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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1791 - A Single Strand Of Sword Qi
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Chapter 1791: A Single Strand of Sword Qi

In the Huo family, Huo Luzhi hovered in the air dazedly for a while before gradually sneering. He immediately flew towards the Tian Yuan clan along with another ancestor of the Huo family.

The Nanyun clan and the Dong family also had Gods that hurried towards the Tian Yuan clan aggressively.

People from the three strongest clans of the provincial city had begun to move.

The Tian Yuan clan was just a tiny, newly-founded clan, yet they dared to set up a large-scale energy-gathering formation in such a public manner, robbing the entire city of forty percent of its origin energy. Their action had already gotten in the interests of the other powerful clans in the city severely. None of them would allow something like that to happen.

“Xiao Gang, do not interfere with what’s happening with the Tian Yuan clan. Come back.” However, just when the God from the Nanyun clan had flown out, an ancient voice rang out from the great stone tower.

Nanyun Gang was startled, and he became slightly perplexed. He glanced in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan before following the instructions of the voice, flying back to the stone tower.

This was because the voice came from one of the three greatest experts in the provincial city; he was also the strongest in the Nanyun clan, Nanyun Tong.

“Xiao Gang, you don’t have to ask too much about this. All you need to do is pay attention, and you will understand very soon.”

Before Nanyun Gang could say anything after he returned to the stone tower, Nanyun Tong had already spoken out. His gaze remained fixed in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan during the whole time.

Over a dozen Gods had already surrounded the Tian Yuan clan now. They were the ancestors of various clans, and they all hovered high in the air, looking down on the Tian Yuan clan.

However, all the elders and even Mo Ling and Ando Fu remained their usual selves when they faced the encirclement of so many Gods. They remained composed. The other members of the clan, as well as the recruited servants and guards, became extremely pale on the other hand as if it was the end of the world for them.

“We’re done for. We’re done for. How can the ancestors of the Tian Yuan clan be so dumb? This is the provincial city, not some rural wilderness. Why did they cast down such a large energy-gathering formation? Now they’ve done it. They’ve offended all the powerful clans in the entire provincial city in a single stroke…”

“Sigh. I’ve only just joined the Tian Yuan clan as a guard. I had thought that I would be able to get a good cultivation environment so that I could further develop my strength, but I never thought that the ancestor of the Tian Yuan clan would have no understanding of the rules of the city as well. That’s it. The Tian Yuan clan has become the public enemy of the entire city. It’ll probably be impossible for them to remain in the city in the future…”

“I better leave the Tian Yuan clan quick before they start fighting…”

Many guards and servants chose to leave the Tian Yuan clan without any hesitation. First, the Huo family and the Dong family had taken over all of the clan’s businesses and territory, making it very difficult for them to develop in the future. Yet now, they had even offended all the clans in the city. They could all see the end of the Tian Yuan clan.

Immediately, quite a few people fled through the main entrance of the clan as quickly as they could. Less than a third of them remained.

Of course, these people had all been recruited from the city lately. None of the clansmen from the Mo clan and the Ando clan had left.

The people of the two clans did not stop these people from leaving because the people that they had recruited basically belonged to an agreement where they would only work when they were willing. They would serve the clan, and the clan would provide them with an environment for cultivation, cultivation methods, divine crystals, and so on as remuneration.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu hovered high in the sky as well. They faced the Gods, and they remained calm. They clasped their hands towards the people calmly, and Mo Ling said, “Although our Tian Yuan clan has already been founded for several days, the internal arrangements have not been settled yet, so it’s still overly early for everyone to come and congratulate the founding of our clan. Once we complete all our arrangements, the patriarch will personally send invitations to everyone and formally announce the founding of the clan.”

The faces of all the Gods gathered here darkened slightly. The Tian Yuan clan had basically stolen forty percent of the origin energy in the city. They had come to settle that problem, not to congratulate the clan for anything.

“Mo Ling, take apart your energy-gathering formation immediately and compensate us with one million mid grade divine crystals, or your clan won’t be able to remain in the city for three days,” said a God from the Dong family. His face was sunken.

“Three days? Isn’t that a little too much time? The Tian Yuan clan has taken away so much origin energy, which will affect everyone in our Huo family. If you don’t compensate our Huo family with ten thousand high grade divine crystals, your clan won’t be able to remain within the city for two days. Our Huo family will not allow your existence,” sneered Huo Luzhi.

“Ten thousand high grade divine crystals? The Huo family sure has a large appetite. The one million mid grade divine crystals that the Dong family asked for was compensation for the entire city. The divine crystals will go to all the clans, yet the Huo family wants ten thousand high grade divine crystals just for themselves,” a few Gods from other clans thought to themselves. They could all tell that Huo Luzhi truly wanted to drive the Tian Yuan clan out of the city.

Again, Mo Ling and Ando Fu remained at ease when they were faced with the unreasonable requests of the two clans. Ando Fu stroked his long beard and said, “We’re not the patriarch, so we can’t make any decision about taking apart the energy-gathering formation or paying compensation.”

The face of the God from the Dong family turned cold. He said frigidly, “Since you can’t make the decision, I’ll make it for you.” As he said that, the God had already raised his hand. He directly pressed down on the buildings in the clan up ahead.

As his hand fell, the origin energy in the surroundings surged violently, instantly condensing into a huge hand that was several hundred meters across. It slammed down towards the ground with shocking might.

The ancestor of the Dong family had already reached mid God, so he did not fear Mo Ling and Ando Fu at all. He directly tried to destroy the Tian Yuan clan before them.

The faces of Mo Ling and Ando Fu changed slightly. They immediately tried to stop the Dong family ancestor’s actions, but at this moment, a streak of light shot out from the forbidden grounds enveloped by formations in the Tian Yuan clan with lightning speed. It directly collided with the palm of energy from the ancestor of the Dong family.

The attack was nullified easily, while the strand of sword Qi continued towards the God of the Dong family in the air. Before he could even react, the sword Qi had punched through his chest.

The expression of God of the Dong family changed. Blood spurted from his mouth, and shock covered his face. He stared at the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan.

The expressions of the other Gods gathered there changed at that moment as well. They also gazed towards the origins of the sword Qi in shock.

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