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Chapter 1660: Going Together

There were also some Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints who remained in this world. They all showed expressions of fear as the pressure was far greater than anything they had ever felt from the Spiritking.

“Godking…” Jian Chen stared at the green light from Three Saint Island and murmured to himself. He had seen Godkings many times. Both protector Shui and Audriana had come down to this world, but this was the first time he had seen the true might of a Godking. They could annihilate universes with a twitch of their finger.

In the depths of space, a violet sea of lighting gradually formed. Thick bolts of violet lightning crackled as they rapidly approached Audriana with an indescribable presence of the world.

Now that Audriana’s strength as a Godking was exposed, the world no longer accepted her, so judgement descended.

The judgement contained extraordinary power. Let alone the fact that Audriana was weakened and unable to use her full strength, even when she was at peak condition, she definitely would have passed away from such a trial, unless she used the treasure that the experts of the God clan had bequeathed to her for the exact purpose of protecting her from the judgement of the world.

However, before the violet sea of lightning had approached Audriana, the War God Hall had already entered the tunnel to the Saints’ World while shrouded by the presence of light. It vanished from the world, and with its disappearance, Audriana’s presence vanished as well.

No longer able to sense Audriana’s presence, the sea of violet lightning gradually dispersed in the end. Very soon, the universe returned to its previous peaceful state.

Jian Chen sat on Three Saint Island silently as he drank by himself. He gazed at the calm space in a daze. He knew that Tie Ta had left. He had left this world, and he had no idea when they would meet again. Perhaps, they would not meet again.

The countless people kneeling towards War God Mountain rose on the Wasteland Continent. All of them were filled with a heavy reluctance to part with the war god. The War God Hall that had basically become the representation of the Wasteland Continent had vanished, now replaced by a golden statue.

The statue stood three hundred meters tall and seemed life-like as if it was Tie Ta himself. A mysterious power circulated within it. It stood there silently with an indomitable spirit, radiating with power. It shone with golden light, which illuminated the surroundings.

This was a statue that Tie Ta had left behind. The statue contained his power. It became the new symbol of the Hundred Races and was also a powerful defence, used to protect the Hundred Races.

The uproar caused by Tie Ta’s departure settled very soon. His departure made all his good friends feel depressed, while the people who had no ties to him did not care at all. At most, they would just think back to when Tie Ta led the Hundred Races against the World of Forsaken Saints and the crisis of the world and sigh as a result. Meanwhile, all the Forsaken Saints living in the other world basically felt relieved and joyful for Tie Ta’s departure, without any exception whatsoever.

Tie Ta’s departure meant that there was one less powerful Origin realm expert for the world.

The World of Forsaken Saints had gained a complete, firm footing in the world of the Tian Yuan Continent now. Whether it was the Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent, Wasteland Continent or the sea realm, they had gained a sizeable piece of territory in all these places. They did not continue to expand unceasingly, as the upper echelon of the foreign world understood that although Jian Chen had told them that they could buy land as they pleased, expanding too recklessly would lead to the interference of Origin realm experts.

The Forsaken Saints were currently attempting to unite with the people of the world completely. The people in charge of the World of Forsaken Saints did not wish to become locked in a dispute with the Origin realm experts of the other world as it would be detrimental to their races’ future developments. Aside from that, they were not overly ambitious in the first place. They only wished to find a safe place for their weaker clansmen. The Sainthood experts would mostly remain in their original world.

With the entry of the Forsaken Saints, the World of Forsaken Saints also opened itself up to the people of the four races. The abundant energy of the world and origin energy in the World of Forsaken Saints had drawn over quite a few Sainthood experts across the four races. Apart from that, many of the heavenly resources and treasures in the World of Forsaken Saints could not be compared to the other world’s as their origin energy had never run out, allowing them to grow in an environment rich in origin energy across so many years. Just this was enough for many Sainthood experts to treat the World of Forsaken Saints as a holy land. Many Sainthood experts set off by themselves in search of fortuitous encounters to increase their strength.

Although the laws of the world were gradually reaching completion in the world of the Tian Yuan Continent and origin energy was reappearing, it would not be able to rival the World of Forsaken Saints so soon. As a result, the World of Forsaken Saints became a place where many Sainthood experts needed to journey to.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed since Tie Ta’s departure. In those three years, Jian Chen remained on Three Saint Island, rarely ever leaving the island. He did not pay attention to the developments of the outside world, nor did he interfere with anything on the Tian Yuan Continent. He lived a life away from society.

Jian Chen had taken his parents to Three Saint Island very early on. They lived on Three Saint Island. You Yue and Huang Luan were also cultivating on Three Saint Island.

Jian Chen did not go into seclusion or cultivate across these years. He lived a straightforward and plain life, completely living like an ordinary person. He would take the boat out with Changyang Ba and Shangguan Aojian from time to time to go fishing. He seemed to be extremely satisfied.

In recent years, Shangguan Aojian had stopped cultivating as well. He spent all his time by his father’s side, but only he knew that he was not happy at all despite often smiling and laughing on the surface. Instead, he felt that he was in extremely low spirits. He knew his father. He understood that the changes with his father were just signs of him leaving this world soon.

