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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1789 - Entering Seclusion Collectively
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Chapter 1789: Entering Seclusion Collectively

Everyone marveled at the droplet of liquid lime floating before them. Although this was the first time they had seen liquid lime, they all understood the value of it extremely well. It had probably far exceeded Jian Chen’s description. However, just how long had it been since Jian Chen came to the Saints’ World? Not only had he founded a clan in the provincial city of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian during this time, but he had even obtained such precious liquid lime. As a result, everyone felt admiration from the bottom of their hearts for Jian Chen.

The Origin realm cultivators from the World of Forsaken Saints experienced the most mixed emotions among all of them. They had even been Jian Chen’s enemies in the lower world. Xiong Zhong, in particular, had even engaged in a battle of life or death with Jian Chen.

Yet now, they had come to the Saints’ World with the Spiritking and Jian Chen. During the time they spent in the Bright Moon Divine Hall, Jian Chen had treated them as equals with the people from the Tian Yuan Continent. Every time he came to deliver divine crystals, he would give the people from the World of Forsaken Saints a portion. Right now, Jian Chen had actually gifted them a drop of such valuable liquid lime as well so that they could reach Godhood easily. The Origin realm cultivators from the foreign world were all filled with gratitude.

Everyone ingested their drop of liquid lime with excited and mixed emotions before immediately entering seclusion.

Jian Chen did not leave the region that he had labelled as forbidden grounds. He sat down where he was when everyone entered seclusion to watch over them.

He also understood that as the territory of the provincial city was being divided up again, there would definitely be a few clans with a certain amount of power who would go all out for some empty plots of land. He could even sense the shockwaves from battles between Gods from time to time. As everyone broke through to Godhood, they could not be disturbed at all, so Jian Chen personally remained here to watch over them and prevent any accidents.

After all, among the people who broke through, there were many people that Jian Chen regarded highly. There were even some that he regarded to be more important than his own life, so he could not allow any accidents to happen to them at all.


A deafening boom rang out in the distance, and it basically shook up a portion of the city. Gods had begun fighting in the provincial city again. Layers of defensive formations appeared faintly in the air, nullifying as much as ninety percent of the shockwaves. However, the remaining energy still wreaked havoc in the surroundings as a great gale of wind.

This was not the only disturbance. There were disruptions from fighting in other parts of the city as well.

The flames of battle seemed to have contaminated the current city, making it very unpeaceful. Many powerful clans took part, and even the clans that were ranked towards the bottom worked together, and they also took part in the fight for territory.

Only the Wayner clan and the newly-founded Tian Yuan clan that many people did not know about stayed out of the fight.

The Wayner clan had completely lost the right to fight for territory. They had lost two mid Gods, so the clan only had two early Gods present. If it were not for the other God who had been out travelling, they would have probably lost the right to remain in the city long ago.

It was busy in the Tian Yuan clan. Everyone busied themselves with arranging the decor, fixing buildings, planning structures, casting down protective formations, and so on. These tasks could not be completed in a short amount of time.

The disruptions in the city lasted for three days before finally settling down. The empty land had been divided, and it was also at this time that the clans in the city finally looked towards the Tian Yuan clan. At the same time, they sent a large number of scouts to check on the reality of the matter. They even infiltrated the clan through the public recruitment the clan was holding.

“Ancestor, I’ve already investigated the current situation. The Tian Yuan clan is formed from the Mo clan and the Ando clan, but they don’t seem to be the actual people in charge,” a middle-aged man stood in a discussion hall within the Huo family as he reported all the information he had obtained.

Up ahead sat a God of the Huo family, while all the Deity elders stood to the two sides below.

“Have you found out the origins of the founder of the Tian Yuan clan?” the ancestor asked.

“Ancestor, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is extremely mysterious. I haven’t obtained any information on him, and I haven’t even seen him before. However, there’s a forbidden zone in the Tian Yuan clan. Their elders are personally stationed there, and we can’t enter that place.

The ancestor of the Huo family pondered and said, “Looks like the mysterious patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is in the forbidden grounds.”

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter where he is. Are we, the great Huo family, supposed to be afraid of a clan that has only just been founded? And the territory of the Sen family should have belonged to us already, but we never expected the Tian Yuan clan to take it instead. We have to redeem our dignity,” at this moment, Huo Luzhi walked in from outside with a sunken face.

“Luzhi, what do you plan on doing?” The seated ancestor said. Huo Luzhi was also an ancestor of the Huo family, so they possessed relatively similar statuses.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan must be that kid. Hmph, I’d like to see just how long his Tian Yuan clan can last in the provincial city after acting so arrogantly before me. Huo Ge, don’t interfere with this matter. Leave it to me,” Huo Luzhi said to the seated old man.

Although all the powerful clans had learnt of Jian Chen’s identity when he took over the divine crystal mine, not all the Gods had gathered there. Basically, only the strongest Gods of each family had gathered in the discussion hall back then. As a result, although Huo Luzhi had heard that an Overgod had taken over the divine crystal mine, he had no idea who this Overgod was, nor had he seen an image of him.

“Luzhi, since the Tian Yuan clan is bold enough to fight against us for territory, they must have some confidence. You must not act recklessly. Let’s look into the matter some more…” Huo Ge said.

Inside the Tian Yuan clan, Mo Ling and Ando Fu were currently engaged in an intense conversation over how the formations in the clan were supposed to be arranged.

“Mo Ling, that doesn’t seem to be a great idea. The provincial city itself already possesses a large scale energy-gathering formation. As a result, the origin energy in the city is several times denser than outside. If we also cast down an energy-gathering formation near our Tian Yuan clan, wouldn’t we be stealing quite a large portion of the origin energy in the city?” Ando Fu frowned. He felt that it was not a good idea.

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