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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1803 - The Five Regions Of The Cloud Plane
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Chapter 1803: The Five Regions of the Cloud Plane

At this moment, Wayner Yan sat in a room within the Wayner clan as he recovered from his wounds.

Even though he had already ingested healing pills, his injuries recovered at an extremely gradual rate.

This was because the power of Laws of the Sword had contaminated all his wounds. If he did not cleanse the wounds of the power first, he would not be able to heal.

His Laws of Strength had granted him an extremely tough body, and it reached an unbelievable level with the amplification of battle skills. It was even enough to rival Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body.

However, his recovery rate was nowhere near as great as the Chaotic Body’s.

“I heard that you were only a God when Godking Duanmu’s dwelling was opened, patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. It has only been a few short years, yet you’ve become an Overgod, and your comprehension of the Laws of the Sword have even exceeded my comprehension of the Laws of Strength, reaching the level of mid Overgods. Looks like you obtained quite the fortune in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, or you were hiding your strength on purpose before. Perhaps you broke through to Overgod a very long time ago,” thought Wayner Yan. He did not feel any envy towards the ‘fortune’ Jian Chen had obtained.

“But even if you’ve obtained some fortune or legacy that allowed your comprehension to skyrocket, it’s from a dead Godking in the end. I, Wayner Yan, have my own fortune, and that was to become a part of the Earth Spirit sect.”

Wayner Yan closed his eyes slowly. He lowered his head to glance at his vicious injuries as his lips curled into a faint smile. Great confidence and pride flooded his face as he murmured, “Not only have I joined the Earth Spirit sect, becoming a protector, but my master is a Godking as well. Even though my master is not as famous as Godking Duanmu, nor is he as powerful as Godking Duanmu, who even made it onto the Godking’s throne, he is still alive.”

“A living Godking is still more useful than a dead one no matter what. With my master’s guidance and nurturing, my strength will grow rapidly. It won’t be an exaggeration at all to describe it as skyrocketing.”

“And apart from my master, even the great ancestor will give me some guidance from time to time. Jian Chen, how can your mere fortune from Godking Duanmu’s dwelling match up to mine?”

“And even without the guidance of other experts, I only used thirty-five thousand years to become a mid God. My cultivation speed will only become faster with master’s personal guidance and the resources of the Earth Spirit sect. Moreover, my Laws of Strength have already arrived at the edge of mid Overgod. In less than five hundred years, I’ll be able to become a mid Overgod.”

“In just forty-five thousand years, I’ll have become a mid Overgod. Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, I wonder how much time you’ve used. You can dominate me right now, but who knows if you still can in the future,” Wayner Yan revealed a cold smile. He was filled with eagerness for one of those days in the coming five centuries.

This was because he was confident that as long as he could reach the level of mid Overgod with his comprehension of laws, he would be the victor.

A few days later, the discussion hall in the Tian Yuan clan had been rebuilt. Currently, Jian Chen was listening to Mo Ling and Ando Fu’s reports in there.

“Patriarch, the Huo family and the Dong family have offered up two-thirds of their territory. Apart from them, the other clans in the city have offered up parts of their territory as well. Our Tian Yuan clan now possesses half of the territory in the city. Moreover, all the entry fees paid by outsiders will belong to our Tian Yuan clan in the future.”

“The fees and revenue from the various businesses in the city will amount to several hundred thousand low grade divine crystals daily.”

“Has the Wayner clan made any moves recently?” Jian Chen asked.

“The Wayner clan has not; it is just like before,” said Ando Fu.

After a moment of thought, Jian Chen said from the patriarch’s throne, “After deducting the expenses of the clan from the income of divine crystals, split half of it among everyone as remuneration. Give the other half to the madam.”

“Yes, patriarch,” Mo Ling and Ando Fu replied simultaneously.

Then Jian Chen looked down. In the hall, there were four other Gods aside from Mo Ling and Ando Fu.

The four of them came from the Nanyun clan.

“Nanyun Tong, how much do you know about the Earth Spirit sect and the Heavenly Moon Empire?” Jian Chen asked. Now that the Nanyun clan had joined the Tian Yuan clan, they were technically people of the Tian Yuan clan.

Nanyun Tong tidied himself a little and stood up politely. He said with a bow, “Patriarch, the Heavenly Moon Empire is one of the six ancient empires of the southern region of the Cloud Plain. Every single one of the six ancient empires possesses unfathomable strength. It’s far beyond what we can imagine. Although I do not know the precise strength of the empires, I do know that our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian is only an ant compared to them. They only need to flick a finger to wipe out our divine kingdom.”

“The Heavenly Moon Empire is one of the six. They’re the closest empire to our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. The empire has a total of three powerful organisations. One of them is the imperial family, which controls the entire empire.”

“The other two are two large sects in the Heavenly Moon Empire. They’re also extremely powerful, possessing extremely great status in the empire. It’s said that even the imperial family must show some respect towards the two sects. The Earth Spirit sect is one of them.”

“Does the Heavenly Moon Empire possess Primordial realm experts? What about the Earth Spirit sect? And you mentioned earlier that the Heavenly Moon Empire was one of the six empires in the southern region of the Cloud Plane. Aside from the southern region, how many more regions are there in the Cloud Plane?” Jian Chen asked. Although he had spent a few years on the Cloud Plane already, his understanding of its geography was just too lacklustre.

Nanyun Tong could not help but be slightly taken aback when he heard Jian Chen’s question. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was powerful, but his knowledge was simply too limited.

However, Nanyun Tong still explained politely, “Patriarch, I do not know whether the Heavenly Moon Empire or the Earth Spirit sect possess Primordial realm experts. As for the Cloud Plane… The Cloud Plane is split into five major regions. They are the eastern region Zihao, the southern region Blood Sun, the western region Jinjian, the northern region Xi, and the central region Everlasting Tian.”

“The five regions have been named like this because each region possesses an immovable eternal empire. They are the eternal Zihao Empire of the eastern region, the eternal Blood Sun Empire of the southern region, the eternal Jinjian Empire of the western region, and the eternal Xi Empire of the northern region.”

“As for the central region, it is ruled by the everlasting Tian Empire.”

Although there are some ancient empires like the Heavenly Moon Empire in the four regions of north, south, east, and west, the four eternal empires are supreme existences. They are the true rulers of the region. Only a few divine kingdoms exist in the central region. There is no other empire apart from the everlasting Tian Empire.”

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