills down the spines of many people from the Saints’ World. Martial Soul Force could basically kill experts of the same level instantly, and Martial Soul Force would still heavily injure even those stronger than the user. However, Jian Chen still had not grasped the method to use Martial Soul Force, so he was unable to demonstrate its full potential. As a result, his Martial Soul Force right now could only threaten those weaker than him.

The Martial Soul Force passed through the evil spirit’s body as an invisible sword, but to Jian Chen’s disappointment, it failed to harm the evil spirit as well.

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