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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1642 - Changes
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Chapter 1642: Changes

The Changyang clan in Lore City had already become the most famous clan in the world long ago. Even the people on the Beast God Continent, sea realm, and Wasteland Continent knew about it. Even many people from the World of Forsaken Saints had heard about it.

This was all because the status of the Changyang clan in their world was akin to the Sacred Spirit Hall in the World of Forsaken Saints. It represented the greatest in the world, making it the centre of attention because it was sovereign Jian Chen’s home. Even when the current clan was not particularly large, and its strength was not particularly great, it was a clan that would dominate in the world as long as Jian Chen was present.

There were even countless cultivators on the Tian Yuan Continent who would take pride in being a simple servant or guard for the clan because even a simple maid in the clan would possess extremely great status outside. There would rarely be anyone who would dare to offend them.

With the Changyang clan’s current prestige and strength, as well as Jian Chen’s support, expansion was a piece of cake. They would not face any obstructions at all, but since Jian Chen had once made a request regarding this aspect, they had not expanded even with their extraordinary strength and influence. They remained within Lore City, dwelling on a piece of land that would be considered as tiny by many large clans and organizations.

There was a symbolic structure in the clan. It seemed like a palace from the outside, well-decorated and grand. Although its size could not be compared to those imperial palaces of empires or countries, its grandeur was far greater. There was a head-sized gem on the top of the palace that absorbed the light of the sun and the moon so that it could glow with a gentle but dazzling shine. The light would envelop the entire clan whether it was day or night.

The palace was a holy structure in the eyes of everyone in the clan, as well as the most consecrated place in the entire clan; this was all because it was where Jian Chen stayed. Yang Lie, Bi Yuntian, and Changyang Ba had ordered its construction without Jian Chen’s input. Only a place like that suited Jian Chen’s current status in their eyes.

A large number of golden-armored guards stood around the palace solemnly. Uncontainable pride filled all their faces as if they were all proud to be guarding this place. However, the door to the residence was closed most of the time and would only be opened when it was time to clean the palace. No one was allowed to enter it under ordinary circumstances, and even the current patriarch, Changyang Ke, was not allowed to enter.

At this moment, a young man silently stood within the tightly-shut palace. He sighed emotionally as he looked around. There were two swords, one violet and one azure, on his back.

As expected, he was the owner of the residence, Jian Chen.

“I haven’t come back in so many years. I had never expected that even my home would become so unfamiliar. It’s quite hard to see the familiar structures from before,” Jian Chen sighed emotionally as he stood there. He could not help but reminisce the past at the sight of this unfamiliar home.

His home was still his home, except the changes were so vast that the familiar landscape only existed in his memories now.

However, Jian Chen did not care too much about the changes. He knew that it was all the plans of his parents, except he wished that he could see the familiar home from before. He wanted to see it again so that he would remember it better as his time here was running out.

Today just happened to be a day when the residence was cleaned. Several dozen female servants in luxurious robes walked over. After the guards inspected them, they carefully pushed open the door and entered with much respect.

Both the guards and the cleaners took extremely great pride in serving the Changyang clan. As a result, the female servants were dressed rather differently to regular female servants. Every single one of them wore the same uniform made from high-quality silk and satin. They were priceless.


“There’s someone in here!”

The female servants, who were just about to start cleaning, suddenly called out. All their eyes widened as they stared at Jian Chen from thirty meters away. They had cleaned the residence for several years now, and some of the older servants had even cleaned this place for over a decade long. The residence had always been empty to them. No one else would ever enter it aside from during the cleaning process, and even the current patriarch of the clan did not possess the right to enter.

They immediately became shocked when they suddenly found a person in the residence that was supposed to be empty.

“What! There’s someone in there!?” The guards immediately heard their cries, and their expressions changed instantly. They had stood guard there the entire time. Aside from the female servants who had come to clean, they had not seen anyone else enter the divine hall. The guards immediately thought that someone had secretly snuck in when they heard that there was actually someone in the residence.

Without any orders, they all began to radiate with powerful killing intent. They charged into the divine hall aggressively. This location was where their human sovereign resided, so apart from Jian Chen’s wives and parents, no one had the right to set foot in there. Even if the current patriarch would suffer a punishment if he entered, so how could they afford to allow outsiders to blaspheme the place?

Although they too were not allowed to enter the residence as guards, there were always exceptions. They had the power to enter the divine hall and arrest any intruders.

The security within the Changyang clan was so tight that even flies could be caught. Many Sainthood cultivators hid in the dark apart from the guards. They would pay attention to any movements in the Changyang clan at all times. The hidden cultivators immediately sensed the abnormal movements of the guards, so figures instantly flashed through the clan as several dozen of them were mobilised at the same time. They shot towards the residence as blurs. Some of them could even traverse several thousand meters with each step, appearing outside the residence as if they had teleported.

In less than a second, several dozen Sainthood experts had surrounded the residence. Most of them were Saint Rulers, with a few Saint Kings. There were two Saint Emperors among them as well, but without any exception, not a single one of them took a step into the residence.

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