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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1639 - Ten Years
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Chapter 1639: Ten Years

“We welcome the Spiritking!”

With Xiong Zhong in the lead, all the elders and protectors from the World of Forsaken Saints hurried to the tunnel between the two worlds as quickly as possible. They bowed towards the Spiritking politely.

They had arrived rather quickly. Less than five seconds after the Spiritking had emerged from the tunnel, they had arrived from tens of millions of kilometers away.

The Spiritking was indifferent. He glanced around before looking towards the sky. His gaze seemed to be able to pierce space, stabbing through the atmosphere as a sharp sword to look at the blood-red cloud that hovered in outer space silently. He frowned slightly.

“Jian Chen, you still haven’t emerged,” the Spiritking murmured. His voice was rather deep. Then he looked towards Xiong Zhong and asked emotionlessly, “Xiong Zhong, how have the ten years of negotiations gone?”

Xiong Zhong became bitter, “Spiritking, the people of this world continuously insisted on giving us a tiny part of their land, nowhere near the amount that we need. Coupled with the fact that Jian Chen’s right over our heads and Shangguan Mu’er’s on Three Saint Island, we’ve been fearful in the negotiations without your support. It was impossible for us to make a big deal against the people of this world, so we’ve made no actual progress in the past decade.”

“If that’s the case, let me go talk with the people of this world,” the Spiritking said emotionlessly and slightly coldly.

At this moment, the nearby space trembled slightly. All the Origin realm experts of this world appeared at the same time. They faced the Spiritking very sternly. They all clasped their hands towards him after appearing.

They had no choice but to come. At the very least, the region was desolate. It was better than the Spiritking personally visiting Flame City.

“You’ve come at the perfect time. The negotiations that haven’t progressed for ten years can end today. Xiong Zhong, show them the plans you’ve drawn up,” said the Spiritking.

“Yes, Spiritking,” Xiong Zhong replied courteously before tossing a paper scroll towards the Origin realm experts from this world.

“You big baddie,” Xiao Ling stared at the Spiritking viciously as she murmured to herself. Even though the Spiritking had once fought alongside the people of this world to avert the crisis of the world, Xiao Ling still could not forget about the great demonic figure he had projected onto the barrier when he attacked the seal beneath Mercenary City. That sight had left her quite terrified back then.

Xiong Zhong’s paper plan hovered quietly before the Origin realm experts. They all revealed ugly expressions, and none of them reached for the scroll.

“Spiritking, there’s no need to be so urgent with this matter. Why don’t we discuss it after Jian Chen returns?” At this moment, a beautiful voice rang out. Shangguan Mu’er had hurried over from Three Saint Island as well. She carried her simple zither as she stood in the air sternly.

“I would naturally discuss with Jian Chen if he was present. Since he’s in seclusion, the matter of territory can be decided by you people. It’s the same for me to be discussing with you,” said the Spiritking.

The Origin realm experts that belonged to the four races showed rather ugly expressions. They did not possess the power to discuss anything with the Spiritking, let alone protect their own interests.

The strong preying on the weak was the law of survival. If the Spiritking planned on going to war against them and acted mercilessly, the Spiritking could personally kill them if they displeased him during the negotiations.

After all, the only person who could stand on level ground with the Spiritking was not present. If the Spiritking really wished to lay his hands on them, there would only be death. Even Shangguan Mu’er would not be able to avoid that fate.

Just as the Origin realm experts that belonged to the four races had no idea what to do, a voice suddenly rang out from outer space.

“Shen Jian, why don’t you wait for me to emerge from seclusion before settling the matter of territory? Your world has been in the same situation for countless years, so is there really a need to hurry?”

“Jian Chen…“

“It’s Jian Chen. This is Jian Chen’s voice…”

“Jian Chen has finally spoken. He still cares about the Tian Yuan Continent…”

As Jian Chen’s voice rang out, all the Origin realm experts from the four races beamed with joy. They became relieved as well. Unknowingly, Jian Chen seemed to have become the person they depended on for support, as well as the source of their confidence. Jian Chen had even become the person they relied on in the face of the Spiritking.

The Spiritking looked towards outer space, and his eyes shone. He said emotionlessly, “Jian Chen, if you remain in seclusion for a thousand years, do we have to wait that long as well? Have you gone into seclusion now so that you can have greater bargaining chips in future negotiations?”

“It won’t be as long as a thousand years. I’ll emerge in a decade at most. Shen Jian, I understand you, and you understand me as well. No matter how powerful I become, it won’t affect the outcome of the negotiations. It’s all because of your people that we were able to stop the crisis of the world this time. Their courageous sacrifice has earned my admiration, and I will assist them in completing their final wishes so that they can rest easy; this is my oath to you, as well as the oath to all your people who had laid down their lives bravely.”

A gleam of light flickered through the Spiritking’s eyes. He said, “Considering that we know each other, I’ll wait for another decade. I will come again after that time.”

With that, the Spiritking returned to the World of Forsaken Saints with his Origin realm experts. When he mentioned that they knew each other, no one present understood the implications. Its meaning was so deep that only he and Jian Chen could understand.

The Origin realm experts from the four races all let out a deep breath of relief when they saw the Spiritking lead his people back to the World of Forsaken Saints. They had completely calmed down. They felt like they were about to suffocate when they faced the Spiritking earlier.

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, eight years had already passed since Jian Chen and the Spiritking’s ten year agreement.

It had been eighteen years since Jian Chen had entered seclusion.

Eighteen years was quite a long time for ordinary people. It was enough for an infant to grow up into an adult, but to Sainthood and Origin realm experts with lengthy lives, eighteen years was only a brief period of cultivation.

Even though the blood-red cloud in outer space was still present, it had shrunken at an extremely rapid rate. It was less than a tenth of its previous size. The pulses of power from the cloud was extremely weak now.

Jian Chen cultivated within the cloud. His chaotic neidan had reached its limit after eighteen years of absorbing the terrifying power of the cloud. He had reached the limits of the eight layer of the Chaotic Body.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s body jerked suddenly. As he refined the last strand of pure power from the cloud, his chaotic neidan finally surpassed its limits and shattered loudly.

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