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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1707 - Robbery 2.0
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1707: Robbery 2.0

The elder stationed at the mine watched Ando Fu leave, and his polite expression disappeared rapidly. It was replaced by a sneer, “The ancestor of the Ando clan sure has a large appetite. He has only cultivated here for a few months, yet he wants half of our divine crystals. Even though it’s only half of all the divine crystals we’ve excavated in a few months, the miners are no longer the Sainthood cultivators from before but the Origin realm guards of our Lu family. It would obviously be much faster. I really wonder why the patriarch would agree to such a deal. In my opinion, just giving him a third would have been more than enough.”

The elder sighed when he reached this point. Regret covered his face, “It’s just a pity that the mysterious expert who attacked us a few months ago did not appear again. We’ve let the Ando clan benefit from this so easily.”

A short old man flew over from away. He bowed towards the elder and said, “Elder Lu Yun, we’ve been collecting more and more high grade divine crystals recently. This one believes that the mine is extremely likely to be a high grade one. Elder Lu Yu, please take a look at this.” The old man quickly pulled out a transparent crystal the size of a head from his Space Ring. It was a high grade divine crystal.

Even for elder Lu Yun, it was the first time he had seen such a large piece of high grade divine crystal. He immediately became surprised, but gloom soon replaced his surprise. He sighed, “Let alone it being high grade, we can’t even do anything if it was supreme grade. It’s not going to belong to us soon. The only thing we can blame is our lack of power to protect this treasure. Pass on the order that everyone much speed up their excavation. Gods of the Dong’an province have appeared in the clan, so they’ll appear here very soon. We have to excavate as many high grade divine crystals as possible before that happens.”

“Yes, elder Lu Yun. I’ll pass on the order immediately.” The old man became stern as well, and he ran off quickly. This old man was the supervisor of the mine before, but ever since an elder was stationed here a few months ago, he was reduced to a miner.

Aside from him, even the guards there had become miners. No one sat around idly apart from the elder.

Before long, two figures shot over through the outskirts of the Dark Cloud Mountains. They moved extremely quickly, arriving above the chasm in the mountains in a few moments. They radiated with powerful sword intent that flooded the surroundings.

This chasm was where the high grade divine crystal mine was located.

The elder’s face changed suddenly in the depths of the chasm. He suddenly turned his head towards the sky and saw two figures slowly descend. One of them only seemed to be in twenties, and his white robes and hair ruffled in the wind. His handsome face possessed a strong resolution, while his eyes were as sharp as swords.

The other person was a grey-robed, middle-aged man. His appearance was nothing special, and he was the type that would not raise any attention at all. However, even with his ordinary appearance, he still radiated with sword Qi that was powerful enough to cause Lu Yun to shiver. It was to the point where Lu Yun did not feel like he was facing a man but a sword.

The two of them were Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

“It’s you!” Lu Yun’s face changed when he saw Jian Chen and Shen Jian. Although this was the first time he had seen the duo personally, he was completely familiar with them. The Lu family had spent quite the effort in searching for the two of them and had learnt long ago that they always remained in the Mo clan. The ancestor feared them, so he never went to settle his debt with the Mo clan.

At the same time, when the mine was attacked several months before, they found out that it was Jian Chen who was responsible. Jian Chen and Shen Jian had become the greatest enemies of the Lu family long ago.

” Lu Yun became extremely grim. With a flip of his hand, a jade talisman that was designed for communication appeared in his hand. He was activating it.

But at this moment, the surrounding temperature suddenly plummeted. Snow filled the skies. Lu Yun only saw a dazzling flash of light, and his wrist was cleaved off. Blood spurted out like a fountain.

Jian Chen had appeared before Lu Yun silently with the Flying Snow sword. He held the jade talisman that Lu Yun was activating in his left hand.

Lu Yun grunted. He stared at Jian Chen who seemed to have teleported before him in shock. He endured the intense pain from his wrist while retreating. At the same time, his heart churned.

” Lu Yun’s face became filled with intense reluctance. He knew that he would struggle to protect his own wealth before a God. Even if he fought desperately, it would not change anything.

Jian Chen stared at Lu Yun and said plainly, “You should be an elder of the Lu family. Seeing how all your cultivation hasn’t been easy, I don’t want to kill you. Hand over your Space Ring. You should understand what’s more important between your life or your wealth. You better think it through.”

“I’ll leave the outside to you. I’m going down the mines to have a look,” said Shen Jian before disappearing in a flash. Only a few seconds later, a few surprised and miserable cries rang out from the mines.

Lu Yun became even more sorrowful when he sensed the activity in the mines. He felt extremely reluctant. He had already realised that Shen Jian was collecting Space Rings from the people in the mines.

“Take it. I hope you keep your word.” Lu Yun closed his eyes. Then he removed his Space Ring from his finger before directly tossing it to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen caught Lu Yun’s Space Ring casually. He stared at Lu Yun deeply and smiled, “And the one on your head?”

Lu Yun’s face froze when he heard that. He stared at Jian Chen in complete reluctance and said nothing, obediently undoing his hair and taking out a Space Ring to give to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen played around with the two Space Rings before immediately sending his soul inside to check on the items inside. Joy immediately flooded his face. Just the divine crystals within the two Space Rings had exceeded his harvest last time because the divine crystals were mostly mid and high grade.

Very soon, Shen Jian returned from the mines and nodded towards Jian Chen. He revealed an expression of satisfaction.

With a flip of his hand, the Space Rings Jian Chen had obtained from Lu Yun vanished. Then he left with Shen Jian.

The two of them had come and left quickly. After all, the robbery of Space Rings was evidently much simpler than before. They basically wasted no time talking.

After the two of them departed, all the miners hurried out of the mines in a panic.

“Oh no! Elder Lu Yun, someone has entered the mines and stolen all our Space Rings. They stole all the divine crystals we’ve excavated after so much hard work…”

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