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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1745 - A Foothold
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1745: A Foothold


The skinny man’s body struck the floor. His eyes remained wide open, dying with regrets.

Perhaps even he himself had never expected Jian Chen to possess such terrifying strength. The Profound Sword Qi had killed him instantly, where even his soul could not escape.

It fell silent for a time after that. Everyone stared at Jian Chen and the dead man on the ground in disbelief as their hearts churned.

The other early Overgods could not help but stagger backwards. Their gazes towards Jian Chen were filled with fear. All of them shivered when they realised that another strand of Profound Sword Qi hovered above Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen did not immediately put away the second strand of Profound Sword Qi. The finger-sized sword Qi remained above his head, radiating with surging sword intent as if it was warning all the Overgods present.

Ling Hougong also gasped. His gaze towards Jian Chen underwent a tremendous change, and he also found himself to be quite the fool. He had originally believed that Jian Chen was not the skinny man’s opponent and wanted to help him out, but looking at it now, he did not need any help at all. With just a single attack, he slew an early Overgod. Jian Chen’s strength left Ling Hougong astounded.

“What was that? Was it some treasure? Or some secret technique? Or some powerful battle skill…”

“Did a Godking leave behind those two strands of sword Qi…”

“It’s impossible for the sword Qi to be left behind by a Godking. I think it’s some powerful sword technique…”

“He killed an early Overgod instantly with a single strand of sword Qi. If he used them simultaneously, even mid Overgods would not be able to fend it off. Even late Overgods would become heavily injured…”

The surrounding Overgods all communicated with one another secretly as they discussed the Profound Sword Qi with great intensity.

Jian Chen had succeeded in showing off his might by killing the skinny man, and everyone present had witnessed his power. They understood that he was not a person they could just provoke.

Jian Chen knew that he had already gained a foothold among the Overgods, so he slowly put the second strand of Profound Sword Qi away. He looked around and clasped his fist towards everyone, “Everyone, I do not know much about Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, but I am willing to share what I know with everyone.”

All their faces changed when they heard that.

“Jian Chen is willing to share the information about the dwelling with everyone. You have my admiration, Jian Chen,” Ling Hougong clasped his hands towards Jian Chen.

“I am Guhun Xue. Thank you, Jian Chen. Once the matter regarding the dwelling has been resolved, I hope you can visit my Guhun clan as a guest. Although I have not comprehended the Laws of the Sword, we can share and discuss our experiences and knowledge regarding cultivation.”

Jian Chen turned around. Guhun Xue was a great beauty who only seemed to be in her twenties.

“Haha, I also hope Jian Chen can visit my Feng family in the future as well. I’ve studied formations a little. Although this old man is unable to study the sword with you like Ling Hougong, this old man does like alcohol very much and has collected a lot of it. This old man just wonders if you’d do me the honor of drinking together,” Feng Bule smiled. He referred to himself as an old man, but in reality, he only seemed to be in his twenties. He was handsome and graceful.

However, Jian Chen did not find it surprising at all because even though a few people did not seem particularly old among the Overgods present, they were all monsters who had cultivated for dozens or even hundreds of millennia.

A few of the surrounding Overgods immediately tried to befriend Jian Chen. As a person who wielded the Laws of the Sword, there were very few people who could defeat Jian Chen unless they had comprehended a law that possessed similar offence. Moreover, his powerful strands of Profound Sword Qi struck fear into everyone’s heart. By talking to him, they acted as if even if they could not befriend him, they would not want to become his enemy.

Jian Chen returned their greetings one by one. Through his conversations with them, he managed to gain an initial understanding of some of the Overgods. None of them were simple.

However, Jian Chen also understood that these people were so friendly because there was no conflict of interest yet. Once they ventured into the depths of the dwelling and had to fight for Godking Duanmu’s treasures, they could become opponents or even enemies at any time.

Soon afterwards, Jian Chen shared everything he knew about Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. In reality, none of it was a secret. It was just information on the situation in the dwelling. The Overgods could obtain the information just by looking.

When they learnt that Jian Chen had only obtained the items left behind by Godking Duanmu’s disciple, they did not become interested at all. They were all the ancestors of clans and sects, so they had all accumulated a vast wealth across the years. What really interested them in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling was his legacy. They naturally felt no interest towards what the disciple owned.

Of course, they did not know about the previous pills Jian Chen had found like the Soul Recovery Pill. Otherwise, they would lose their composure.

With that, no one purposefully targeted Jian Chen anymore. At the same time, due to the shocking strength he had demonstrated, no one dared to provoke him without good reason even with the great disparity between his comprehended laws and personal cultivation. The skinny man had become the best example of what would happen if they did that.

With master Chanlong in the lead, everyone continued forwards. Jian Chen also mixed into the group and followed everyone towards the very depths of the dwelling. The Space Ring from the Overgod he had slain ended up in Jian Chen’s hands as well.

Jian Chen checked through the Space Ring and found that the skinny man was nowhere near as wealthy as Godking Duanmu’s disciple. However, there were still a lot of divine crystals, including low, mid, and high grade crystals. There were also other random materials and a few pills.

Jian Chen casually put away the Space Ring, sending it into the Bright Moon Divine Hall silently. After passing on some information, he gave all the low and mid grade divine crystals to everyone in the divine hall to use for cultivation. He kept the high grade divine crystals for himself as he planned to exchange them for mid grade divine crystals in the future.

However, to Jian Chen’s surprise, Shangguan Mu’er who had remained within the divine hall for the entire time absorbing divine crystals had reached the peak of Reciprocity and was about to attain Godhood. The cultivation of the others had increased drastically as well.

The white tiger and Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast were only slightly slower than Shangguan Mu’er. They had reached Reciprocity, and they were currently at early Reciprocity.

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