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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1671 - Might Of The Profound Sword Qi
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Chapter 1671: Might of the Profound Sword Qi

At that crucial moment, two resplendent balls of light emerged from Jian Chen, one azure and one violet. They turned into two swords that shot towards the old man.


The twin swords collided heavily against the old man’s red sword. There was the screeching of metal as residual sword Qi was sent flying off in all directions. When it struck the tough ground, it left behind deep holes.

The twin swords retreated right after the clash, arriving above Jian Chen’s head. Jian Chen gripped the Zi Ying Sword, and his head full of red hair began to dance despite the lack of wind. His red pupils stared at the grey-robed old man emotionlessly. He had completely lost his mind and himself in that moment, only leaving behind an instinctive desire for destruction and slaughter. He had also gripped the Zi Ying Sword out of instinct.

Shen Jian stood from afar as he stared fixedly at Jian Chen. He became extremely stern because he could no longer sense any familiarity from Jian Chen at all. There was only a sense of unfamiliarity. He had almost thought that Jian Chen had become the crisis of the world because Jian Chen just felt too similar to the crisis of the world right now.

“Jian Chen!” Shen Jian bellowed out thunderously in an attempt to wake Jian Chen from his corrupted state. He had already guessed that something probably went wrong when he was cultivating in the blood-red cloud.

However, Jian Chen did not respond at all; it was like he did not hear Shen Jian’s call at all.

At the same time, the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen’s head. They were frantic as they tried to awaken him, but they also failed.

Suddenly, there was a flash of red light that shot towards Jian Chen with a ball of intense flames. The old man wielded his fire-red sword, and his presence surged. He directly charged towards Jian Chen with heavy killing intent.

At the same time, the corrupted Jian Chen moved as well. He turned into a red blur and began to clash with the old man.

Even though Jian Chen had lost his mind after being corrupted, where only the instincts for destruction and slaughter remained, he had become even more powerful than before. Violet and azure sword Qi shook up the surrounding space within the flames, wreaking havoc in the surroundings by spreading as powerful ripples of energy. The ground sank, and dust was kicked into the air, causing the region where they fought to become hazy.

For that period of time, Jian Chen actually managed to fight against the early God on equal grounds, having been corrupted and using the twin swords. The great disparity in their strength had been made up all of a sudden. Jian Chen also used various sword techniques one after another. He used the Daluo Sword, Taiyi Sword Technique, and Linear Lightning Release several times. He had not regained his consciousness and instead used the sword techniques completely out of his instincts.

Jian Chen and the old man became more and more injured. Both of them were covered in blood, but they fought even more intensely as time went on. However, at a closer glance, there were several times more wounds on Jian Chen than the old man. He had clearly lost the upper hand.

However, the greatness of the Chaotic Body was fully demonstrated at that moment. Even after losing his mind, his Chaotic Body’s superior regeneration remained, so his wounds actually healed at a visible rate. However, the rate of regeneration was nowhere as fast as the rate at which he was injured.

The old man narrowed his eyes at the sight of this. He became extremely shocked, “What is this cultivation method? It’s so amazing. Not only can it allow Deities to fight against Gods, but just the regeneration is so powerful as well. If I obtained this cultivation method…” Thinking this, a sliver of greed immediately appeared in the old man’s eyes. Although he knew that there would be downsides to the cultivation method, he could accept and work with some disadvantages, given that his strength could skyrocket.

For that moment, the old man began to fight even fiercer. In just a few clashes, Jian Chen gained a few more terrifying wounds. In the end, the old man even used his hand to grab the two swords while he used a Truth Tier Battle Skill with his left hand. He created a colossal hand that pressed against Jian Chen’s chest gently, but the move contained a destructive might.

Truth Tier Battle Skills used by Gods possessed extraordinary power. With a heavy boom, Jian Chen’s chest exploded. The terrifying power from the Truth Tier Battle Skill wreaked havoc wildly in his body. Not only did it destroy all his organs, but all his bones also turned to dust as well. He was extremely heavily injured.

