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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1807 - Secluded Cultivation
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Chapter 1807: Secluded Cultivation

Putting aside the Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills and the Soul Recovery Pills, there were four pills that Jian Chen had never seen before. He did not know about their exact usage.

Apart from them, there were over twenty empty bottles. From the marks on the bottles, Jian Chen could easily tell that they had been opened recently and fairy Hao Yue had ingested all the pills inside.

There were quite a few heavenly resources left in the ring as well. The most eye-catching one was a ginseng that was completely golden and three meters in length.

“What a large ginseng. It basically looks like a small tree. Moreover, the ginseng is completely golden as if it has been plated with gold. I can tell with a single glance that it’s extremely precious,” Jian Chen could not help but sigh in amazement. He had seen quite a few ginseng on the Tian Yuan Continent, but he had never seen one so big.

Apart from the golden ginseng, there were even more heavenly resources and medicinal herbs. They were all the type that Jian Chen could not name. However, without a doubt, they were nothing ordinary.

“Violet Scalestone. Master, there’s Violet Scalestone…” At this moment, Jian Chen heard the voices of the sword spirits.

“What’s Violet Scalestone?” Jian Chen was slightly surprised and immediately looked around.

“Master, Violet Scalestone is a material for forging weapons. It has already reached the ninth grade of the Immortal Tier, making it one of the crucial materials for forging the twin swords. Master, the Violet Scalestone is thirty kilometers ahead of you…” Zi Ying told Jian Chen.

Jian Chen immediately expanded his senses and indeed, he found a huge piece of rock that was three meters wide at the place that Zi Ying had mentioned.

The rock was completely violet and possessed a strange patterning, making it seem like scales.

“This must be the Violet Scalestone,” Jian Chen studied the piece of rock. He knocked it with his hand gently out of curiosity. He could tell just how tough the rock was from touching it. Even if he used his full strength, he would probably struggle to leave behind a mark.

“It really is a ninth grade Immortal Tier material,” Jian Chen marveled.

“Master, there’s a piece of Profound Lightning Rock twenty kilometers to the west. It’s also a ninth grade Immortal Tier material. Fantastic. I never thought that we’d find two materials at once,” Qing Suo said excitedly.

Jian Chen immediately found the Profound Lightning Rock. Just like the Violet Scalestone, it was a type of mineral. Lightning flickered on its surface, and it would produce sparks from time to time.

Moreover, the electricity from the rock was extremely dangerous. Even Saint Emperors would basically be doomed if they came in contact with it.

“I wonder who would touch the rock if I threw it onto the Tian Yuan Continent,” Jian Chen could not help but wonder.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, have a look again closely. See if there are any other materials for forging the swords nearby,” Jian Chen said to the sword spirits. There was a huge pile of materials that Jian Chen did not recognise in Godking Duanmu’s Space Ring. Only the sword spirits knew whether they could be used for refining swords.

“Alright. We’ll have a look closely,” replied Qing Suo before looking around seriously again.

However, they failed to find a third material that could be used to forge the twin swords.

There were quite a few materials for forging swords. As a matter of fact, there were many of them. However, the grade of the materials was just too low, so they could only give up on them.

“It’s still quite the surprise to be able to find two. We can slowly collect the other materials later,” Jian Chen said in satisfaction before putting the Space Ring away.

Afterwards, Jian Chen called for Mo Ling and gave him a portion of the cultivation methods and battle skills. He used them as the cultivation methods that the Tian Yuan clan could provide. Once a member of the clan had made great contributions to the clan, they could use their merit to exchange for the cultivation methods.

Jian Chen left the better, remaining cultivation methods and battle skills on a stone table in the forbidden grounds so that the people from the Tian Yuan Continent could choose whatever they wanted once they emerged from seclusion.

Afterwards, Jian Chen told Mo Ling and Ando Fu about how he wanted the clan to develop in the future before leaving all the matters of the clan to them. On the other hand, he entered seclusion.

Jian Chen sat in the room as the huge, golden ginseng he had found in Godking Duanmu’s Space Ring was placed beside him.

Not only had he found fifty Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills in Godking Duanmu’s Space Ring this time, but he had also found a large number of heavenly resources, including the golden ginseng. A supreme Godking had collected all these heavenly resources, so they were of extremely high grade. The heavenly resources he had collected from the Xuanhuang Microcosm could not match up to them.

As a result, he wanted to see if he could reach the eleventh layer of the Chaotic Body through these heavenly resources and the fifty Ten-thousand-year God Origin Pills.

“The medicinal effects of the golden ginseng will probably be very violent and powerful. But my Chaotic Body has already reached the tenth layer, so it’s naturally not a problem for me to withstand it,” Jian Chen murmured before directly ripping off a root from the ginseng and wolfing it down.

Immediately, droplets of golden fluid rolled down from the corner of his mouth with energy. As the energy radiated from the golden juice, the entire room became filled with energy. The only problem was that the energy was extremely powerful and violent.

Many heavenly resources possessed overbearing and tough effects, so very few people ever consumed them directly. They were basically all refined into pills, and their brutality was removed by combining them with other medicinal herbs so that their effects were gentler.

Probably only other cultivators who possessed a body as tough as Jian Chen’s would be able to wolf down heavenly resources as recklessly as him.

Jian Chen used his hand to wipe the corner of his mouth and swallowed all the juice. He did not let a single droplet go to waste.

As the root reached his stomach, they exploded within him like gunpowder. Wild and brutal energy wreaked havoc within him, rampaging through his flesh and organs.

Originally, Jian Chen believed he could easily endure the medicinal effects of the golden ginseng with the toughness of his tenth layer Chaotic Body. However, only now did he suddenly realise that he had underestimated the ginseng too much.

The effects were so violent that Jian Chen had never seen anything like it before.

Jian Chen’s body shook wildly as he furrowed his brows tightly. The pain was so intense that even his face had paled slightly.

“What wild energy,” Jian Chen thought. He gritted his teeth as he devoted himself to refining the energy.

It was an extremely arduous process for Jian Chen to refine the energy within the root. With his ability, he spent an entire month to completely refine all the energy.

Jian Chen did not stop. He pulled off a second root, and without even frowning, he directly threw it into his mouth.

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