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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1675 - The Dong’an Province
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Chapter 1675: The Dong’an Province

“Father, what do we do next? Do we have to force Mo Yan to marry that young master for the clan?” Xi Yu asked. Her face was filled with sorrow and helplessness. She had watched Mo Yan grow up, so the two of them were like sisters. She really did not wish to see Mo Yan marry the young master of the Atomos Sword sect.

She would not have cared if Mo Yan liked the young master, but she completely disliked him. She loathed him.

The patriarch of the Mo clan stood by the window as he stared outside. His gaze was deep, and he said, “Let’s try to persuade Yan’er. If Yan’er really insists on refusing, we’ll give up on the marriage.”

“Father, then what do we do if the Lu family and the Ando clan band together against us?” Xi Yu asked in worry.

A determined gleam of light immediately flashed through the patriarch’s eyes with that. He said coldly, “The Lu family and Ando clan want to band together against us. Although part of the reason is because of your talent, so they want to prevent you from becoming a God, the main reason is still this treasure. This treasure has been secretly kept by our three clans for so many years. Since they want to break the rules and obtain our part of it, we can only go down together with them. Since they don’t want us to obtain their part, we can’t let them obtain our part either.”

With that, Xi Yu became startled. She stared at the patriarch in disbelief and said, “Father, are you going to…”

“Correct. Once the news about Godking Duanmu’s jade breaks out, you should know what kind of uproar would result from it. At that time, let alone all the clans in the Dong’an province, even the countless experts across the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian will rush over. Who do the Lu family and Ando clan think they are in the face of all those high-level clans? I just hope that the Lu family and Ando clan won’t force me to do that.”

Jian Chen healed slowly in the Mo clan. Although he did not possess any status in the Mo clan, he did not mind at all. In his eyes, the Mo clan was just a stop for him. He planned on leaving once Shen Jian healed.

Shen Jian only slowly woke up three days later. Very soon, he understood the situation from Jian Chen; then he immediately devoted himself to healing.

During that period of time, Mo Yan had delivered some medicine. Although they were not extremely effective, Jian Chen still accepted them, before using them all on Shen Jian so that he could heal faster.

Jian Chen learnt some basic information about the region he was in from Mo Yan as Shen Jian healed. In the surrounding radius of ten million kilometers, there were a total of four major organisations. The four organisations were the Mo clan, Lu family, Ando clan, and Atomos Sword sect. Each organisation possessed an ancestor who was a God and reigned across a large expanse of land. There were various smaller clans in the lands, all subsidiaries of the four organisations. They would offer up some treasures or various resources every thousand years.

Beyond the Mo clan, Lu family, Ando clan, and Atomos Sword sect was the Dong’an province. The Dong’an province was the name of the region, spanning a range of several hundred million kilometers. The four organizations all belonged to the Dong’an province.

“Jian Chen, can you ask which plane this is among the forty-nine major planes of the Saints’ World? Or which major planet it is of the eighty-one major planets?” Fairy Hao Yue’s voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen immediately asked Mo Yan, but she became confused after she heard the question. She said, “What forty-nine major planes? And what’re these eighty-one major planets? I’ve never heard of them.”

“Looks like she doesn’t know much. She doesn’t even know about the forty-nine planes and eighty-one planets. It looks like we’ll have to ask the patriarch of the Mo clan if we want to know where we are, or even ask that God in the Mo clan. Only after confirming where we are can I find where the Moon God Hall is,” fairy Hao Yue said regretfully.

At the same time, only several tens of million kilometers away in the Lu family, the ancestor of the Lu family sat there as he healed with lingering fear. His pale face was completely sunken.

“The treasure of my Lu family isn’t that easy to steal. It doesn’t matter who is behind you. I’ll never forgive you. And that traitor Lu Fei. If it were not for the fact that your soul was wiped out, I definitely would have siphoned away your soul and tortured you in the most brutal method possible,” the ancestor of the Lu family said through gritted teeth. He radiated with a heavy killing intent.

Suddenly, the ancestor raised his hand and began drawing on the ground. Very soon, he drew Jian Chen and Shen Jian’s appearances according to his memory. At the same time, he dripped a droplet of blood into Jian Chen and Shen Jian’s images. Immediately, their presences appeared on the images.

The blood came from the battle a few days ago when their blood had splashed onto the ancestor of the Lu family. He made use of the blood right now and made it into something crucial to finding the two of them.

Very soon, the ancestor of the Lu family dug up the tablet of stone with their images from the ground. With a wave of his hand, the tablet was taken out of the room. At the same time, he said in a dignified voice, “Send everyone everywhere to find traces of these two people. Once you find any news, report to me immediately.”

“Yes, ancestor!” A heavy voice rang out from outside and a black figure left with the stone tablet. He used a special secret technique to replicate many versions of the tablet, and every single one of them possessed Jian Chen and Shen Jian’s presences.

In the Saints’ World, differentiating people did not just require knowing the appearance but the presence as well. This was as the population in the Saints’ World was just too tremendous. There were obviously quite a few people who seemed exactly the same, so when that happened, presence was needed to distinguish between different people.

Humans had the presence of humans, demons had the presence of demons, and immortals obviously had the presence of immortals. Everyone had a different presence, so there was no need to worry about finding the wrong person.

“Ando clan, Mo clan, and the Atomos Sword sect, I don’t wish the person behind the duo to be any of you, or I’ll definitely wipe out your entire clan. Even if the people behind the two of them are one of the more powerful clans in the Dong’an province, I won’t let you have it either,” the ancestor of the Lu family said in a gruff voice. Afterwards, a jade bottle immediately appeared with a flip of his hand.

The ancestor became conflicted as he stared at the jade bottle. He murmured, “I’m very heavily injured. I’ve injured my very foundation, so even high-grade pills won’t allow me to recover without a lot of time. If I don’t heal quickly, it might even leave behind permanent, future problems. It looks like I can only consume this pill earlier than I planned. God dammit, this is the most valuable thing I obtained from Godking Duanmu’s tomb.”

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