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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1757 - Half A Minute
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1757: Half a Minute

After tearing through the five battle skills from the Overgods, the Profound Sword Qi had weakened greatly. It was nowhere near as powerful as it was at the beginning. In the end, it shattered under the slash from the sickle. However, due to the momentum of the attack, the scattered sword Qi continued in the same direction towards the early Overgod that wielded a sickle.

Caught off guard, the early Overgod was struck by the shattered sword Qi. Every single strand of the residual sword Qi pierced his body easily, creating many holes.

The power from the Laws of the Sword constantly gnawed away at him around his wounds, causing his condition to worsen.

The Overgod grunted and left the battle with his sickle. He was heavily injured and incapacitated.

Jian Chen’s power of the soul was completely drained after sending out the two strands of sword Qi. He felt waves of dizziness descend upon him. However, as the Soul Recovery Pill came into play, the power of his soul immediately began to replenish rapidly.

Twenty-one seconds had passed by now!

“Kill him!”

The four other Overgods all went crazy. They basically charged towards Jian Chen with bloodshot eyes, as they could already see that most of fairy Hao Yue had already merged into the power of laws that protected Godking Duanmu’s remains.

The dizziness in Jian Chen’s head receded swiftly, and he felt his head clear up again. Even though the power of his soul had replenished, he was clearly unable to use a third strand of Profound Sword Qi with just the few seconds that had passed.

“Daluo Sword!’ Jian Chen bellowed out. He formed a seal with one hand, and the Flying Snow sword immediately shone with a golden light. A golden sword Qi condensed around the Flying Snow sword. As he swung the sword, the golden sword Qi shot out with a swish, colliding with the sword in one of the Overgod’s hands.

As the Daluo Sword Qi dispersed, the early Overgod who had received the attack came to a halt as well. He staggered a few steps backwards helplessly.

However, the three other Overgods had all arrived before Jian Chen now. One of them used a huge hammer to strike towards Jian Chen’s chest, while the other two both used swords. They stabbed out simultaneously with the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Darkness. The stab with the Laws of Fire extended towards Jian Chen while the attack with the Laws of Darkness went around Jian Chen and headed directly towards the fairy Hao Yue behind him.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed when he saw the attack that headed towards fairy Hao Yue. Then he roared out, and his eyes shone shockingly. Red light vaguely appeared in his pupils; this was the sign of him about to lose his mind.

His main mission was to protect fairy Hao Yue for half a minute. No matter how dangerous it was, he could not dodge during this period of time, nor could he retreat. He had to face the attacks head-on. The sword was already stabbed towards fairy Hao Yue, so she was in danger now.

Jian Chen extended his left hand in that crucial moment. Chaotic Force and silver-white light enveloped his hand. He directly grabbed the sword with his hand.

At the same time, he placed the Flying Snow sword across his body to block the hammer that traveled towards his chest.


The sword with the Laws of Fire had already stabbed into Jian Chen, piercing him all the way through. The tip of the sword dripped with the blood of his Chaotic Body. Each droplet of blood possessed a lot of power. It could even kill weaker Receival experts.

The hand that Jian Chen had used to grab the sword became bloodied as well. His flesh and skin had been destroyed, revealing white bone.

Fortunately, Jian Chen had managed to grab the sword tightly, preventing it from reaching fairy Hao Yue. His body stood before fairy Hao Yue like a tough shield, blocking all the shockwaves of energy.

Twenty-four seconds had passed now!

At this moment, the three Overgods had already approached Jian Chen. None of them were weaker than Jian Chen, yet he now had to face the three of them at the same time. He was struggling to stop them, yet he also had to protect fairy Hao Yue.

The red light in Jian Chen’s eyes became more and more intense while the world in Jian Chen’s eyes gradually reddened.

Jian Chen knew that he was losing his mind, but he could do nothing about it right now. Seeing how fairy Hao Yue had almost merged into the power of laws, determination suddenly flooded his eyes, and he called out, “Explode Flying Snow sword!’

With a deafening boom, the Flying Snow sword exploded with dazzling white light. The explosion contained the Laws of the Sword and strands of Chaotic Force.

Immediately, a terrifying energy expanded with the Laws of the Sword and Chaotic Force, and it pushed back the three early Overgods.

Jian Chen removed the spear he had obtained from killing the skinny Overgod earlier at this moment. He held it in one hand and drove the tip deeply into the ground, using it to stabilise himself.

As Jian Chen clung onto the spear, he remained on the spot as he endured the storm-like barrage from the explosion of the Flying Snow sword. He did not take a single step back, but he paid a great price as a result. His wounds became even worse and blood spurted from his mouth time and time again. He had become sheet-white now.

Twenty-seven seconds had passed now!

The three early Overgods stabilised themselves very soon. Before the shockwaves of energy had dispersed, they charged through the energy and headed towards Jian Chen again.

Jian Chen glared at the three. At this moment, he could feel his consciousness fade slightly while the world before him had gradually become filled with red.

In the last three seconds, the bloodied Jian Chen suddenly charged towards the three early Overgods. He stretched out his hands and grabbed the swords from the two Overgods and used the damaged armor to forcefully endure the attack from the hammer.


The hammer blew Jian Chen far away. As he flew backwards, he vomited multiple times. His wounds were horrendous.

“Quick, kill the soul!”

After blowing Jian Chen away, the three Overgods immediately charged towards fairy Hao Yue; their gazes were icy.

However, it was also at this time that fairy Hao Yue’s illusionary soul merged into the power of laws completely. She vanished from the Overgod’s vision. Only a cold voice that was filled with killing intent rang out.

“If you dare kill the two of them, I’ll wipe out your entire clan once I recover my strength. Even if you flee to the ends of the earth, I’ll take your lives. Even the Godking of your divine kingdom won’t be able to protect you…”

The expressions of the three early Overgods changed when they heard that. Even Godkings would not be able to protect them. Was the soul a supreme Godking in the past? Or even beyond Godking?

Shen Jian collapsed on the ground on the other side, bloodied and wounded. Although the two Overgods he fought did not suffer any significant wounds, they seemed to be in a rather horrible condition. Shen Jian’s sword Qi had ripped their clothes.

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