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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1657 - Tie Ta Bids Farewell
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Chapter 1657: Tie Ta Bids Farewell

Not only were Jian Chen and Shangguan Mu’er observing the Sainthood experts from the World of Forsaken Saints as they bought land recklessly, but the other Origin realm experts in the world were also secretly watching over these experts from the foreign world as well. Their souls were expanded across the territories of the four races as they paid close attention to the foreign experts, preventing them from going overboard. Only Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling paid no attention to the entire matter, running around every day as they played. Even the white tiger, who had been cultivating like a madman, would expand his soul from time to time and observe everything outside.

At the same time, the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints were also secretly observing the clansmen who had come to buy land. After all, every single one of them bore an extremely significant amount of wealth for purchasing land. Not only did they carry the money used in the world, but they also carried a large number of cultivation resources, cultivation methods, battle skills, and so on. The Sacred Spirit Hall had accumulated all of these treasures across the years. Even though it all amounted to only the tip of the iceberg of the Sacred Spirit Hall, it was still enough for Saint Emperors to go crazy over it. Hence, to ensure their safety and to make sure their treasures were not stolen, the Origin realm experts watched over everything at all times.

As long as the disparity in strength was not sufficiently wide, the Origin realm experts of both worlds would be able to sense each other’s souls. As they expanded their souls so often, the Origin realm experts that belonged to the world of the Tian Yuan Continent would often come into contact with the extended souls of the Origin realm experts, but nothing adverse happened.

The reckless purchasing of land had caused quite a tremendous uproar in the world of the Tian Yuan Continent. They all offered large amounts of treasures and cultivation methods to purchase land, causing the value of Saint Tier Battle Skills and cultivation methods to plummet. Basically every ancient clan and organisation with Saint Kings who agreed to move received a Saint Tier Battle Skill or a Saint Tier cultivation method.

After all, Saint Tier Battle Skills were precious due to their shortage. Even many ancient clans that had existed for tens of thousand years did not possess one. With the entry of the World of Forsaken Saints, the influx of Saint Tier Battle Skills and cultivation methods immediately caused these items to lose their former value.

The foreign world’s use of wealth on mortals and cultivation resources when dealing with cultivators was truly an effective method of obtaining large plots of land. The resources they consumed through this trade would be utterly insignificant to the Sacred Spirit Hall that had existed for countless years.

This consumption was insignificant because not only did the World of Forsaken Saints possess more Origin realm experts than the Tian Yuan Continent’s world, even their Sainthood experts had exceeded Jian Chen’s world in number. As a result, there were basically countless Saint Tier Battle Skills and cultivation methods.

In the blink of an eye, the World of Forsaken Saints’ large-scale purchasing of land had gone on for three whole years. Not only did the World of Forsaken Saints gain quite a large section of territory among the four races, the strength of Jian Chen’s world had rapidly increased in those three years as well. The World of Forsaken Saints had brought with them many heavenly resources that had never appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent as well as scrolls that contained the comprehension of the mysteries of the world, which would assist people in reaching Sainthood. As a result, many Heaven Saint Masters managed to reach Saint Ruler. However, the people who reached Sainthood through the use of heavenly resources would never be able to advance any further in cultivation. Only the small portion of people who broke through using the scrolls of comprehension and their own hard work could progress further.

These heavenly resources were not as perfect as the Violet Cloud Peaches and possessed backlashes. Once someone reached Sainthood through the use of these heavenly resources, their foundation would be wholly destroyed, restricting them to that cultivation level for the rest of their lives. However, there were still many peak Heaven Saint Masters who chose to break through to Sainthood with this destructive method as their talent limited them to the Sixth Cycle of Heaven Saint Master. They would be reduced to a skeleton in a thousand years’ time at most if they did not make this choice.

Forsaken Saints rapidly entered the world through the tunnel during these three years, to the point where their population stretched into the hundreds of millions. These people were not powerful, mostly below Earth Saint Masters. Earth Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters only represented a tiny portion of them. They settled down on the land the World of Forsaken Saints owned. They cultivated there, established families and businesses there, attempting to unite with the people of this world.

With their existence, the world gained a new race, the Forsaken Saints.

The people from the World of Forsaken Saints always called themselves Forsaken Saints. Many of them did not know where the name came from, let alone what it truly meant. After all, the name had been around for just too long, so long that even past Spiritkings were unable to research the subject. It was like a brand, burnt deeply into the depths of their minds, such that they would always remember that they were Forsaken Saints.

