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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1654 - Unification
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Chapter 1654: Unification

Even with his mental fortitude, the Spiritking could not help but gasp when he confirmed the matter. Jian Chen’s growth rate had completely shocked him. In a lower world where origin energy was thin, advancing any further after breaking through to the Origin realm would be extremely difficult. It would require several times more energy and time. In fact, the laws of the lower world even restrict people from reaching Godhood. Due to Jian Chen’s cultivation method, the Spiritking was previously unable to tell his exact cultivation level, but he could roughly feel that even if he had not reached peak Reciprocity, he was not far from it. Any advance in strength at that level was almost impossible because the lower world rarely had the resources to support the cultivation of a Reciprocity expert. Despite the limitations, Jian Chen had made quite some progress in just two decades. The Spiritking could not help but sigh in surprise from this fellow’s speed and talent.

As the Spiritking sat down, the other Origin realm experts all arrived at the city lord’s estate as well. They all glanced at Jian Chen with reverence and various other complicated emotions before silently sitting beside the Spiritking.

The Spiritking was not present in the negotiations before, so Xiong Zhong had represented the World of Forsaken Saints as he had been the strongest present. Xiong Zhong had decided everything, but now that the Spiritking was personally present, the protectors and elders who were great enough to be revered on the Tian Yuan Continent all shut up obediently.

“Let’s talk about the matter of land. As mentioned in the previous negotiations, our world has already proposed the land we want, and its size is proportional to the territories between the four races. We want a quarter of the Tian Yuan Continent, sea realm, Beast God Continent, and Wasteland Continent. That way, the land we possess in this world will be the same as yours. What do you think?” The Spiritking said calmly as he stared at Jian Chen with interest. He directly ignored the other Origin realm experts who sat beside Jian Chen.

Everyone understood that there would only be two people taking part in the negotiations this time; they would be Jian Che and the Spiritking. The other Origin realm experts had no right to interfere. In a world where strength reigned supreme, the person who could hit harder would always be right. If this world did not have Jian Chen to rival the Spiritking, the problem of negotiations would not exist at all.

Jian Chen shook his head gently in response to the Spiritking’s words, “Shen Jian, I won’t agree to that.”

“Then why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking?” The Spiritking’s face remained the same and he responded easily as if he had expected Jian Chen to put up a fight.

The Spiritking added, “In order to stop the crisis of the world, my world has made a huge sacrifice, paying a great price. If the matter of land cannot be settled peacefully through negotiations, I cannot guarantee you that our world will not resort to military action.” The Spiritking’s words contained a hint of threat. If the land they were offered did not satisfy them, the World of Forsaken Saints would go back to war.

The expressions of many of the Origin realm experts on Jian Chen’s side changed slightly. Their world no longer feared a battle against the World of Forsaken Saints with their current strength, but it would be destructive if a battle did erupt. The Tian Yuan Continent, which had already cracked into four pieces, might be reduced to nothing.

After all, the shockwaves of battles between Origin realm experts were enough to cause a devastating effect on the world. In the past, Jian Chen and the Spiritking’s battle in outer space had forcefully split the moon in half. Even now, when night descended, countless people would see the two halves of the shattered moon. None of them wished for the planet beneath their feet to become a second moon.

On the other hand, the Origin realm experts of the World of Forsaken Saints felt prideful because of the Spiritking’s awe. They even straightened their backs unconsciously. Due to the fear they felt toward Shangguan Mu’er, they did everything fearfully in the negotiations before, always at the end of their wits. All of them felt extreme indignation because of that. Now that the Spiritking was personally conducting the negotiations, they immediately regained their awe from before.

The Spiritking’s threat did not anger Jian Che at all because the current World of Forsaken Saints no longer possessed the strength to challenge the Tian Yuan Continent. Once battle erupted, the World of Forsaken Saints would definitely suffer defeat because his Chaotic Body had reached the Ninth Layer. Even with the crack in his chaotic neidan, which limited him to eighty percent of his power, just that was far greater than what he had been able to use with the eighth layer.

“Correct. Your world indeed played a vital role in averting the crisis of the world. If it weren’t for your assistance, we would probably all be dead by now. When your cultivators offered up their lives, I promised them that I’d fulfill their final wish so that they can rest peacefully in the afterlife,” Jian Chen said calmly. At the same time, a scroll appeared in his hand, which he spread out on the table. On it was all the territories across the four races.

Jian Chen stared at the map for a while and said, “If I directly give you a piece of land, it’ll lead to the objection of many people who originally lived there. After all, their land is their roots as well as the ancestral homes of many people. It holds an extraordinary significance to them, even more important than their lives. They would rather die than leave. There have even been many clans, organisations, and countries that have banded together because of this. If you want to settle down in that land, they’ll throw themselves at you without any fear for death. As a result, several billions of people in my world will lose their lives in battles to protect their homeland if I directly follow through with your suggestion. I definitely cannot allow that to happen.”

The Spiritking frowned and asked, “Then what do you plan on doing?”

Jian Chen knocked the table with a knuckle and said after some thought, “I have indeed come up with an idea to deal with this problem, and that is to unite the two worlds, abandon the concept of territory and different races to formally become one.”

“Uniting the two worlds,” the Spiritking murmured softly. He was surprised. Jian Chen proposal had completely exceeded his expectations. After all, they were people from two different worlds and worlds that had initially gone to war with each other. There would still be some hostility between the two worlds. In fact, the Tian Yuan Continent had even been shattered because of their conflict.

“Correct. Unification. Our world will not give you any land. If you want your own land, then use the corresponding wealth to exchange it with people. Although wealth is nothing in our eyes, there are still quite a lot of people who would be willing to sell their land in the world,” Jian Chen said sternly. This was the only idea he could come up with that could fulfill the demands of the World of Forsaken Saints as well as maintain the interests of his own world.

After all, in the mortal world, wealth could be described as universal. Buying land would obviously not be a problem and through this method, the World of Forsaken Saints would definitely be able to obtain some land or even more than what they had initially planned on getting.

The light in the Spiritking’s eyes flickered. He found Jian Chen’s suggestion to be rather enticing. Although it would mean that they would need to lose some things in order to get land, their world had existed for countless years and it followed a monarchy system. Just the amount of wealth paid as taxes was an astronomical figure, so the Sacred Spirit Hall had accumulated a huge amount of wealth long ago. Losing some of their resources would not affect them at all. At the same time, they could use those resources to buy land from the various people across the four races, so the final amount of land they could end up with would be far greater than what they could ever negotiate for, assuming the negotiations even went their way in the first place.

Splitting up the land had a direct connection to the lives of several billion people, so the Spiritking understood that if he continued to insist on dividing up territories, it would be unlikely to proceed smoothly. Jian Chen would never make the decision to take the lives of several billion people. As a result, the unification of the two worlds, which would allow the World of Forsaken Saints to buy land, seemed to be the only valid method so far to both solve the problem of land and the lives of several billion people.

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