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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1655 - A New Era (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1655: A New Era (One)

The Spiritking sank into his thoughts over Jian Chen’s suggestion of unifying the two worlds and gaining land through purchase, clearly weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the suggestion. He would discuss with the elders and protectors around him from time to time through communication techniques.

For the moment, the city lord’s estate became silent. No one spoke on Jian Chen’s side. Jian Chen had already presented his exact idea. They only needed to wait for the World of Forsaken Saints’ response on whether they agreed or not.

This matter clearly was extremely important, enough to influence the World of Forsaken Saints far and wide. As a result, the Spiritking and the others dared not to be careless. They all seemed to be sitting there silently, but they had engaged in discussion long ago.

Time passed silently until four entire hours had passed. Only then did the Spiritking respond. He said, “Alright, I agree to it. Our worlds will be unified from now onwards, and we can buy any land in your world.”

The Origin realm experts on Jian Chen’s side all began to smile as if a heavy load had been lifted from their shoulders when they heard the Spiritking’s response. The matter of land had weighed on their hearts for two decades, and they knew that as long as the matter was not properly settled, it was possible for war to break out between the two worlds. They did not fear it, but they did not wish to see it either. Now that the matter of land had reached a perfect conclusion, many of them let out a breath of relief.

Jian Chen also smiled. He said sincerely, “I hope that our worlds can coexist peacefully in the future. Of course, I must remind you that we won’t do anything if you buy land fairly, where how much you can obtain will depend on your abilities, but I do not wish to see you force people into selling. If that happens, we will interfere.”

“There will be some conflicts between the unification of our worlds. If we don’t manage it well, it might even erupt into war, and the shockwaves of the battle will be extremely destructive to the Tian Yuan Continent once Saint Emperors get involved. The Tian Yuan Continent has already shattered now, becoming extremely weak. It won’t be able to endure much at all, so I’d advise some Origin realm experts of both worlds to form an alliance to prevent this so that they can specially manage this matter and prevent Saint Emperors from taking part in large-scale battles,” Houston suggested.

Jian Chen nodded slightly, “That’s not a bad suggestion. I feel the need to form an alliance to prevent large wars between experts. After all, the Tian Yuan Continent will not just be our homeland in the future. It’ll be yours as well. None of us would wish to see our homeland destroyed at our own hands in the end.”

“Okay, I agree,” said the Spiritking.

Afterwards, the two sides ironed out some details regarding the unification of the two worlds. They both considered that unification would not be an easy matter as they were people from two separate worlds. Hence, they set down many rules and restrictions to avoid large-scale conflict between the two worlds.

At the same time, they formally established an alliance between the two worlds. The name of the alliance was the Tian Saints Alliance, taking from the name of the Tian Yuan Continent and the World of Forsaken Saints. There was no alliance head, only alliance elders. Without any exceptions, the Origin realm experts of the two worlds would take up those positions. The alliance only existed to prevent large-scale conflict between the cultivators of the two worlds and prevent the shockwaves of battle from destroying their homeland. The alliance would not interfere in anything else other.

With the negotiations concluded, everyone dispersed. The details of the negotiations were announced as soon as possible.

Very soon, everyone learnt about the conclusion of the negotiations between the two worlds. Some people treated it like it was nothing, while others sank deep into their thoughts about the future developments of this world. At the same time, there were other people who began to weep in joy as they cheered jubilantly. They were the people who were prepared to guard their homeland, kingdom, ancestral home, or clan to the death. They originally planned to enter a battle to the death against the foreign world, to protect what belonged to them. However, when they learnt about the conclusion, they all became emotional. Many people began to cry uncontrollably.

“It’s sovereign Jian Chen. It’s sovereign Jian Chen who helped us. If it were not for sovereign Jian Chen, who stood against our land being handed over, where we are standing now would probably already belong to the foreign world. On the other hand, all of us, people deeply attached to the land, would end up dead on the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints…”

“Thank you, sovereign Jian Chen. Thank you. Long live sovereign Jian Chen…”

“The other sovereigns of our world don’t really care about our lives but sovereign Jian Chen does. He was the one who saved us. It was he who protected our ancestral land…”

Very soon, some people learnt that the final changes in the decision to hand over land were completely due to Jian Chen. They immediately began to cheer Jian Chen’s name gratefully. Jian Chen had protected their homes and their lives. At that moment, several billion people across the world silently remembered Jian Chen. There were even a few cities where people began to erect statues of Jian Chen. People would kneel before the statues every day, and there were even many families who hung up images of Jian Chen on their walls to worship.

As the greatest sovereign in the world, he was supreme. However, he was not like the other sovereigns who paid no attention to the lives of those who lived at the bottom of society. He thought for them and spoke for them. He had protected their homes, their ancestral lands, and even their lives.

On the other hand, Jian Chen appeared on Three Saint Island. He sat on a rock at the top of Three Saint Mountain. Shangguan Mu’er was sitting beside him, playing her zither. The music she created was beautiful and touching, enough to enchant people. Jian Chen would remain there for the next period of time to quietly overwatch the developments of uniting the two worlds and see if there would be anything he had not accounted for.

The World of Forsaken Saints moved quickly once the negotiations concluded. The next day, a large number of Sainthood experts emerged from the tunnel that connected the two worlds. They entered the Tian Yuan Continent before dispersing in all directions, flying towards the territories of the four races.

These people were all Saint Kings and Saint Emperors. They were the people the World of Forsaken Saints sent to buy land. They all possessed a large amount of wealth. Of course, since they came from the World of Forsaken Saints, they did not need to worry about being robbed even with so much treasure because there were Origin realm experts from their world who watched over everything.

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