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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1632 - The Push For Territory (One)
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Chapter 1632: The Push for Territory (One)

Jian Chen went mad afterwards. He completely devoted himself to cultivation. He wanted to increase his strength as much as possible now that a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had presented itself before him. He paid no attention to the various matters the aftermath of the various battles caused. He sent a single message to his friends and family before entering seclusion, completely sealing himself off in the blood-red cloud.

Only after receiving news that Jian Chen had entered seclusion did the people of the two worlds begin to disperse. The people who left first were from the four races. Some of the severely injured people left first, returning to their clans to heal. However, there were also many fighters who had lost close friends and family who remained. They gazed at the battlefield sorrowfully as they struggled to dispel their pain. They remained there for quite some time.

In the blink of an eye, a portion of the people had left. They all originated from the Tian Yuan Continent’s world. The people from the World of Forsaken Saints all remained on the spot. None of them dared to leave without the Spiritking’s orders.

The Spiritking was the supreme ruler of the World of Forsaken Saints. If that world was an empire, he would be the emperor. They were different from the four races on the Tian Yuan Continent. Although each race possessed their own Origin realm experts, they did not restrain the people of their race, granting them more freedom.

“I never thought Jian Chen would actually choose to enter seclusion at a time like this. Are you really cultivating? Or are you escaping?” The Spiritking murmured to himself nonchalantly as he gazed at the blood-red cloud in outer space.

“Whatever. Since you want to cultivate, then we’ll wait until you emerge. I just happen to need some time to heal the wounds of my soul as well,” thought the Spiritking. Then he looked away at the people from his world who remained. He said, “All of you return. The protectors and elders will remain on the Tian Yuan Continent to recover. Once you have, cooperate with the Tian Yuan Continent in dealing with the aftermath.”

All the experts from the World of Forsaken Saints responded; then the Sainthood experts passed through the tunnel to return to their world. The Origin realm experts all stayed behind. They completely understood that the Spiritking had ordered them to stay behind because he was ready to take up some territory in this world.

Although Jian Chen was the greatest contributor in averting the crisis of the world, they played a significant role as well. It could even be said that if the experts had not given up their lives willingly, everyone would still face death and defeat in the end even with Jian Chen’s presence. Their world had paid such a heavy price to stop the crisis of the world, so  they would never drop the matter if the Tian Yuan Continent did not give them satisfactory compensation.

“We will record the names of the clansmen who burned their vital essences. Do not miss a single one of them. We will set up a memorial tablet for them in the Sacred Spirit Hall, and their clans and family will receive the protection of the Sacred Spirit Hall,” the Spiritking ordered.

“Yes, Spirtking!” The Origin realm experts all responded.

“Our continent wants a copy of that list as well. Their major contribution to stopping the crisis of the world has filled us with admiration. We want their names and their deeds to be passed down forever. They are worthy of all our respect,” Shangguan Mu’er flew over slowly and said solemnly. Without a single doubt, she had become the second sovereign of the humans with her strength at mid Returnance. Anything she said or did would obviously be enough to impact all the humans of the Tian Yuan Continent, and she was able to make the decision for some matters.

The Spiritking looked at Shangguan Mu’er, and the light in his eyes flickered by an undetectable amount. After a moment of silence, he said, “You’re also a human from the Tian Yuan Continent, and your strength is only second to Jian Chen. You can represent the Tian Yuan Continent. Since Jian Chen isn’t present right now, why don’t you represent your world and come to an agreement with mine?”

Shangguan Mu’er was interested. She had no idea what this so-called agreement would entail and did not even know whether an agreement like this was supposed to exist or not. However, she did understand that the Spiritking wanted territory on this world by using the contributions of his people as a reason. He wanted a safe place for his people. The World of Forsaken Saints obviously possessed a horrible natural environment, to the point where countless people would just die due to the environment alone every year. It was unsuitable for the habitation of weaker cultivators, while the natural environment of the Tian Yuan Continent was like heaven to the weaker cultivators. As a result, the World of Forsaken Saints did not only attack the Tian Yuan Continent for a passage to the Saints’ World, but so that the weaker people of their race could have a safe place to live.

“Unfortunately, I will have to disappoint the Spiritking. Although I am a human of the Tian Yuan Continent, I don’t live on the continent. I have always stayed on Three Saint Island, which lies among the oceans. As this matter relates to the agreement between the Tian Yuan Continent and your World of Forsaken Saints, how can I, an outsider, make the decision. It’s best if you wait for Jian Chen to return,” said Shangguan Mu’er.

The Spiritking frowned and stared deeply at the huge blood-red cloud in outer space once again. He said indifferently, “If that’s the case, then I’ll wait for Jian Chen to emerge. Xiong Zhong.”

