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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1749 - A Fierce Struggle
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Chapter 1749: A Fierce Struggle

The expression of the late Overgod at the forefront who comprehended the Laws of Wind changed drastically. Even though there were only a few late Overgods in the group, he would still become heavily injured from the several dozen attacks, or even directly die.

After all, a few of the attacks came from late Overgods as well.

The liquid lime was precious, but it was nothing compared to his life. At that moment, the Overgod at the very front immediately gave up on the liquid lime without any hesitation at all. With a single movement, he left behind an afterimage and reappeared several hundred meters away, avoiding all their attacks.

With his departure, the Overgods at the very front became Yang Kai from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, master Chanlong, and five other late Overgods. The seven of them basically moved at the same speed as they charged towards the liquid lime.

Liquid lime was useful to even Overgods. What truly attracted their attention was the liquid lime’s effect that increased one’s ability to comprehend, as that would make comprehending the laws of the world much easier. If they were lucky, they could even become Godkings thanks to it.

However, liquid lime was very rare and precious. Basically, all the clans and sects that were far more powerful had monopolized it, making it very difficult for them to purchase any. They would naturally become interested in such a large basin of liquid lime.

In their eyes, the liquid lime was a chance to reach Godking. Even though it was only a tiny sliver of a chance, they were still greatly attracted to it.

Powerful origin energy and laws pulsed in the surroundings as the several dozen mid and early Overgods struck out at that moment. They launched powerful attacks towards the seven late Overgods at the very front in an attempt to stop them.

Ling Hougong had struck out as well, swinging his sword to send a sword Qi directly towards master Chanlong.

It was chaotic. At that moment, no one cared whether they were fighting against mid or late Overgods. Their desire for the liquid lime had drawn all of them over.

All the seven late Overgods at the very front used protective treasures to block the attacks. They did not slow down at all and even sped up instead. On the other hand, a formation disc hovered above master Chanlong’s head. It was immediately activated, and it enveloped him in a powerful, protective formation. The formation remained around him the entire time, moving along with him.

With a series of booms, the attacks struck the seven late Overgods at the forefront. Their protective treasures and formations flickered. Aside from master Chanlong, everyone else paled. They had all endured attacks from several experts at the same level as them, so even with defensive treasures, it was impossible for them to emerge unscathed.

However, the seven Overgods did not slow down at all after taking on these attacks. Instead, they accelerated after being hit and arrived before the stone basin with the liquid lime in a single moment.

The stone basin was only the size of a large bowl, yet there were seven of them in total. It was impossible for them to all crowd around the basin, so they all attacked the people around them in order to collect the liquid lime. They wanted to force back their competitors.

The disturbance was huge from the fight between several Overgods. The terrifying shockwaves reverberated towards the basin, and it immediately cracked. The violent energy splayed the liquid lime into the air, splitting the liquid into hundreds of globs. As the energy spread out, the liquid lime also flew out in all directions like scattered blossoms.

“Take the liquid lime! Every man for himself!”

Someone cried out. With that, no one cared about the late Overgods anymore. They all scattered in every direction as their eyes burned with desire. They chased the scattering liquid lime as quickly as possible as various jade bottles appeared in their hands.

The late Overgod who had comprehended the Laws of Wind was the fastest. No one was faster than him in terms of speed, so he collected three globs, totalling to over twenty droplets.

Jian Chen looked around, and his eyes narrowed very soon. His eyes lit up. Two globs of liquid lime, one large and one small, directly flew in his direction.

However, three other Overgods approached the two globs rapidly. They were clearly targeting these globs.

Jian Chen charged over without any hesitation at full speed. With a flip of his hand, a jade bottle appeared, and he immediately scooped up the two globs of liquid lime.

The eyes of the three Overgods who originally wanted to take the liquid lime turned cold. They glared at Jian Chen and did not leave to go collect the other liquid lime. Instead, they continued onwards in the same direction and directly encircled Jian Chen.

They all wanted the larger glob that Jian Chen had taken away. That single glob of liquid lime was three or five times larger than the smaller one.

A gleam of cold light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes when he sensed their movement. With a thought, the two strands of Profound Sword Qi immediately appeared, radiating with sword intent. The sword Qi was so powerful that it drew over the attention of all the Overgods present. They all looked towards Jian Chen in fear.

It had already been a year since Jian Chen last used the Profound Sword Qi. Jian Chen had already fully recovered the power of his soul during that period of time, so he could use two strands of Profound Sword Qi again.

The expressions of the three Overgods who charged towards Jian Chen changed abruptly when they saw the Profound Sword Qi appear. They all came to a halt as fear filled their eyes as well.

They were two early Overgods and one mid Overgod. However, they no longer dared to approach Jian Chen as his Profound Sword Qi had appeared.

Jian Chen did not shoot his Profound Sword Qi. Instead, he let them hover above his head to deter the people around him. Afterwards, he clasped his hands towards the three Overgods and said, “I only want these two globs. There are still a few more in the surroundings that have not been collected, so if you continue wasting time here, you might have to leave empty-handed.”

The three Overgods mulled over the thought. In the end, they did not risk trying to take what Jian Chen had collected. They scattered to fight over the few remaining globs of liquid lime in the surroundings.

In just a few seconds, the basin of liquid lime had all been collected. The late Overgods naturally collected the most, with the Overgod who comprehended the Laws of Wind in particular. He seemed to have collected over fifty droplets.

Of course, not everyone managed to collect something. The weaker Overgods were left empty-handed. They failed to even get a single droplet, and they had even suffered heavy injuries that left them pale-faced.

The Overgods who had been injured by the hidden sword Qi earlier failed to collect anything as well as they were still injured. Their faces were extremely sunken.

Jian Chen put his bottle of liquid lime away happily. Although he did not obtain a lot of it, he still managed to acquire around twenty droplets. He was satisfied with that.

He knew that his only method of fending off Overgods was through his Profound Sword Qi. If he used up both strands, he would no longer be an Overgod’s opponent. It was already quite impressive for him to be able to obtain around twenty droplets.

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