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Chapter 170: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast (One)

For the entire night Jian Chen sat on his bed, and refined the Saint Force within his body endlessly, to ensure that he would be able to use it efficiently.

He didn’t dare to continue cultivating, in fear that the danger hidden in his body would become more predominant.

The Saint Force within Jian Chen’s body flowed around his meridians in a fixed pattern nonstop. As it flowed within his body, he could feel the control over his body constantly increasing. At the same time, the level of compatibility between his Saint Force and his body slowly increased.

He also realized that while circulating his Saint Force, his blood was also doing the same. A few of the strange genetic factors in his blood began to accumulate and enter the various organs of his body.

Those genetic factors were the anti venom genes from the Silver Striped Golden Snake. Although the anti venom genes had fully integrated into his bloodstream earlier in the year, the blood was only starting to alter his organs. It would take a long time until the process was completed.

Right now, the amount of antivenom filled blood had only changed a small part of his body. Previously, the Thousand Immunity had only succeeded in a small amount by having his blood reproduce the antivenom. It would only be when his entire body was altered, and had the antivenom that the Thousand Immunity would truly be completed.

The night went by peacefully until morning came. When the sun rose, the Saint Force that Jian Chen had been circulating the whole night gathered continuously back into his dantian, finally forming the shape of a sword. Although the shape was still a bit blurry, it was still more distinct than it had been when Jian Chen broke through to the Saint Master level.

Jian Chen left his room and went down to the tavern where he ordered a single dish of magical beast meat for breakfast. With his current strength, even if he went a day without eating, he wouldn’t feel hungry at all. Although, having 3 square meals a day had already become a habit to Jian Chen, and he would always eat regularly unless there were some extraordinary circumstances. Other than that, he refused to not eat a meal, after all, eating a fine meal was one of life’s simple but great pleasures.

Since it was prime time to eat breakfast, the tavern had quickly filled up its tables. Many of the mercenaries were forming groups to sit together. They exchanged information of what they’ve heard and seen, filling the room with their clamor.

Jian Chen sat by himself with a few other dishes on the table and enjoyed his meal while listening in on the other mercenaries.

“Hey fellow brothers. Today the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House will start. Rumors say they will be auctioning off a Class 5 Magical Beast corpse.” A blue robed mercenary said.

“What?! A Class 5 Magical Beast!? Oh heavens, that’s a beast that requires an Earth Saint Master to defeat at the very least. How does the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House have one of those? Fellow, are you sure you’re not tricking me?” A person cried out in disbelief.

The first one who spoke had a smile full of conviction, “Fellow brothers, why don’t we make a bet on it then. If the words I say are fake then I will be the loser, but if my words end up to be true, then I win, how about it?”

“Do you expect me to believe a Class 5 Magical Beast could possibly show up in a Class 2 city like Phoenix City? Fine. I’ll call your bet,”?” Another person called out.

“I’ve lived for 30 years and heard news of Class 5 Magical Beasts many times, yet I have never seen a Class 5 Magical Beast with my own eyes. Okay, I’ll bet as well. Two gold coins. In the case that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House really is selling a Class 5 Magical Beast, then consider it my loss of these two gold coins.” A person at the table called out.

The amount of chatter at the table was growing as it quickly attracted the attention of the nearby diners. Immediately a few other men walked on over to the table and greeted them respectfully, “Fellow brothers, you’ve just said that the Heavenly Auction House is auctioning off a Class 5 Magical Beast. Is this piece of information verified?”

Hearing this, the youth that first mentioned the news laughed, “Brother, it seems no one believes this information. Then why doesn’t everyone bet on it, is this not interesting enough for you?”

The person who had approached them hesitated before nodding, “Fine, then I shall bet five gold coins. If there really is a Class 5 Magical Beast being sold at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House, then these five gold coins are yours without any hard feelings.”

“Ok, I’ll also place a bet. I’ve been here in Phoenix City for 20 years already, but I’ve never seen a Class 5 Magical Beast appear in an auction. Actually, I’ve never even seen one before, so I don’t even know what one would look like.”

“Class 5 Magical Beasts normally appear in King Cities. They rarely even show up in Class 1 cities. The information about a Class 5 Magical Beast showing up in a Class 2 city like Phoenix City is most likely false. Forget it, since everyone is so into it, I might as well bet. This news is definitely false.”

“I’ll add a bet as well. I say that the Class 5 Magical Beast could appear in some Class 1 city auction. That would at least be possible. However, appearing in a Class 2 city is clearly impossible.”


The discussion at the table quickly attracted the interest of everyone eating in the restaurant. They had all been lured by the topic of a Class 5 Magical Beast, and were all silently gambling with themselves about whether or not it was true.

Jian Chen, who was slowly enjoying his food, smiled bitterly and shook his head at the actions of the people in the restaurant. At the moment, he was currently wondering whether bringing the two Class 5 Magical Beasts to a Class 2 City like Phoenix City to auction them off was a wise choice.

However, Jian Chen understood very well that if he brought the Class 5 Magical Beast to a Class 1 City or the capital to auction off, he’d admittedly sell it for a high price. The problem was that the pressure he’d have to face would unfortunately be greater since the stronger experts were pretty much all gathered at these flourishing and fertile places. If someone from that type of place came looking to stir up trouble with him, he’d have a much harder time dealing with them. However, being in a second class city like Phoenix City was a completely different story. In Phoenix City, Earth Saint Masters were extremely uncommon. Even if an Earth Saint Master class expert did approach him looking for trouble, it was likely that Jian Chen would be able to cope. It was unlikely that the opposite party would be able to pressure him to the point where he wouldn’t be able to resist.

It was precisely due to this reason that Jian Chen had decided to auction off the Class 5 Magical Beasts at Phoenix City.

Just as the people in the restaurant were discussing the news about the Class 5 Magical Beast in a frenzy, the loud banging of a gong suddenly rang out from outside.

“Dong! Dong! Major news, major news! The annual large-scale auction at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House after the 9th will be selling off two Class 5 Magical Beasts…”

This information made both the people on the street, as well as the originally incomparably lively restaurant dumbstruck. Everything went dead silent and everyone had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

Class 5 Magical Beasts were really going to be sold in the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. Moreover, there wouldn’t be just one available, but two.

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