“I am present!” Xiong Zhong immediately bowed towards the Spiritking nearby. He was extremely polite.

“Once you and the others recover, discuss with the representatives of the Tian Yuan Continent about how the territory will be divided. Come up with a plan first and Jian Chen and I will make the final decision,” the Spiritking ordered in a way where Xiong Zhong could not decline.

“Yes, Spiritking,” Xiong Zhong replied politely.

The Spiritking no longer remained after that order. He left as a streak of light, but he did not immediately return to the World of Forsaken Saints. Instead, he went to the territory of the elves first to personally thank Audriana. Only then did he return to the World of Forsaken Saints and work on healing his soul.

He had no idea whether he would be fighting with Jian Chen over territory once Jian Chen had emerged. If there really would be a battle, it would be very difficult for him to defeat Jian Chen with his injured soul, so he needed to recover to his peak condition before Jian Chen emerged.

He would not back down even in the slightest regarding territory, even if he came from the same world as Jian Chen.

Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, Guihai Yidao, and the others all revealed rather ugly expressions when they saw how the Spiritking had ordered his elders and protectors to remain on the Tian Yuan Continent. All of them arrived by Shangguan Mu’er’s side, hoping that she would remain on the continent to watch over them. After all, now that Jian Chen was gone, they felt extremely pressured in the face of so many foreign Origin realm experts.

On the other side, when the foreign Origin realm experts saw how Yang Lie and the others wanted Shangguan Mu’er to watch over the continent, their faces all changed slightly. There was extremely deep fear in their gazes towards Shangguan Mu’er.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I will always keep an eye out for the activity of the Tian Yuan Continent at all times. If you need me, I will immediately hurry over,” Shangguan Mu’er declined their offers to stay. Then she looked towards the crowd and saw Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, and Shangguan Aojian. A sliver of gentleness finally appeared in her cold eyes when she saw Shangguan Aojian. She said, “Xiao Bao, Xiao Qian, Xiao Yue, let’s go!”

Xiao Bao, Xiao Qian, and Xiao Yue took part in the battle as well. Currently, their faces seemed rather weak and exhausted. They immediately flew out from the crowd when they heard Shangguan Mu’er’s words. Under the envious and admiring gazes of many, they returned to Three Saint Island with Shangguan Mu’er.

At the same time, a very cold gaze landed on Shangguan Aojian’s back. It was filled with disdain.

This gaze belonged to a young man with a rather striking appearance. His arrogance was obvious with his face. Even though he appeared to be rather weak, it was still not enough to hide the noble presence he possessed from being born and raised as a part of a large clan. The young man was the young master of the Changyang clan, Changyang Xu.

Close to twenty years had past, but Changyang Xu seemed exactly the same as before. His appearance and temperament was no different. The only thing that had changed was his strength. Now, he was no longer a Great Saint Master but a Saint Ruler.

Of course, he had only become a Saint Ruler through the usage of countless precious heavenly resources from the Changyang clan. As the young master of the Changyang clan, along with the fact that he was spoilt by the authoritative Changyang Ba, Changyang Xu was able to use all the resources that the Changyang clan had to offer without any restraint. He had received the personal guidance from many Saint Emperors, which was why he managed to reach Saint Ruler at such a young age.

He was different from Shangguan Aojian. Shangguan Aojian always maintained a low profile and never tried to publicize himself. Although there were a few rumors about the young island master of Three Saint Island in recent years, the rumors vanished gradually as he maintained his low profile. On the other hand, Changyang Xu came from a glorious clan and possessed a terrifying background. His status immediately skyrocketed after becoming the young master of the Changyang clan, drawing the attention of countless people across the continent. Coupled with his great talent for cultivation, his name as the young master of the Changyang clan gradually spread across the entire world. His fame would be able to rival Jian Chen’s one day.

This was all because Changyang Xu had not used a Violet Cloud Peach to become a Saint Ruler.

Changyang Xu stared at Shangguan Aojian’s back and clenched his fist tightly. He thought, “Young island master, you’ll understand my power soon. You’ve just consumed a Violet Cloud Peach from my uncle, that’s all. Do you really think you can beat me with just that? Now that my uncle has returned, I’ll have a Violet Cloud Peach for myself very soon as well, and it’ll be of the highest grade. I’ll personally go to Three Saint Island to challenge you after I consume it. I will flatten you below my feet. I’ll let you understand that the only reason why I was defeated by you all those years ago was because I had yet to consume a Violet Cloud Peach as well.”

Changyang Xu felt plenty of resentment towards Shangguan Aojian. Only he knew that he had always been stifled by the young island master who was similar in age to him, despite how glorious he appeared to be before others. In the past years, he had challenged the young island master more than once, but every time, he would suffer a terrible defeat. Even after becoming a Saint Ruler, he still could not withstand a single punch from the young island master.

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