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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1656 - A New Era (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1656: A New Era (Two)

In quite a large, bustling city, the lofty city lord laid back in the air as he watched a performance. Suddenly, a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance appeared before him and directly said, “I want to buy this city!”

The city lord leapt in fright with the sudden appearance of a person. He became stunned when he heard the person’s words, and he only responded after quite a while with much uncertainty, “Are you from the World of Forsaken Saints?”

The middle-aged man smiled and introduced himself, “I am Stark. I come from the World of Forsaken Saints, and I am a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint King.”

“What! S- S- Saint King…” The city lord scrambled to his feet and became rather pale. He was only a Heaven Saint Master right now, but he was also the strongest expert in the city. Saint Kings were insurmountable existences in his eyes.

“I want to buy this city. You can go sort it out with the people in the city. Whether it be money, battle skills, or cultivation methods, they’re all things I can offer. I’ll pay according to the territory size of each person. Of course, there’ll be something in for it for you if you satisfy me as well,” said Stark.

“B- but this city is the territory of the Luofei Kingdom. How can I…” The city lord said as he appeared to be troubled. He was rather reluctant to help the people from the foreign world. After all, he was a human, so how could he help a foreign race? However, the person standing before him was a Saint King, so even though he was reluctant, he was not bold enough to directly show it.

“The Luofei Kingdom you speak of only has a single Saint Ruler. If you end up contributing enough, I can ask the higher-ups to let you into the sacred grounds of our World of Forsaken Saints to cultivate. You’ll definitely be able to become a Saint Ruler within a decade,” said Stark.

“What? I can become a Saint Ruler within ten years? Is that true?” The city lord’s eyes widened as he became emotional. He became a Heaven Saint Master many years ago, but it would be almost impossible for him to reach Sainthood in his lifetime with his limited talent. Sainthood was a fatal attraction to him.

“Of course. How precious do you think our sacred lands are? Making people reach Saint Ruler is only a simple matter,” Stark guaranteed.

“Alright, I agree. Senior, as long as I can become a Saint Ruler, I’ll do whatever you ask me to…” The city lord agreed excitedly. He had completely forgotten about any matter regarding the fact that they were of a different race now that the hope of reaching Sainthood was presented before him.

Very few people knew that there was an ancient clan of several tens of thousands of years old hidden within an ancient mountain range. Today, the ancient clan had received a special guest. This guest seemed like nothing special, but he managed to enter the clan silently, ignoring any and all defensive measures.

The guest stood before the ancestor of the ancient clan and said emotionlessly, “You have an underlying illness that prevents you from reaching Saint Emperor for the rest of your life. I just happen to have the cure for it, and I can make you become a Saint Emperor in a hundred years as well as give you the power to increase your clan by ten Saint Kings. I can let you choose the ten people, and I’ll make them all become Saint Kings within a century. What you have to do is just move out of this mountain range. This mountain range will belong to us in the future.”

A light flickered through the eyes of the ancestor. He said with a gruff voice, “You’re able to infiltrate here silently, and I can’t tell what your strength is. If I’m right, you should be a Saint Emperor from the World of Forsaken Saints. Your conditions are indeed enticing. I might have already agreed if you were a human, but it’s a pity that you aren’t. It’s impossible for you to get us to move out of here.”

“Don’t you have enemies? I’ll be honest, but we’re looking for a lot of land, and there’ll be a lot of people who will benefit from us. They’ll either obtain the cultivation methods or battle skills they want or have their strength increased dramatically with our assistance. I can’t guarantee whether your enemies will become even more powerful,” the foreign Saint Emperor said calmly.

The face of the ancestor of the ancient clan changed, and his gaze began to waver.

“I’ll give you three days to consider it. I will be back after three days.”

Similar occurrences did not just happen on the Tian Yuan Continent. It occurred in the sea realm and with the magical beasts quite a lot as well. Not only did the people from the World of Forsaken Saints lay their hands on the cities of mortals, but they also targeted a few hermit or even ancient clans. They approached them through various ways and used various methods to tempt them for their land.

The appearance of a Saint Tier Battle Skill was enough for ancient clans to go to war with one another. The World of Forsaken Saints had such a great heritage that the Saint Tier Battle Skills that were priceless in the eyes of the Tian Yuan Continent cultivators were nothing to them. As a result, on just the first day, many hermit clans chose to sell their land for a Saint Tier Battle Skill, a Saint Tier cultivation method, or the opportunity to become a Saint King or even a Saint Emperor; they made this decision so that their clans could become even more glorious and greater. Their entire clans moved.

At the same time, the people from the foreign world used money and other treasures to buy large quantities of land from mortals. They had even offered a few benefits to the kings of kingdoms, winning over the kingdoms themselves. As a result, the territories of entire kingdoms had basically become their backyard.

Of course, the foreign people did not run amuck on the land that they had bought. They only wanted territory so that they could provide their weaker clansmen with a better living environment. After all, the environment in the World of Forsaken Saints was just too horrible, completely unsuitable for Mortal realm cultivators to inhabit. Countless people would die from natural disasters every day, so the other world seemed like heaven.

Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er sat on the same rock on Three Saint Island. They were both observing everything unfolding in the world, whether it be on the Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent, Wasteland Continent, or in the sea realm.

“It has only been the first day, and the foreign world has already obtained so much land. If this continues, they’ll probably be able to buy more than half of the Tian Yuan Continent. Jian Chen, have you made any countermeasures in regards to this?” Shangguan Mu’er looked at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded, “I have indeed made countermeasures. The World of Forsaken Saints will only be able to obtain a limited amount of our land through their various measures because I’ve already secretly ordered many of the large clans and sects in this world to reject their offers of selling over their land.” Jian Chen paused before continuing, “And the Origin realm experts of the World of Forsaken Saints aren’t stupid. They know that once they buy up more land than we can afford to sell, we’ll end up rebounding with full force. They know when to stop. After all, we agreed to them buying our land not because of how powerful they are but because of their contributions to stopping the crisis of the world. They completely understand this.”

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