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Chapter 1663: The Sword Qi’s Appearance Throws World in Shock (Two)

“The second step to refining the Profound Sword Qi is to fuse it with the soul. The sword Qi will reside in the soul and be nourished there, while its power will constantly increase as my comprehension of the Way of the Sword deepens.” Jian Chen looked at the Profound Sword Qi floating before him. He had become very weak now, to the point where both the power of his soul and vital energies had never been lower before. Right now, he was basically a bag of bones, but he was still filled with excitement and joy.

He finally possessed a trump card to protect himself after venturing to the Saints’ World with the refinement of the Profound Sword Qi. He did not need to fear even if he confronted people stronger than him, given that their difference in strength was not overwhelming of course.

Jian Chen closed his eyes and began the second step to refining the Profound Sword Qi, which was also the final step. Only after completing this could he regard his refinement of the Profound Sword Qi as complete.

Jian Chen’s power of the soul, cultivation, and life was no longer consumed during this step. Although he was unable to recover his lost cultivation for now, his vital energies gradually recovered under the regenerative abilities of the Chaotic Body. His power of the soul behaved similarly, except it returned extremely slowly compared to his vital energies.

Although the second step of refining the Profound Sword Qi was easier than the first, it still took a lot of time.

Time flashed by. Jian Chen had completely lost all sense of time as he refined the Profound Sword Qi, so in the blink of an eye, he had spent another five years on the second step. The five years were just enough for him to complete the second step and the Profound Sword Qi floating before his forehead vanished at the moment of completion. It entered his sea of consciousness, which nurtured it at all times.

Jian Chen opened his eyes the moment he completed the process. He had recovered half of his vital energies in the past five years, so his body had returned to its previous state; this was all from the automatic regeneration of his Chaotic Body. If he focused on regenerating his vital energies, he would recover even faster.

Jian Chen stood up from the position that he had remained in for fifteen years. With a flash of light through his eyes, a strand of white sword Qi immediately appeared above his head. The sword Qi was not very big at all. In fact, it could be described as tiny. It was only as long as a finger and shone with dazzling white light.

However, the moment the sword Qi appeared, a devastatingly powerful pressure erupted from within. As the pressure expanded, the terrifyingly strong winds in the centre of the World Mountains and the flickering lightning all calmed down. The wind stopped and the lightning vanished as if they had fled in the face of terror.

The blood-red sky of the World of Forsaken Saints became dyed white with the Profound Sword Qi’s appearance. The color expanded in all directions, enveloping a region of countless tens of thousand of kilometers. It alarmed many cultivators in the World of Forsaken Saints.

At that moment, countless cultivators in the World of Forsaken Saints raised their heads in shock. The original inhabitants of the world, the Forsaken Saints, felt strange inside in particular. After all, they had remained in the world for so long and understood it extremely well. The sky had always been blood-red in their memories and had never changed, yet it actually became white at this moment.

“What’s happening? Why has this happened…”

“Are there experts fighting? Is this the disturbance caused by fighting…”

“Impossible. Even if Origin realm experts start fighting, the sky won’t go from red to white. I think some great treasure has appeared, and this is the light from the treasure…”

“The light originates from the World Mountains. Why don’t we head over, and we’ll know…”

Immediately, many of the more powerful cultivators gathered towards the World Mountains, but no one dared to venture inside in the end. After all, the mountains were just too dangerous. If they went too deep in, even Origin realm experts would face danger, let alone Saint Emperors.

Several Origin realm experts emerged from the Sacred Spirit Hall. They all stood outside and gazed at the distant sky, revealing surprised expressions. Immediately, quite a few of them rose up to go and see what was happening.

“Come back. There’s no need for you to go. It’s all caused by Jian Chen.” At this moment, the Spiritking’s voice rang out from the Sacred Spirit Hall. He slowly walked out from the divine hall in simple clothes.

“We greet the Spiritking!” The Origin realm experts all bowed towards the Spiritking politely. The ones who had left immediately returned. They understood now. As it turned out, it was all caused by the sovereign of the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen, so it was no wonder there would be such a great disturbance.

The Spiritking stood before the Sacred Spirit Hall with his arms crossed. He looked at the distant sky and became slightly stern. He said, “I can sense an extremely powerful sword Qi in the depths of the World Mountains. The sword Qi is so powerful that it can slay Godhood experts. Is this the Profound Sword Qi that Jian Chen was speaking of in the past? It sure is terrifying.”

“What! It can slay Godhood experts? Spiritking, y- y- you can’t be joking, right?” The protectors and elders all became stunned when they heard the Spiritking’s words. They could not help but think of Jian Chen’s handsome and resolute face as they trembled from the bottom of their hearts.

Possessing battle prowess at Godhood, even if it was just the weakest among Godhood, was already enough to stand supreme in this world. Yet now, a power that could actually slay Godhood experts had appeared, so they all became astounded.

“Jian Chen was still slightly weaker before. It has only been so many years, yet he has already grown to such a level. He has become an existence that I can only look up to,” Xiong Zhong murmured with complicated emotions.

The other protectors and elders experienced mixed feelings as well.

In the World Mountains, Jian Chen put his Profound Sword Qi away in satisfaction. With a single movement, he left the region. Jumping onto the Zi Ying Sword, he flew fearlessly through the sky and headed directly towards the Sacred Spirit Hall.

Jian Chen’s strength allowed him to travel at unbelievably great speeds, so he arrived before the Sacred Spirit Hall very soon.

His arrival shocked the upper echelon of the Sacred Spirit Hall. All the protectors and elders came out to welcome him. They all bowed towards him, whether they were Receival protectors or Returnance elders. They said politely and with many other emotions, “We greet sovereign Jian Chen!”

They would have never been so polite to Jian Chen in the past, but now that they had learnt that Jian Chen possessed the power to kill Godhood experts, they became extremely fearful of him.

The Spiritking invited Jian Chen into the Sacred Spirit Hall and asked him, “Have you made all your preparations since you’re visiting me now?”

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