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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1717 - Reaching An Agreement
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1717: Reaching an Agreement

Jian Chen became a streak of light after he spoke, catching up to Ando Fu who had already vanished with unbelievable speed. At that moment, Jian Chen had pushed his speed to the limit. Not only had he exceeded the point where he was no longer visible to the naked eye, but even the souls of early Gods would only be able to capture a blur. Even with Mo Ling’s strength, all he managed to sense with his soul was a blurry streak of white light with how fast Jian Chen was moving right now.

“Heavens, what speed!” Mo Ling cried out. He was filled with shock from just how fast Jian Chen was moving right now.

This speed had really made him seem like a bolt of lightning, or even faster than a bolt of lightning!

Even though the Laws of Wind comprehended by Ando Fu were not necessarily the fastest in the world, they were known to be able to reach extreme speeds. Very few people could catch up to people who used the Laws of Wind when they fled. However, Ando Fu’s Laws of Wind seemed as slow as a turtle before Jian Chen’s Linear Lightning Release.

In less than a second, in fact, in just a mere moment, Jian Chen had caught up to Ando Fu.

” Ando Fu’s face immediately changed when his soul sensed Jian Chen charging up towards him. He was filled with shock. As soon as he thought of how fast he was, Jian Chen caught up in a flash. Ando Fu could even clearly sense the pressing sword intent from behind him.

He was fast! So fast that Ando Fu did not even have enough time to consider fleeing. Jian Chen had driven through him the moment a thought appeared in his head. He had passed through Ando Fu with both his sword and body.

It was an extremely terrifying sight to behold!

Spurt! Ando Fu constantly vomited blood as he became sheet-white instantly. He became haggard while a bowl-sized hole had appeared in his chest. His flesh and organs had completely vanished, and strands of sword Qi flickered around the wound.

Jian Chen had passed through Ando Fu’s chest. Logically speaking, it was impossible for Jian Chen to leave behind a bowl-sized hole with his body size, but Jian Chen had simply moved too quickly. He moved so fast that even the space around him had been affected, elongating his body, which was why Ando Fu’s wound was only bowl-sized.

Ando Fu was extremely shocked. He stared at Jian Chen in fear as he became speechless. Laws of Wind condensed around him as he tried to deal with the Laws of the Sword in his wounds. If the Laws of the Sword continued to wreak havoc, his condition would rapidly worsen.

The lightning vanished in the distance and revealed Jian Chen’s figure. His clothes and hair fluttered in the wind while the Flying Snow sword flew over slowly as well. He stared at Ando Fu coldly and said, “Your Laws of Wind are fast, but my sword technique is faster. Do you still think you can escape before my sword technique?”

“May I ask what sword technique this is?” Ando Fu asked with a trembling voice. He was in a rather dishevelled condition. He had never thought that Jian Chen would be so impressive, not only did he possess shocking strength where even Lu Tian could not fight back, but he also possessed such speed. Ando Fu could not defeat him or even escape.

“The Linear Lightning Release,” Jian Chen responded emotionlessly.

“The Linear Lighting Release, the Linear Lightning Release. It really is the speed of lightning,” Ando Fu murmured. He was in a horrible condition, making him seem like a beggar. He no longer possessed an immortal’s bearing anymore.

However, Ando Fu’s face changed soon after. He stared at Jian Chen coldly, and his expression flickered as he said, “You can’t kill me. If I die, the news of Godking Duanmu’s jade will immediately be broadcasted. It’ll spread across the Dong’an province as soon as possible, and it might even reach the other provincial cities in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Our Dong’an province doesn’t have any Overgods, but among the thirty-six provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, five provincial cities do. Aside from them, there are plenty of Overgods in the royal city as well. If they receive this news, they’ll rush over. If you want to keep Godking Duanmu’s jade a secret, you cannot kill me.”

Jian Chen snorted coldly. He directed the Flying Snow sword to Ando Fu’s forehead and said coldly, “Why should I believe you? And even if you’ve made arrangements, as long as the news of your death doesn’t make it out, news of Godking Duanmu’s jade will never be revealed to the outside world.”

“Once I die, the piece of jade bound to my life will shatter. The person I have prepared will know even if the news does not make it out,” said Ando Fu.

“Brother Jian Chen, please stay your hand!” Mo Ling’s voice rang out from afar and he arrived before Jian Chen quickly. He stared at Jian Chen with extremely mixed emotions and said with much politeness, “Brother Jian Chen, you still can’t kill Ando Fu. What he said is true. Once he dies, the news of Godking Duanmu’s jade will immediately be broadcasted. It’ll be extremely detrimental to us.”

Jian Chen frowned, “Lu Tian has already died. Wouldn’t the news about Godking Duanmu’s jade be leaked by the person Lu Tian prepared?”

Mo Ling’s eyebrows were locked together. He said, “Our Mo clan has been secretly investigating this matter as well in the past few years, but we only found out that the Ando clan had made preparations. It’s just like what Ando Fu said. Once he dies, the piece of jade bound to his life will shatter, and the person with the news will spread it quickly. It’s just that our Mo clan never found the person who carried the information. As for whether the Lu family has prepared something similar to us, I do not know because we’ve failed to find anything in all these years of investigating.”

Jian Chen slowly put down the Flying Snow sword and said to Ando Fu, “Ando Fu, I won’t kill you, so hand over the piece of Godking Duanmu’s jade your clan possesses, as well as all your clan’s wealth.”

Ando Fu’s eyes widened, and he said furiously, “You even want all the wealth of my clan? Aren’t you asking for too much? That’s what my clan uses just to remain stable. I can give you Godking Duanmu’s jade, as well as keep it a secret for you, but I can’t give you all the wealth of my clan.”

‘Which one is more important, your life and everyone in your clan, or your clan’s wealth? I think you know which one is more important. If you want your Ando clan to keep existing, hand up all the wealth obediently, or I’ll kill you right now. After that, I will go to your clan and obtain everything you own anyway. You’ve already organised someone to leak information about Godking Duanmu’s jade once you die, but this might have been leaked by the Lu family already. It’s no longer important whether you end up leaking the news or not,” Jian Chen said coldly.

Ando Fu became uneasy. The light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty for a while before he gritted his teeth and made up his mind, “Alright, I can give you all the wealth of my clan, but you have to guarantee that you don’t touch my clan.” Ando Fu had no other choices either. He could slowly make back the wealth of his clan, but once his clan was gone, he was dead, and he really would lose everything. Even if he still possessed his shocking wealth, he would not have the life to spend it.

Jian Chen smiled, “As long as your clan doesn’t do anything strange, I obviously won’t harm them. However, you’ll have to stay with me for now.

Booms rang out in the distance. Several hundred thousand kilometers away from the Mo clan, Poison God Datura attacked a formation furiously.

“Goddamn Lu Tian. I should have never agreed to your request. The formation you’ve cast down has sealed off this entire space. You said you set this down to stop the people of the Mo clan from fleeing, but you’ve trapped me here as well. I can’t get out if I don’t get through it.”

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