By the fireside, Jian Chen, Shangguan Aojian, Shangguan Mu’er, Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian, You Yue, Huang Luan and so on all ate the roast fish with great interest. The entire family drank some alcohol and talked about everything. They were cheerful.

Although Huang Luan and You Yue were the ones who had been formally wed to Jian Chen, they did not feel any reluctance to accept Shangguan Mu’er at all. Instead, they accepted Shangguan Mu’er as their elder sister, as there were many cases of a man taking up many wives on the Tian Yuan Continent, let alone someone as outstanding as Jian Chen.

At this moment, the expression of Jian Chen who was eating his fish changed. He slowly put down the fish he was eating and said to everyone, “I have some matter that I must attend to so I must leave temporarily. I will return very soon.” With that, Jian Chen vanished. At the same time, there was a flash of violet light across the distant sky, disappearing into the horizon.

The Cross Mountains were the largest mountain range on the Tian Yuan Continent. At the same time, it was a forbidden zone to many human cultivators. Even Saint Rulers could not set foot in there carelessly because a powerful magical beast clan controlled the mountain range. It was the Gilligan clan.

Even though the situation with the world had changed, the Gilligan clan was not affected because their dwelling was basically a place humans never set foot in. Coupled with the deterrence from the Winged Tiger God, even Saint Emperors were not bold enough to provoke them, allowing the clan to continue thriving.

At this moment, on a mountain peak that reached into the clouds in the depths of the Cross Mountains, a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance sat on a stone seat. His clothes were simple, and his ink-black hair was let down casually behind him, buffeted in the wild wind.

Before the middle-aged man was a stone table; there were two exquisitely-crafted jade cups on the table and a jug of alcohol that was not particularly large. It gave off an enchanting fragrance.

At this moment, a violet streak of light arrived with a flash. A young man who only seemed to be in his twenties had appeared on the top of the mountain. The young man was very handsome. His face was resolute, and his eyebrows were straight and defined. He gave off a sense of sharpness, while his eyes shone brightly as if swords were hiding in them.

The young man was Jian Chen.

“Shen Jian, why have you called me here?” Jian Chen looked at the middle-aged man on the stone seat and asked calmly.

The middle-aged man was the supreme ruler of the World of Forsaken Saints, the Spiritking.

Shen Jian extended his hand to invite Jian Chen to sit down. He said, “I’ve called you over because I have something important I want to discuss with you.”

Jian Chen sat down before Shen Jian, and Shen Jian personally poured a cup of alcohol for Jian Chen. He said, “The matters with the World of Forsaken Saints have basically been dealt with. It’s almost impossible for my strength to increase if I remain here, so I plan on going to the higher world.” Shen Jian looked at Jian Chen and continued, “What about you? When do you plan on leaving?”

Jian Chen did not hurry. He took a tiny sip of the alcohol. The alcohol was a rare, precious variety, but Jian Chen was unable to taste its deliciousness in his mouth at all. Instead, it was filled with bitterness.

“I’m not like you, lonely and basically having no ties apart from the clansmen of the World of Forsaken Saints. I can’t come and go as I please, with nothing holding me down. There are just too many ties in this world for me. Not only are there the parents who raised me, but I also have wives and many friends who had once fought alongside me. The Saints’ World is dangerous. In this world, no one can stop us, but once we go to the Saints’ World, we’re nothing. I might never be able to see the people close to me ever again once I leave,” Jian Chen said bitterly.

“So you plan on staying here forever?” Shen Jian asked.

Jian Chen shook his head, “I will go to the Saints’ World, but I’m not going to leave in a hurry. At the very least, I have to spend some more time with my parents and my wives.”

“Actually, you can take your parents and those close to you with you. Although they haven’t reached the Origin realm, as long as you use something that can hold people, you’ll still be able to pass through the spatial tunnel and enter the Saints’ World,” said Shen Jian.

“With my current strength, it’ll be difficult to gain a stable footing in the Saints’ World. My life will be in danger from even the slightest carelessness. Am I supposed to take my parents with me and live a life on the run? If that’s the case, I might as well leave them here so they can live a peaceful and happy life instead,” Jian Chen laughed self-deprecatingly. He had never considered taking his parents with him to the Saints’ World. At the very least, he needed the power to be able to gain a stable footing in the higher world and ensure that he could protect his parents before even considering the thought.

“When do you plan on leaving?” Jian Chen continued. There was a sliver of mixed feelings in his gaze for Shen Jian. After all, the two of them were people from the same world in the past, and they were now stranded in a foreign place. Although they had been opponents for a period of time, Jian Chen still felt familiar with Shen Jian.

“I can leave whenever I want, but just as you’ve said, the Saints’ World is dangerous. With my current strength, I’ll probably even struggle to keep myself alive, so I planned on going with you. With our strength combined, I believe we’ll be able to gain a footing in the Saints’ World without long,” the Spiritking looked at Jian Chen and said seriously.

After a slight moment of thought, Jian Chen agreed with pleasure. He said, “Alright, we can go together, but you need to give me some time.”


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