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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1756 - Brutality
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1756: Brutality

“Jian Chen, don’t you dare try to take Godking Duanmu’s legacy for yourself…”

“Jian Chen, move or today will be your last day alive…”

The six early Overgods who charged towards Jian Chen yelled out aggressively. Before they even arrived, they had sent streams of energy towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had equipped the damaged armor, which protected less than a third of his body. His white robes and hair ruffled despite the absence of wind. At the same time, a shocking sword intent radiated from his body. The sword intent was so powerful that the six incoming Overgods all became stern.

“Sky-severing Strike!” Jian Chen bellowed out. He lifted the Flying Snow sword above his head and a stream of light that was three hundred meters in length immediately condensed. With a sky full of snow, the huge sword Qi directly cleaved down.

As it fell, the surrounding space seemed to freeze, forming a Sword Domain. It enveloped the attacks from the six Overgods.


The collision between the sword Qi and the attacks resulted in a huge boom. They dispersed at the same time, causing terrifying energy and fragments of sword Qi to splay into the surroundings.

Jian Chen’s body trembled, and he seemed to pale slightly. His inner organs surged like the ocean. However, he remained still, forming a tough shield as he stood there firmly. He blocked the incoming energy to protect fairy Hao Yue.

At the same time, two strands of Profound Sword Qi appeared above his head. It shone with dazzling light and surged with sword Qi, giving off a terrifying pressure.

The expressions of the six Overgods around Jian Chen immediately changed as soon as the Profound Sword Qi had appeared. A smear of dread and deep fear appeared in their eyes. They had personally witnessed the might of the Profound Sword Qi. It could easily claim the lives of early Overgods.

“Back off if you don’t want to die, or I’ll have to kill you mercilessly,” Jian Chen called out. His presence surged as he held off multiple enemies by himself.

Six seconds had passed by now.

The six Overgods looked at each other as they became hesitant.

“What’re we afraid of? We’re six people. Even if his secret technique is powerful, I refuse to believe that we can’t stop it when the six of us work together. Let’s get him.”

Finally, the six Overgods stopped hesitating after one of them called out. They encircled Jian Chen and shot towards him rapidly.

A cold light flickered through Jian Chen’s eyes. With a thought, one strand of Profound Sword Qi above his head immediately shot out as a streak of white light towards one of the Overgods.

The moment the Profound Sword Qi shot out, the six Overgods stopped. They all struck out to stop the Profound Sword Qi. Origin energy pulsed around them wildly as their power of laws condensed into sharp swords that shot towards the Profound Sword Qi.

However, the Profound Sword Qi simply moved too quickly, and it basically exceeded their reaction speed. Even though they had moved very quickly, they were still much slower compared to the Profound Sword Qi. Before their attacks came in contact with the Profound Sword Qi, the sword Qi had already neared the forehead of an Overgod.


Blood was tossed into the air as a bloody mark appeared on the forehead of one of the Overgods. The Profound Sword Qi had pierced his forehead without any obstructions and wiped out his soul.

The attacks from the five other Overgods that aimed to stop the Profound Sword Qi missed and struck Jian Chen instead.

Jian Chen’s body shuddered. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth as four terrifying gashes appeared on his body. His blood dyed his white robes red. The fifth attack had landed on the damaged piece of armor.

The armor was a god artifact after all. Even after becoming so damaged, it was still extremely tough. The Overgod’s attack did not leave behind a single mark, but the force was still dispersed through Jian Chen’s body.

Jian Chen finally took a step back helplessly. However, the force pushing him back was just too powerful, so he clearly did not manage to disperse it all from just that single step. When he wanted to take another step back, he gritted his teeth firmly and planted his Flying Snow sword into the ground, forcefully stopping himself. However, just something like that worsened his condition, making him spurt blood from his mouth.

He could not afford to take another step back. If he did, he could come in contact with fairy Hao Yue’s soul!

Jian Chen wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth. Even though he was heavily injured, he did not show any weakness on his face at all. With a flip of his hand, he took out a seventh grade Truth Tier healing pill that he had obtained from the Pill Room as well as a Soul Recovery Pill; he ingested both.

As the pills reached his stomach, his wounds immediately began to heal rapidly. The power of his soul that he had consumed to use a strand of Profound Sword Qi quickly recovered as well as the Soul Recovery Pill melted away.

At the same time, Jian Chen circulated his Chaotic Force wildly. He completely used the Chaotic Force to his advantage, taking advantage of all the time he could get to heal.

Jian Chen’s wounds healed at an extremely astonishing rate from the Chaotic Force and pill. If any of the Overgods present had seen it, they would have been completely astounded.

Fifteen seconds had passed now.

“The Firmament of the Sea!” At this moment, a bellow rang out. One of the five Overgods began to use a Truth Tier Battle Skill. Behind him, a vast ocean appeared. It fused with the surroundings as it moved all the energy in the surroundings, enveloping Jian Chen.

“Fire God’s Finger!” Another Overgod used a battle skill. Flames surged around him as a massive finger condensed and extended towards Jian Chen.

“Absolute Darkness!”

“Palm of Destruction!”

“Death’s Soul-severing Slash!”

The five Overgods all used Truth Tier Battle Skills. Terrifying pressure permeated the surroundings as five extremely terrifying powers tore through the surroundings and rolled towards Jian Chen devastatingly.

Jian Chen had never felt so grim before. With a thought, he sent out the second strand of Profound Sword Qi to fend off the five battle skills.

The Profound Sword Qi turned into a streak of light and collided with the first sword Qi in a single moment. With a boom, the first battle skill collapsed without being able to put up any resistance at all. The Profound Sword Qi continued towards the second, third, fourth, and fifth battle skills.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Along with a string of rumbles, the Profound Sword Qi destroyed the battle skills from the five Overgods. The Profound Sword Qi did not disperse yet either. It flickered as it directly shot towards one of the Overgods like a brave warrior.

The Overgod became extremely stern. He immediately bellowed out as energy surged from his body. He swung his sickle towards the Profound Sword Qi with his power of laws.

He had put his life on the line with that attack!

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