After moving to the Tian Yuan Continent’s world, the first friends that the Forsaken Saints made were merchants. In the eyes of the merchants, there were no eternal enemies, only eternal profit. They saw the arrival of the foreign race as a great opportunity, so many of the merchants imported the local specialties of certain regions as well as what the Forsaken Saints lacked. They benefited tremendously.

Merchants became the first friends of the Forsaken Saints as well as the most welcoming group.

Of course, there would be a few cultivators who were journeying through the continents who would end up in some small-scale conflicts and fights against the Forsaken Saints. However, the upper echelon of the Tian Yuan Continent did not interfere with these matters. After all, every single expert had grown up in a sea of blood and corpses; this would only be training for them.

A small fishing boat was anchored silently several dozen kilometers away from Three Saint Island, rising and falling with the waves. Two young men of similar ages stood on the boat in coarse clothes; their feet were bare and they were fishing. Beside them was a basket that contained several large fish squirming about. It would splash water on the two young men from time to time, soaking their clothes, but they did not seem to mind at all. They stared out at the sea as they conversed with great interest.

“Father, what do you think we should eat tonight? Do you want to eat mother’s fish soup or roast fish? I like the taste of roast fish more,” one of the young men said with a smile. He seemed content.

“Your mother’s fish soup isn’t bad. Your second aunt’s fried fish is pretty good as well, while your third aunt’s roasted fish is delicious. Why don’t we try them all tonight? We’ve caught so many fish anyway,” said the other young man. To no surprise, there were two swords on his back, one azure, and one violet.

The two of them were Jian Chen and Shangguan Aojian.

At this moment, the space next to Jian Chen rippled, and a burly man suddenly appeared by his side as if he had teleported. The burly man’s skin was lustrous as if he was plated in gold. He wore an attire for battle with a cape, making him seem dignified. He naturally radiated with an aura of supremacy. The most eye-catching part was the golden imprint of an axe between his eyebrows.

“Tie Ta, you’ve come at a perfect time. Why don’t you come back to Three Saint Island with me to try the fish? It must have been several decades since you’ve tried something like that. It’ll be nostalgic,” Jian Chen said to the burly man who had suddenly appeared.

Tie Ta looked at the fishing duo, and his gaze became mixed with feelings. There was a strong sense of a reluctance to part with them. After a moment of silence, he sat down beside Jian Chen and stared off into the sea. He said, “Jian Chen, I’ve come this time to bid farewell to you. I am leaving.”

Jian Chen’s grip on his fishing rod immediately tightened when he heard that. He only responded after some silence, “Have you really thought it through? Once you leave, it won’t be very easy for you to return. Who knows how long you’ll have to wait for.”

“Senior Audriana has already made all the preparations. She is urging me to go to the higher world. I’ve already thought it through. I will leave soon because I don’t want to stay here either. There’s no point in staying here anymore,” Tie Ta said rather gloomily.

Jian Chen glanced at Tie Ta deeply before sighing. He knew part of Tie Ta’s reason. Originally, Tie Ta had been engaged to a woman in the tiny village he had grown up in on the Tian Yuan Continent. However, the woman had been married off to another man in the village many years ago, and she had become a grandmother now. Tie Ta’s heart had always ached because of this matter.

Tie Ta had always kept this matter hidden and did not tell anyone. However, with Jian Chen’s tremendous strength now, his soul could easily envelop the entire world. If he was willing, he could make anything happen in the world, so what happened in Tie Ta’s village obviously could not be kept a secret from him.

Jian Chen patted Tie Ta’s shoulder, “You have to protect yourself once you go to the Saints’ World. We might meet there before long.” Jian Chen did not try to persuade Tie Ta to stay. He knew that Tie Ta would depart sooner or later.

Tie Ta looked at Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, come to the Saints’ World with me. Senior Audriana has told me that I’d become the ruler in the eyes of everyone once I return to the God clan. Everyone will respect me and listen to my commands. The God clan is a glorious clan in the World of Forsaken Saints. They’re very powerful, so if you go to the Saints’ World with me, you’ll be able to remain in the clan to cultivate. With my status in the God clan, no one will be able to make any trouble for you.”

Shangguan Aojian was immediately displeased when he heard Tie Ta’s words. He grumbled, “Uncle Tie Ta, I won’t stop you if you want to go to the Saints’ World, but don’t entice my father, or I’ll never forgive you.”

Tie Ta looked at Shangguan Aojian, and his gaze became gentle. He smiled without minding too much, “Your father is going to leave sooner or later, and it won’t just be your father, but your mother as well because it’ll be almost impossible for their strength to progress if they remain here.

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