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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1766 - Taking The Mine By Force
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Chapter 1766: Taking the Mine by Force

After a short moment of thought, Jian Chen asked the God again, “Do you know why the Empyrean Demon Cult is attacking the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons? Did the divine kingdom offend them?”

Deep hatred appeared in the God’s eyes when the Empyrean Demon Cult was mentioned. He said, “Does the Empyrean Demon Cult need any reason to destroy the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons? They’re a demonic cult. It’s not the first time that they’re wiping out divine kingdoms, sects, and clans.”

Jian Chen’s face changed slightly when he that. He asked, “Does the Empyrean Demon Cult do these things often?”

The God gazed at Jian Chen rather strangely and said, “That’s right. The Empyrean Demon Cult really does do things like that often. Don’t you know, senior?”

Jian Chen became stern. He was basically certain that the Empyrean Demon Cult was not trying to destroy the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons because the divine kingdom had offended them, as this was just a common occurrence. What he was worried about right now was whether the Empyrean Demon Cult would continue towards the Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars or even the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian after they destroyed the Divine Kingdom of Three Cauldrons.

Although he did not care about these divine kingdoms, Jian Chen had planned to gain a stable footing in the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. It was impossible for the people who had followed him up to the Saints’ World to always run around with him. He had to find a place to settle them down.

Jian Chen did not dare to waste any more time after learning about the Empyrean Demon Cult’s movements. He immediately hurried off towards the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian at full speed. From time to time, he would use the Linear Lightning Release.

In just seven days, Jian Chen crossed the entire Divine Kingdom of Nine Stars under his full speed and returned to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

“I’ll need three more days at most to return to the Dong’an province,” Jian Chen gazed in the direction of the Dong’an province as he hovered in the sky. Afterwards, he used the Linear Lightning Release and disappeared as a streak of light.

However, he was unable to maintain the Linear Lightning Release for very long at all. He could only keep moving at the terrifying speed for less than a split second, or he would have returned to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian long ago.

Two days later, Jian Chen finally returned to the Dong’an province. However, he did not make his way to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. Instead, he flew towards the Dark Cloud Mountains.

He understood that with his current strength, he would be of no help even if he went to Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. The matter at hand was to increase his strength as quickly as possible. Once he reached the tenth layer of the Chaotic Body, he would be able to last a while even before late Overgods with the toughness of the Chaotic Body.

The powerful clans of the Dong’an  province had taken over the Dark Cloud Mountains. There were over a dozen of them in total. They had all sent people there to mine the high grade divine crystals, and even the ancestors from their clans watched over the operation.

At this moment, two old men sat on a flat mountain top as they played chess and conversed. Two young women stood beside them, pouring tea for them courteously. From how carefully they behaved, they seemed to be afraid of spilling even a drop of tea.

“The disturbance from Godking Duanmu’s dwelling has already lasted for several years. I really wonder when it’ll end,” a gray-robed old man sighed gently.

Before the gray-robed old man sat another old man in white robes. The white-robed old man played a move and gazed at the chessboard as he said leisurely, “It’s said that a soul has already approached Godking Duanmu’s remains. The disturbance the dwelling caused is coming to an end. It’ll end soon, in my opinion.”

“The dwelling appeared in our Dong’an province, but it’s just a pity that no one in the Dong’an province was able to benefit from it. Those Overgods took it all away. We Gods don’t even have the chance to take part or fight over anything,” the gray-robed old man said regretfully.

The white-robed old man chuckled, “Being unable to take part is also good. Look at how many of the experts who took part died? The Wayner clan lost half of their Gods, while the other clans of the Dong’an province lost a few Gods as well. Even Overgods died in the depths of the dwelling. They’ve failed to obtain any treasure and lost their lives instead. In my opinion, it’s just not worth it.”

“I heard that people of the Mo clan and Ando clan entered the dwelling first. Do you think they managed to benefit?” The gray-robed old man asked out of interest.

The white-robed old man shook his head without any hesitation. He said firmly, “Do you think they survived? Those Overgods aren’t benevolent people.”

“Fair enough. There’s probably not a single member of the Mo clan and Ando clan that remains. The Overgods would never let them go regardless of what they found,” the gray-robed old man nodded. It made sense.

The two old men were specially stationed here from the powerful clans of the Dong’an province. They served as a deterrence against any thieves, and they also acted as supervisors.

As the two old men played chess leisurely and spoke about the situation of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling with interest, a white-robed young man appeared there silently.

The young man did not give off any presence, making him seem just like an ordinary person. The two early Gods had actually failed to sense his approach.

Only when he arrived beside the chessboard did the two old men discover him suddenly. They became surprised.

“Who are you?” The two old men leapt to their feet and stared at Jian Chen cautiously. They were filled with shock. The young man definitely possessed strength much greater than theirs if he could approach them so silently.

“Who I am is not important. What is important is that this mine belongs to me from now onwards,” the young man said calmly. As expected, he was Jian Chen.

The expressions of the two old men changed when they heard that Jian Chen wanted the mine. The gray-robed old man said coldly, “This mine belongs to the entire Dong’an province. Sir, do you plan on becoming enemies with the entire province?”

“I’ve never planned on that, but I don’t mind either if the entire Dong’an province wants to become my enemy. Moreover, the mine never belonged to the Dong’an province in the first place. It belonged to the Lu family. You only forcefully took it over from them,” said Jian Chen. He was helpless against the powerful clans of the Dong’an province when he first entered Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, so he could only watch as they took over the mine.

However, did it really matter even if the entire Dong’an province became his enemy now?

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