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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1625 - The Power Of All
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1625: The Power of All

As the evil spirit’s mental pulse spread out, everyone became rather pale, whether it be the Sainthood experts or the Origin realm experts. Despair had even filled the hearts of many people.

Even Jian Chen and the Spiritking had never become so stern before. Shock, disbelief, and some despair filled their cold gazes.

They had never expected that they had only exhausted half of the evil spirit’s power after so much effort and paying such a great price. It actually could not control the other half of its power, so it separated it from itself and hid it into a miniature world, controlled by a fragment of his soul, akin to a clone. The second portion of power was so great that it was completely equivalent to what the evil spirit possessed at its peak condition.

Once the evil spirit fused with its second portion of power, it would return to its peak condition. Even if Jian Chen and the Spiritking worked together, it would be impossible for them to achieve victory over such an evil spirit. Not to mention how the Primordial Godsilk that was particularly effective against the evil spirit had basically become useless. All its power had been drained, so it was unable to pose any harm to the evil spirit anymore.

“Are we really all going to die because of this crisis?” Jian Chen’s heart was filled with sorrow. Both he and the Spiritking had far exceeded the limits of the lower world in terms of strength, having reached Godhood level battle prowess. It should have been extremely easy for them to deal with the crisis of the world with their strength and the Primordial Godsilk. However, the crisis had become more powerful than it had ever been due to the existence of the Yinyang Saint Rock. It had already exceeded all the calamities that had appeared in various other lower worlds, so they were helpless against it even with their tremendous strength.

“It still can’t recover right now. We can’t let it fuse with its other power, or there’ll be no more hope for us. We have to stop it no matter the cost,” the Spiritking said with a heavy heart.

“Stop it?” Jian Chen murmured softly. He gazed at the huge crack in outer space and became extremely grim. He had originally planned to imprison the evil spirit’s core in the Anatta Tower. However, its second core of power had begun descending, so the evil spirit had established a certain connection with it, which prevented him from sucking the evil spirit into the tower now.

“There’s no way for us to stop it. The only method is to destroy the core of the crisis before it fuses,” Jian Chen replied sternly.

“Destroy it? We’ve tried everything, but we still haven’t even been able to touch it. How would you destroy it like that?” The Spiritking was stern. Once the evil spirit fused with its other half, the Tian Yuan Continent was not the only place that would face destruction. The World of Forsaken Saints would not be able to avoid the same fate either.

“There’s still one last way we can try. Even if it doesn’t end up destroying the core, we’ve already run out of choices. We have to try it no matter what, even if we only manage to heavily injure the core because we’ve really reached the end of the line,” Jian Chen said sternly. He sent his consciousness into the Primordial Godsilk to control it under the Spiritking’s doubtful gaze.

The Primordial Godsilk that trapped the evil spirit’s source began to elongate at that moment. It shot off into the distance with unbelievable speed, disappearing into the horizon in a single moment. As it continued to spread out, the golden thread seemed like the trunk of a tree, constantly producing branches that forked away from it. In the end, it seemed to have become an extremely large golden net, enveloping the entire Tian Yuan Continent in a few dozen seconds. It did not just stop there as it continued towards the sea realm, Beast God Continent, and Wasteland Continent. In the end, the territories of all the races were enveloped within the golden net.

From outer space, golden netting seemed to cover the entire planet. The net seemed to have expanded across every inch of the planet, without missing any parts at all. The threads of the huge net had filled all the streets and alleyways in populous cities.

After the Primordial Godsilk enveloped the entire world in the form of a net, it completely ran out of power. It had been completely drained, without a drop remaining. The core of the evil spirit trapped inside began to shake as well. The Primordial Godsilk no longer posed any threat to the evil spirit at all now that all its power had run out.

At this moment, Jian Chen became determined. He grabbed the strand of golden thread before him, and the Chaotic Force within him began to surge, channeling into the Primordial Godsilk without holding back at all. It was transformed into the Primordial Godsilk’s power.

“Everyone, pour all your origin energy and Saint Force into the golden thread. This is the last thing we can do. Even if we can’t destroy the core of the crisis, we have to deal a heavy blow to it. Even if this won’t save us from death, we can’t let the core of the crisis have it easy,” Jian Chen’s voice rang out across the world. Not only did it spread throughout the entire Tian Yuan Continent, it even reverberated in the Beast God Continent, Wasteland Continent, and the sea realm. At that moment, his voice could be clearly heard by the world.

Many Earth Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters raised their heads toward the distance on the Tian Yuan Continent, in the direction of the voice. They were extremely stern. Among them, the people who possessed specific backgrounds had already known part of the secret. Hence, when they saw the golden threads that basically filled up the world, they could already sense that the battle had developed to an extremely horrible level, so horrible that it required the power of even them, people who had not reached Sainthood.

At that moment, many people slowly held onto the golden thread and poured their Saint Force into it without any hesitation with heavy hearts.

Of course, there were some Heaven Saint Masters and Earth Saint Masters who had no idea what was going on. However, they could sense the undefiable will within the voice that boomed through the world, actually making them feel like they had to obey. They grabbed the golden thread whether they wanted to or not and offered up their energy.

At that moment, there were not only just Heaven Saint Masters and Earth Saint Masters who were channeling all their Saint Force into the golden threads. Even those below Earth Saint Master did the same. They did not have a lot of Saint Force and their Saint Force was extremely weak, but upon accumulation, it still became a formidable power.

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