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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1710 - Pressure
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Chapter 1710: Pressure

“Enemies have arrived! Everyone listen to my command and prepare for battle! Activate the protective formations!”

At the same time, Mo Ling’s voice rolled out thunderously through the clan. His dignified voice possessed much battle intent.

“It’s the ancestor’s voice. The ancestor has emerged…”

“There are people attacking our Mo clan? We even have to activate the protective formations. Who is attacking our clan? Is it the Atomos Sword sect…”

“It’s the Lu family. It must be the Lu family. Since the Lu family has moved, they must be working with the Ando clan…”

“Quick, quick! Everyone prepare for battle. First group, stand in formation! Second group, stand in formation! Third group, stand in formation! Fourth group…”


In the blink of an eye, the entire Mo clan fell into a commotion. All the guards and clansmen moved. They all did what they needed to do, preparing for battle as soon as possible. The protective formations of the clan had been activated as well. A huge barrier rose up and enveloped the entire clan.

A few of the Origin realm members of the upper echelon arrived at the control centre of the formations with large amounts of divine crystals. They poured piles and piles of divine crystals into the foundations of the formations so that it could support their operation.

Seven people hovered above the Mo clan. They all stared into the distance sternly. They were the patriarch and the six elders.

“Has the Lu family finally begun to move? We were waiting for this day. Lu family, we’ll show you the power of our Mo clan,” the patriarch stood in the centre of the group and sneered. The Mo clan might not necessarily be able to emerge victorious over the Lu family and the Ando clan, but it would not be easy for them to crush the Mo clan either.

The elders beside the patriarch were all filled with worry. They all became surprised when they heard the patriarch’s words. They were all important members of the clan, so they understood the strength of the Mo clan completely. The Mo clan would naturally have no fear in taking on the Lu family alone, but they would definitely suffer defeat if the Lu family and the Ando clan worked together against them. Their clan might even be completely devastated. They had no idea where the patriarch’s confidence came from.

“Father, can we make it through this disaster?” Xi Yu asked. She glanced past the seventh hall and uncertainty flickered through her eyes.

Even though the patriarch was stern, he did not appear nervous at all. He said, “It be won’t be easy for the Lu family and the Ando clan to wipe out our Mo clan. It won’t be easy…”

“Patriarch, do we have any other trump cards hidden?” An elder asked. He could not understand just what trump card the Mo clan still possessed no matter how he thought about it. Although he also knew about Shen Jian’s existence, he would never believe that Shen Jian would be able to fight against Gods and be able to turn the situation around.

The other elders all sank into their thoughts. They were perplexed.

The patriarch smiled silently.

“Dad, what’s happening?” Mo Yan flew up from below. Her face had paled slightly from fright. She was extremely nervous.

The patriarch revealed much love when he saw Mo Yan. Just when he was about to say something, a burly, bare-chested, and bald-headed man suddenly appeared before him. He radiated with a pressure that was enough to cause the elders to tremble.

“Greetings to the ancestor!”

Including the patriarch and the elders, everyone in the Mo clan bowed towards the man. Even Mo Yan bowed obediently.

Mo Ling arrived before Mo Yan. He was amicable, smiling warmly as he personally helped Mo Yan up. He said benevolently, “Don’t be scared, Yan’er. The Lu family and hte Ando clan won’t be able to do anything to us even if they work together. Listen to me. Stay below obediently.”

“Yes, great-grandfather!” Mo Yan replied. However, she was extremely curious inside. She thought, “

At this moment, a tremendous presence appeared in the distance. The people of the Lu family and the Ando clan had hurried over. At the very front were Lu Tian, Ando Fu, and Datura, the three Gods. They allowed their presences to radiate without restraint, making the clouds churn.

“Three Gods!” The elders all cried out as they became extremely grim.

“Hahaha. Mo Ling, it has been over a thousand years since we last met. I never thought it’d be like this when we meet again. We would have never thought that it’d be like this today. The world really does change, doesn’t it,” Lu Tian’s voice rang out from afar. It was rather cold.

Mo Ling gazed at Datura, and his indifferent face finally became stern in that moment. It had indeed surprised him slightly that the Lu family and the Ando clan had actually managed to invite another God to come as well. Had the Lu family revealed the information regarding Godking Duanmu’s jade?

“Lu Tian, we meet again!” A heavy voice rang out. Shen Jian appeared in the sky with his Cloudstream sword, standing beside Mo Ling. The patriarch and elders actually ended up standing behind Shen Jian.

However, the elders were not in the mood to bother about these small details now that they faced three powerful enemies. Every single one of them was worried inside. Just how was the Mo clan supposed to stop three Gods?

“Mid Deity. Your strength has increased pretty quickly.” Lu Tian stared at Shen Jian and was not surprised at all. During his battle against Jian Chen before, Shen Jian had managed to disturb him a few times with his strength at peak Reciprocity. He had even managed to survive after several heavy blows from him. The main reason behind all of this was Shen Jian’s comprehension of laws, which was no less than Lu Tian’s. It was just that his personal cultivation was too low. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a mere Reciprocity cultivator to survive the attacks of a God.

” The elders of the Mo clan all became surprised.

“You are nowhere near my opponent just with your strength at mid Deity. You should call your companion,” Lu Tian said disdainfully. He looked around in search of Jian Chen as he secretly grew cautious.

In the Mo clan, the person who truly made Lu Tian feel fear was not Mo Ling, but Jian Chen.

However, he was unable to find Jian Chen no matter how he searched. The Mo clan was also blocked off by a formation, so he was unable to send his soul in. After all, this was a formation that could block attacks from Gods.

“Brother Shen Jian, why is brother Jian Chen still in seclusion?” Mo Ling asked Shen Jian secretly. He also began to worry inside. Jian Chen and Shen Jian were crucial in fending off the Mo clan and Lu family this time. The situation would change if even one of them was missing, especially when three Gods had appeared on the opposing side.

“Jian Chen is going through a crucial moment of his breakthrough right now. We’ll make some time for now. Once Jian Chen emerges, we’ll be able to deal with everything easily,” replied Shen Jian.

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