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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1786 - The Sen Family
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Chapter 1786: The Sen Family

Jian Chen spent some divine crystals to rent an individual courtyard from a better inn, taking it as a temporary residence.

Jian Chen sat in the sky above the individual courtyard. He was wearing his luxurious white robes. His long, black hair had not been tied up, draping down his back and reaching his waist.

Before Jian Chen was all the elders of the Mo clan, the Ando clan, and their two ancestors. All of them sat like Jian Chen, except they did not sit in the air. Instead, they all sat on the ground.

However, everyone’s gazes towards Jian Chen were no longer as casual as before. Their gazes were all filled with reverence.

Even though Jian Chen did not treat the people of the Mo clan any differently after revealing his strength at Overgod, the elders, the patriarch, and even the ancestor had grown distant from Jian Chen unknowingly.

After all, in their opinion, Jian Chen was in a completely different realm from them. The huge disparity in strength had decided that their statuses would change silently, so the people of the Mo clan were unable to behave as casually when they faced Jian Chen.

“I’m out finally. Finally. It has been suffocating. Jian Chen, you shut me in for so long that I had even thought that you forgot about me,” said Mo Yan. She studied the independent courtyard with much interest as joy filled her face.

The only person who remained the same as before was Mo Yan, who still had not grown accustomed to the world where power was everything. She still treated Jian Chen the same as she did back when she saved him.

“Jian Chen, is this really the provincial city of the Dong’an province? This is the first time I’ve come here. I really do want to go out and see how it is.” Mo Yan raised her head and stared at the sky. Her gaze was filled with eagerness.

Jian Chen chuckled when he heard that, “The provincial city will probably be rather chaotic right now. Miss Mo Yan will be able to go anywhere you wish in a few days’ time.”

The way Jian Chen treated Mo Yan made the patriarch of the Mo clan feel proud. Although he could tell with a single glance that Jian Chen did not like her as a woman, he understood that Jian Chen had instead begun to treat his daughter as a younger sister, which left him overjoyed.

As long as he possessed this relationship between Mo Yan and Jian Chen, the status of the Mo clan would definitely rise.

Jian Chen looked at the people from the two clans and said after some thought, “I’ve gathered you all here today because I have some matters that require your help. I want to create a clan in the provincial city, but the founding of a clan naturally requires quite a lot of land. As a result, I hope you can help me have a look if there’s any good land to be bought.”

“Although I have no reason to fear anyone with my current strength, I am unwilling to forcefully take the land of others unreasonably. After all, this is not the Dark Cloud Mountains. The mine there never belonged to the province in the first place.”

Although the territories of the Lu family, the, Mo clan, and the Ando clan were open for occupation, Jian Chen did not want to choose such places because the resources there were just far too lacking compared to the provincial city.

The eyes of the people from the two clans immediately lit up when they heard that Jian Chen wanted to found a clan in the provincial city. Mo Ling and Ando Fu both guaranteed that they would find a suitable piece of land in the shortest amount of time possible.

Afterwards, everyone dispersed across the city, devoting themselves to Jian Chen’s request.

In just half a day, Ando Fu returned. He beamed and said, “According to some reliable information I’ve found, there just happens to be a few powerful clans in the Dong’an province who have lost some Gods in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. With their remaining strength, they have no right to remain in the provincial city anymore, so many of them plan on moving out.”

“If they really do move out of the provincial city, their current territory will be divided between the remaining clans. We can buy the land from them since they haven’t moved out yet.”

With that, Ando Fu took out a map. He continued, “I’ve already marked down the clans that are moving out. I’ve found quite a good place among them. Sir, please look.”

Ando Fu tried his best to show himself off to Jian Chen. He knew that once Jian Chen founded a clan, he would need a large number of people to make up for the majority of the clan’s force. His Ando clan just happened to have many such people.

Once the Ando clan assisted Jian Chen in founding his clan, the people from the Ando clan would become founding contributors. Their service would be so great that their status would naturally be extraordinary.

Jian Chen stared at the map for a while before he firmly said, “Let’s go to the Sen family!”

“The Sen family?” Ando Fu was slightly startled. The Sen family was a medium sized clan in the provincial city, and they possessed an extremely large territory. However, they were a little too remote.

Even though Ando Fu had no idea why Jian Chen planned on founding his clan in such a remote place, Ando Fu did not dare to say anything extra. He just followed behind Jian Chen.

All the guards and servants in the large manor of the Sen family moved about constantly. All of them busied themselves with packing up everything as they prepared for the move.

However, one of the grand halls in the Sen family was filled with people right now. The old man at the very front was a God and below him sat over ten Deities and a few direct descendants of the clan who had not reached Godhood but still possessed quite some status.

It was just that all of them were dispirited and dejected now.

The Sen family originally possessed four Gods, making them a second-rate clan even among the powerful clans in the provincial city. However, with the appearance of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, the Sen family had lost three Gods in a single stroke, making their clan fall from grace.

“Everyone, where do you think our new territory should be once we leave the city?” said the God that sat at the very front. He was the only ancestor of the Sen family now.

Everyone remained silent. The environment for cultivation outside was nowhere near as great as inside the city. They really did find it rather hard to adapt now that they had to leave the provincial city.

“I can give you a chance to remain within the Dong’an province,” at this moment, an energetic voice rang out from outside. With a flash of red, a red figure appeared within the discussion hall.

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