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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1725 - Poisoned
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1725: Poisoned

The four Gods from the Wayner clan all stared at Jian Chen in shock. Originally, they only saw Mo Ling and Ando Fu as Gods. Although they had seen Jian Chen as well, they treated him as nothing important, as they could already tell that it was impossible for Jian Chen to be a God.

In fact, when Jian Chen charged towards the four of them to stop them from approaching Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, the four Gods had still treated Jian Chen like he was nothing. His attempt to block them had excited their intense killing intent instead. As a result, the four of them had all struck out of anger; it was an attempt to remove all obstacles using the most direct method possible.

Originally, they believed Jian Chen would be reduced to pieces from their attacks. However, they had never expected for Jian Chen to not only survive but to even reach a stalemate with the four of them. This was what shocked them.

“Sir, who are you?” A God asked coldly. A vicious light flickered in his eyes. His name was Wayner Sen, and he was one of the two mid Gods of the Wayner clan.

Jian Chen stared at the four Gods of the Wayner clan with his sword in hand. He said coldly, “Who I am is not important. Please leave.”

“Hahaha, just you won’t be enough to make us leave,” Wayner Sen laughed aloud. His eyes shone with extremely heavy killing intent. They had to obtain Godking Duanmu’s jade. No one could stop them today.

“You’re dreaming if you want to take the jade for yourself. Kill him!” The other mid God ancestor of the Wayner clan, Wayner Ti, said coldly. A huge sword appeared in his hand with that. It shone with an earthen-yellow light. He swung the sword and sent strands of power from the Laws of Earth towards Jian Chen.

At the same time, Wayner Sen moved as well. A huge, twin-headed axe appeared in his hands. It flickered with black light as the power of laws revolved around the blades. He bellowed out and immediately swung the axe towards Jian Chen’s head as a dark streak.

Space suddenly began to ripple as the axe was swung out. Space actually became heavy as if it had been frozen at that moment.

Jian Chen felt his body sink all of a sudden as if a mountain had crashed onto his shoulders. He felt extremely heavy. The Flying Snow sword in his hand had become extremely heavy as well despite how it was supposed to be as light as a feather. His clothes stuck to his skin closely, becoming as heavy and stiff as steel.

” Jian Chen thought. Chaotic Force rampaged in his body as he pushed his Chaotic Body to its limits. At the same time, streaks of light rapidly gathered in the surroundings, forming a dazzling, protective layer around Jian Chen. It isolated him from the surrounding space, keeping the Laws of Gravity at bay. He stabbed out with the Flying Snow sword as it shone with golden light. Sword Qi surged and the resplendent light illuminated the surroundings. It had become as dazzling as the sun.

“Daluo Sword!”

With a rumble, all the Laws of Gravity that permeated the surroundings collapsed. Terrifying shockwaves of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing the mountains to quake. Golden sword Qi was scattered in every direction, piercing the mountains in the vicinity.

Wayner Ti and Wayner Sen both shuddered as they drifted away uncontrollably. They both became grim.

Jian Chen’s body also wavered slightly, and he staggered back a few meters uncontrollably. His clothes had become rather messy. Wayner Ti and Wayner Sen had clearly struck out with more power than before.

“Gravity Domain!” Wayner Sen bellowed out. His soul fused with the surroundings, connecting with the world. The Laws of Gravity gathered on him before dispersing as a streak of darkness. It formed a domain that enveloped Jian Chen.

Like a fish in water, Wayner Sen’s battle prowess immediately soared inside the Gravity Domain.

“Force of the Earth!” Wayner Ti gripped his sword with one hand while forming a hand seal with the other. He extended a finger towards the ground below and the ground immediately began to wither with that. The mountains that were originally teeming with life withered at a visible rate, becoming barren mountains.

Visible strands of tremendous energy gathered rapidly from the ground, condensing into a hazy piece of earth before Wayner Ti. It directly rammed towards Jian Chen with a rumble.

Jian Chen was encased in his protective light such that only a blurry figure was visible. He fought against Wayner Ti and Wayner Sen within the Gravity Domain with great intensity. They all surged with battle intent as sword Qi shone brightly. They fought to the point where the domain constantly distorted and tremored violently as if it would shatter at any time.

Wayner Sen did his best to maintain the domain while launching a constant barrage of battle skills and secret techniques towards Jian Chen. On the other hand, Wayner Ti erupted with his full strength. He also used various battle skills and secret techniques constantly, resulting in a devastating battle.

The other two Gods of the Wayner clan did not take part in the battle against Jian Chen. Their gazes burned with desire as they became blurs. They charged towards Mo Ling and Ando Fu as quickly as they could. They wanted to take Godking Duanmu’s jade.

The faces of Mo Ling and Ando Fu changed slightly. The two of them had gone through the battle between the three clans earlier, so they were both injured. It would be no problem for them to handle Deities, but they would not be the opponents of Gods.

In particular, Ando Fu had been injured by Jian Chen’s Linear Lightning Release, so his injuries were even worse. He struggled to even use half of his strength as an early God.

Boom! Suddenly, a great sound rang out. Wayner Sen’s Gravity Domain had finally been destroyed. The moment it shattered, Wayner Sen’s presence suffered a huge hit. He spurted blood as he endured an intense backlash.

Jian Chen immediately charged out. He swung the Flying Snow sword, sending two powerful sword Qi towards the two early Gods of the Wayner clan to stop them.

However, at this moment, Jian Chen sensed something. He turned around and stabbed out without any hesitation at all. A dark light had silently shot out of Wayner Ti’s hands with lightning speed. Although Jian Chen managed to stab the streak of dark light with great precision, the black light that was split in half continued onwards without slowing down at all. They stabbed Jian Chen so quickly that he was unable to dodge. Even the protective light around him was unable to stop it.

Jian Chen immediately experienced excruciating pain as well as a sense of numbness. His skin actually blackened at a visible rate.

” Jian Chen’s heart shivered. His chaotic neidan spewed out strands of Chaotic Force as he devoted himself to stopping the spread of the poison.

“This is the stinger from the Soul-devouring Wasps of the Worldless Abyss. This is where all their poison is concentrated. It is certain death for late Gods once they become poisoned by this, and it’ll even cause some trouble to Overgods. Sir, the only person you can blame is yourself, for getting in our Wayner clan’s way. You can’t blame us. However, you’ll be able to die without regrets since you’re dying to this poison stinger that our clan bought by paying a great price in the royal city,” Wayner Ti said coldly.

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