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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1760 - Tong Tian
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Chapter 1760: Tong Tian

The Overgods were unable to put up a fight at all before the gale. Even the late Overgod was as insignificant as an ant before it. No matter how they struggled, no matter how they resisted, it was all futile.

In the end, the gale directly pushed them out of the space, and the Overgods disappeared before all their eyes.

Immediately, silence descended. The eyes of all the other Overgods widened as they stared at the man behind the young man with a fan in shock. Their hearts churned.

Even the ancestor of the Mo family who had taken the damaged god artifact from Jian Chen became stunned. He was frightened, and he was secretly relieved that he was not the one who had stood forward to stop the young man.

The Overgods had been blown away from just a flick of the hand. There was even a late Overgod among them. That was simply too terrifying.

“Godking, he must be a Godking. Only before Godkings are late Overgods so puny…”

“Even several Overgods cannot resist a simple wave of his hand. Probably even the person ranked first on the Overgod’s Plaque can’t achieve that. He’s a Godking. He’s a Godking for sure…”

“Heavens, he actually has the protection of a Godking. Just how terrifying is that young man’s background…”

Everyone’s gazes towards the young man and the burly man underwent an overwhelming change. Before, they only feared the young man slightly, but now, they felt dread; it was a sense of dread that they had never experienced before.

The young man kept walking, directly making his way out with the injured Jian Chen. He did not become surprised or startled by how uncle Qin had blown away several Overgods with a flick of his hand as if he had been expecting that.

“I’m going to be leaving, everyone. If you still want Jian Chen, you must come quickly, seniors,” the young man smiled cheekily as he glanced past everyone’s faces slowly.

None of the Overgods dared to utter a single word. Instead, they quickly formed a path as the young man advanced, unwilling to stop him at all. They did not dare to show any displeasure on their faces as well as they were afraid of making the young man unhappy.

Naturally, the young man left easily with Jian Chen. Even though the Overgods objected to this, they could do nothing about it.

“The soul still hasn’t come out. Everyone guard here. Once the soul comes out, immediately destroy her. She won’t be able to take away anything like that anyway,” an early Overgod said suddenly after the young man’s departure.

The eyes of the Overgods in the surroundings immediately lit up. They watched over the place as they attacked the power of laws together to waste it away faster.

However, not everyone stayed. A few of the injured Overgods knew that they probably would not benefit if they stayed, so they left without a second thought.

The ancestor of the Mo family did not remain either. He left the dwelling. He had already obtained a damaged god artifact and was satisfied with what he had gained. He no longer wanted to take part in the upcoming fight.

At this moment, fairy Hao Yue’s illusionary body hovered above Godking Duanmu’s remains within the region protected by the power of laws. There was an incomplete golden core of laws in Godking Duanmu’s head. Strands of energy radiated from it, pouring endlessly towards fairy Hao Yue’s soul like small streams, allowing her soul to grow at a terrifying pace.

There was still some of the Godking’s former power left in his remains that had not completely dispersed after so many years. Fairy Hao Yue was devouring it rapidly.

A Space Ring hovered in the air as well. The Space Ring was the one on Godking Duanmu’s finger. At this moment, meter cubes of divine crystals hovered out as the energy within turned into a rapid stream that was all absorbed by fairy Hao Yue.

The divine crystals were all pure and without any contaminants. To no surprise, they were all of the supreme grade, making them even more valuable than high grade divine crystals.

Fairy Hao Yue was using the remaining possessions of Godking Duanmu to recover her strength and body.

Jian Chen gradually regained consciousness after some time. When he opened his eyes, all he saw was a deep, blue sky and white clouds.

“Hmm? You actually woke up so soon. I thought it’ll take you a day or two at the very least, but I never thought you’d wake up in just four hours.”

A surprised voice rang out from beside him as Jian Chen was still in a daze. He heard it clearly.

Jian Chen looked over and found a young man in white robes sitting nearby with one leg atop the other. He smiled impudently as he stared at Jian Chen with interest. Near the young man stood a burly man with his back towards Jian Chen. He was seated on the floor.

Jian Chen quickly observed his surroundings and found that he was among a mountain range. The fierce gale in the surroundings buffeted his hair and clothes.

“What is this place? And who are you?” Jian Chen asked as he tried to move. He tried to stand up, but tremendous pain filled his body, causing him to furrow his brows.

He was grievously injured. He had not recovered, so any movement would affect his wounds.

The young man sank into his thoughts. He looked around and said with uncertainty, “This is- is- is the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars I think. I can’t really remember. As for who I am…” The young man suddenly smiled resplendently. He slowly stood up and arrived before Jian Chen while fluttering his fan. He sat down beside Jian Chen and smiled, “I am your savior. If I had not stepped in and saved your life, your soul would have been extracted by that- that- sigh, I forgot his name, but that Overgod from some Mo family in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. You definitely would have suffered a fate worse than death.”

“Thank you for saving my life, sir. I will never forget your kindness,” Jian Chen said to the young man. However, he firmly remembered the Mo family of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. Jian Chen really could not accept it if he had really tried to extract his soul and make him suffer a fate even worse than death.

“My name is not sir. Jian Chen, listen up. My name is Tong Tian. The character ‘Tong’ from ‘Tong Tian’, and the character ‘Tian’ from ‘Tong Tian’. What do you think about it? Isn’t it awesome?” The young man said proudly with his chest held high. He was pleased with himself.

“It really is awesome. Thank you for saving me, young master Tong Tian,” said Jian Chen. From their short conversation, he could tell that Tong Tian was probably from a large clan. He possessed a natural sense of pride and cockiness, but he did not seem to possess a bad character.

Tong Tian chuckled and said, “Jian Chen, you’re extremely heavily injured, so you probably won’t be able to recover in a short amount of time. I like you, so I’ll help you out.” As he said that, a black pill silently appeared in his hand. He glanced at the uncle Qin behind him in guilt before quickly feeding Jian Chen the pill.

Uncle Qin’s face twitched unnaturally. He turned towards Tong Tian and said with a darkened face, “Young master, how did you steal elder Gu’s Ninerefined Lifegiving Pill?”

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