Jian Chen spurted blood from his mouth as he collapsed far away. His entire skeleton had been turned into dust, so he could no longer stand up. He lay on the ground powerlessly. But unexpectedly, his consciousness actually began to return gradually after suffering the extremely heavy wound. The redness in his eyes gradually vanished, and his blood-red hair began to turn black again.

Very soon, Jian Chen’s mind returned. He returned to normal, but when he sensed his wounds, he could not help but smile bitterly.

He could not even stand. He had no idea how long it had been since he had been injured so heavily. If he did not cultivate the Chaotic Body, he probably would have been reduced to mincemeat the moment the old man’s Truth Tier Battle Skill struck him. His soul would have been wiped out.

The old man dripped with blood as he arrived before Jian Chen step by step. He reached towards Jian Chen, planning to take Jian Chen back with him to the Lu family and slowly get Jian Chen’s cultivation method from him.

Shen Jian gritted his teeth when he saw Jian Chen’s dangerous situation. He began to cast the second move of A Will that Splits the Heavens, regardless of the consequences. He had used the second move once against the crisis of the world. That time, he had paid an extremely heavy price to use it, but he had no other choices left in the current situation.

“A Will that Splits the Heavens…”

“You mere Reciprocity cultivator, piss off!” However, before Shen Jian could use the second move, the old man directly sent a sword Qi towards him that pierced his body. Shen Jian was immediately knocked backwards as he vomited blood. He had become pale.

The old man did not even glance at Shen Jian. His attention was completely fixated on Jian Chen. He directly reached towards Jian Chen excitedly.

Just as the old man was about to grab him, a cold light suddenly flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. All of a sudden, a dazzling white light began to radiate from Jian Chen. A strand of white sword Qi that was only the size of a finger had appeared above his head. It seemed tiny and underwhelming, but the wind and clouds in the surroundings immediately began to churn as soon as it appeared. The originally-calm origin energy became violent at that moment as well. Wild streams of energy wreaked havoc high in the sky. Even the power of laws that was basically present everywhere became slightly disorderly.

“W- what is that?” The old man’s hand came to a halt. He stared at the tiny sword Qi hovering quietly above Jian Chen’s head. He felt a frightening power from the sword Qi that was only the size of a finger. The sword Qi was so great that it was enough to destroy him.

Before the old man could think too much about it, the finger-sized sword Qi shot towards him as a streak of white light. The moment it shot off, the air seemed to freeze and time seemed to arrive at a standstill as well. Everything in the world fell silent. Only the sword Qi was present, becoming the only existence in the world as its radiance replaced the sun. It shot forwards as it destroyed any origin energy in its way and cleaved through the laws of the world.

Even though the old man was a God, he was just unable to dodge the sword Qi. He immediately pulled out several discs from his Space Ring. Each formation disc was a rather powerful defensive treasure as they enveloped him with screens of light.

However, the treasures seemed to become extremely fragile when the Profound Sword Qi struck them. They turned to dust silently, and then the Profound Sword Qi passed through the old man’s body.

The old man’s presence withered rapidly as blood constantly spurted from his mouth. He became sheet-white. Not only did he suffer extremely heavy wounds the moment the Profound Sword Qi passed through his body, but it had also severed a part of his vital essences, his cultivation, as well as a part of his soul.

A huge, gaping hole had appeared in the old man’s chest. The flesh and blood that belonged to the area had vanished entirely. It was a horrific sight.

The old man stared at Jian Chen in shock. He forcefully endured the weakness he experienced as well as the stabbing pain from his soul. Without any hesitation, he took out a formation disc from his Space Ring and threw it at his feet. He fled with a flash of white light.

He had no choice but to flee. The wounds from the Profound Sword Qi were just too heavy. Even though he had managed to keep his life intact, he no longer had any more strength to fight. In particular, the stabbing pain from his soul even made him feel like he would faint at any time.

He had become as weak as a mortal at that moment. Only death awaited him if he did not flee.

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