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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1705 - Mid Deity
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1705: Mid Deity

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed since Shen Jian severed Mo Yun’s arm. Although Shen Jian had not formally become the seventh elder of the Mo clan, all the elders in the clan held him in high esteem after he revealed his shocking strength. Everyone became clearly more enthusiastic towards him, and they even possessed more admiration and politeness.

With the increase in his status, the elders in the Mo clan would often visit the seventh hall to see him, but without any exceptions, they all failed to see Shen Jian. Even Jian Chen rarely appeared in the Mo clan. Both of them had entered secluded cultivation, so the visiting elders could only leave without seeing anyone.

Among the people of the Mo clan, only the patriarch and the ancestor of the Mo clan knew just how powerful Jian Chen and Shen Jian were. Only they understood that Jian Chen, who always maintained a low profile, was the strongest.

However, the patriarch and the ancestor guarded this secret extremely tightly. They did not tell a third person, not even Xi Yu.

This was because the existence of Jian Chen and Shen Jian had become the greatest trump card of the Mo clan. They were their greatest source of confidence, as well as what they would rely on the most against the Lu family and the Ando clan.

Shen Jian had remained in secluded cultivation for the entire month, working towards mid Deity. As for Jian Chen, he had entered seclusion to comprehend the Way of the Sword as he could not make any progress with his Chaotic Body.

” Jian Chen’s calm eyes shone sharply like swords as he sat within the room. Just his gaze had illuminated the gloomy room slightly.

” Jian Chen thought. Comprehending a hundred percent of the laws was reaching the limit. Someone who could achieve that would have already fused with the way itself, becoming part of the world and representing the way. They would be supreme, an extremely terrifying existence.

” Jian Chen thought. He was filled with eagerness. Under the situation where he could not make any progress with his Chaotic Body, the only way for him to become stronger was to break through with his comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword.

If he reached the great perfection of Sword Origin and refined the second strand of Profound Sword Qi, there would be less than a handful of people left in the Dong’an province that could threaten him.

” Jian Chen’s eyes became extremely deep and profound. It was extremely difficult for other people to make any progress in the comprehension of laws, and they would require lengthy periods of comprehension. However, Jian Chen only needed a period of time that seemed insignificant to other if he wanted to make any progress in the Laws of the Sword.

After all, Jian Chen’s talent was exceedingly great. He was extremely compatible with the Way of the Sword, basically making him a natural expert of the sword.

At this moment, a powerful presence suddenly appeared nearby. At the same time, the origin energy in the surroundings began to churn, forming a tremendous whirl of origin energy before long around the seventh hall in the Mo clan.

” Jian Chen’s eyes lit up and he immediately emerged from seclusion.

At the same time, the eyes of the six other elders all snapped open at the same time in their own residences. They looked towards the seventh hall, and they were all shocked.

“This is Shen Jian’s presence. He actually broke through again?”

“How does Shen Jian cultivate so quickly? He only reached early Deity a few months ago, yet he has broken through to mid Deity already.”

“How does Shen Jian cultivate? It has only been a few months, yet he has gone from early Deity to mid Deity. If this continues, it won’t be long before he reaches God. How is his talent even more impressive than Xi Yu’s?”


None of the elders were able to remain composed anymore. They all stared at the seventh hall in shock. Only the patriarch remained calm as if he had been expecting it all.

The patriarch of the Mo clan and the six elders all gathered outside Shen Jian’s residence to congratulate him for breaking through.

There were only so many elders across the entire Mo clan. For them, any improvement in strength was an extremely difficult matter, so whenever someone at Godhood broke through, it would be something that the entire clan would celebrate.

Jian Chen stood in the centre of the hall in his white robes. Although he did not emit any presences at all, he seemed to have become a sharp sword. Jian Chen’s eyes were not as calm as they were normally either. They had become extraordinarily sharp, like drawn swords that shone with a lustre they were supposed to possess.

He had already been waiting for several months for Shen Jian to reach mid Deity.

Jian Chen looked outside. His sharp gaze seemed to pierce through the various obstacles, allowing him to see the patriarch and the elders standing outside. His lips twitched, and he sent a message to the guards outside, “Tell them to leave. Tell them that Shen Jian is continuing his cultivation and is not seeing anyone.”

The peak Reciprocity guard who heard Jian Chen’s voice immediately became hesitant. The people he would be telling off were all the Godhood elders in the Mo clan after all, and this would even include the current patriarch of the clan. However, the guard only hesitated for a split second before he walked over politely and passed on Jian Chen’s message to them.

The patriarch did not mind at all. After chuckling aloud, he clasped his fist towards the seventh hall before leaving with Xi Yu. He showed no displeasure at all.

The other elders all smiled resplendently before returning to their residences as well.

“This Shen Jian is acting even more haughty than me…” Xi Yu said rather unhappily beside the patriarch. She did not mind the fact that Shen Jian did not want to see the other elders. He did possess such strength after all. However, he had gone too far in not seeing her father.

After all, her father was the current patriarch of the Mo clan.

“Yu’er, do not be rude.” However, before Xi Yu could even finish her words, the patriarch’s face changed slightly, and he immediately scolded her sternly.

Xi Yu was stunned. She had rarely seen her father show such a stern expression.

“Father?” Xi Yu was rather perplexed. Even though Shen Jian was very powerful, chopping off Mo Yun’s arm in a single stroke, there was just no need for her father to act like that.

The patriarch told Xi Yu sternly, “Yu’er, you have to be polite towards brother Jian Chen and Shen Jian in the future. Be respectful. Do not make them displeased, understood?” With that, the patriarch directly left.

He had watched Xi Yu grow up, so he trusted her dearly. Although he could not tell her directly about the strength that Jian Chen and Shen Jian possessed, he had already expressed a few things to her secretly and discretely.

Xi Yu stared at her father’s back. The patriarch’s words rang through her head as she became both surprised and doubtful.

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