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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1769 - The Tenth Layer Of The Chaotic Body (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1769: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body (Three)

“I really can’t hide anything from you,” Nanyun Tong smiled bitterly. He sighed gently and said slowly, “Bing Lou, I’ve really come across quite a large problem in the Dong’an province this time.”

As Bing Lou listened to Nayun Tong, he waved his hand gently. Ice moved and immediately condensed into two cups. He took out some precious liquor from his Space Ring and poured it into the two ice cups and gestured for Nanyun Tong to drink.

Nanyun Tong lifted up the cup with both hands. After clinking it with Bing Lou’s cup, he downed the whole thing and said slowly, “A small high grade divine crystal mine has appeared in our Dong’an province. Even though it’s only a small mine, it holds great importance to our entire province. It also relates to the future of our Nanyun clan.”

“It’s just that an Overgod from another divine kingdom has taken over the mine. With the current strength of the province, no one can threaten an Overgod, so I purposefully came to visit you to see if you could resolve the matter.”

Bing Lou glanced at Nanyun Tong deeply and smiled gently, “Since you’ve come to me for a matter like that, it looks like your Nanyun clan takes quite a large portion of the divine crystals. If you don’t get the mine back, your Nanyun clan will be the one that suffers the greatest losses.”

Nanyun Tong smiled awkwardly, “You’re joking, brother Bing Lou. Right now, my Nanyun clan, the Huo family, and the Dong family take twenty-five percent of all the divine crystals mined. The other seventy-five percent is split among the other clans.” Nanyun Tong paused there. Then he smiled deeply and continued, “It’s just that quite a few Gods of the other clans in our provincial city have entered Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, but only a few have emerged. Aside from the God that our Nanyun clan lost a few years ago, we haven’t lost anyone else.”

Nanyun Tong had asked for Bing Lou to take back the mine for the Dong’an province because he had already expected that the powerful clans would suffer heavy losses with the opening of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. Many of them would even lose the right to remain in the provincial city, so how the divine crystals would be split would definitely be redecided. At that time, his Nanyun clan could borrow Bing Lou to claim the largest share.

Bing Lou nodded and said with ease, “Alright, I’ll help you. Nanyun Tong, I hope you can become an Overgod soon.”

Nanyun Tong immediately beamed with joy when he heard Bing Lou’s reply. He seemed to think of something and added, “Oh right, the Overgod who took over the mine seems to have comprehended the Laws of the Sword.”

“An Overgod who has comprehended the Laws of the Sword?”

Nanyun Tong would have been better off if he had not mentioned that. Bing Lou’s eyes immediately narrowed when he heard these words.

As an Overgod, Bing Lou naturally had information that a God like Nanyun Tong could not get his hands on. Someone like Nanyun Tong would have only heard about a few Overgods in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, while Bing Lou would know much more than the Overgods in the entire divine kingdom. He would basically know all the Overgods in the neighbouring divine kingdoms as well.

He also knew that aside from Ling Hougong and Jian Chen who he had worked with in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, there were no other Overgods who comprehended the Laws of the Sword.

“Nanyun Tong, do you know what the Overgod looks like?” Bing Lou stared at Nanyun Tong in interest. His leisurely appearance had vanished, and a smear of sternness appeared.

Bing Lou’s change stunned Nanyun Tong. He suddenly had an extremely ill omen. However, he still did not hesitate. Through his fantastic memory, he drew the person drawn by Bai Ziqi again.

To no surprise, his drawing depicted Jian Chen.

When Bing Lou saw that it was actually Jian Chen, his face immediately changed. He gently placed down the ice cup in his hands and sighed softly.

“Brother Bing Lou, do you know this person?” Nanyun Tong could not help but ask.

Bing Lou responded after a while of silence, “I do know this person. He was one of the people who entered the dwelling first with Godking Duanmu’s jade. He’s extremely powerful. Two early Overgods died at his hands in the dwelling.”

Nanyun Tong revealed a rather ugly expression. He murmured, “He was actually one of the people to enter the dwelling first? Was he the one who killed the Gods from my Nanyun clan and the Huo family several years ago?”

Bing Lou stared at Nanyun Tong sternly and said, “Nanyun Tong, considering that we once roamed the world together, I have to warn you to not offend this person. He is far more complicated than he seems. Not only is he extremely powerful, but there’s also a supreme expert behind him as well.” Bing Lou could not help but think of fairy Hao Yue when he mentioned the supreme expert. Even when she was just a fragile soul, she was able to make it through the power of laws from Godking Duanmu who already had a foot planted in the Primordial realm. That explained everything.

It explained that fairy Hao Yue was extremely powerful in her past life, and her comprehension of laws had surpassed Godking Duanmu’s.

However, Bing Lou did not know that the young man with a fan who saved Jian Chen in the end came from an extremely great background as well. He actually possessed a Godking as a personal guard.

Nanyun Tong’s face immediately changed when he heard Bing Lou’s serious warning.

“Don’t look into the death of your God anymore, and it’s best if the clans in the Dong’an province stop fantasizing about the high grade divine crystal mine. What he lacks the most right now is cultivation resources like divine crystals,” continued Bing Lou. He was afraid that Nanyun Tong would offend Jian Chen.

Several days later, Nanyun Tong returned to the Dong’an province. He did not tell everyone about his conversation with Bing Lou, nor did he give any detailed explanation. He directly announced that his Nanyun clan would give up on the mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains and would no longer take part in the matter.

The departure of the Nanyun clan immediately caused quite a large disturbance in the provincial city. Although the Nanyun clan did not give any proper explanation, the other powerful clans in the provincial city were not stupid either. They could tell that they could not afford to provoke the Overgod who had taken over the mine from the Nanyun clan’s actions.

The Huo family and the Dong family maintained their silence over the matter of the mountain range after the Nanyun clan announced that they were backing out.

Even the three most powerful clans in the Dong’an province were unwilling to touch the Dark Cloud Mountains anymore, so the other clans in the provincial city naturally understood that they probably would not be able to get the mine back. Even though they all felt despaired, there was nothing they could do about it.

“It has been three months. Those clans in the provincial city still haven’t moved,” the black-clothed Shen Jian murmured as he sat on the peak of a mountain, gazing towards the provincial city.

Now, it had already been three months since Jian Chen stared cultivating. Shen Jian had always been waiting for the clans during that period of time, but it was evident that not a single soul from the provincial city had come.

Many of the divine crystals deep underground had been reduced to regular stone after losing all their origin energy during Jian Chen’s three months of cultivation.

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