Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1810 - Partial Achievement Of Sword Spirit (Two)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1810 - Partial Achievement Of Sword Spirit (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1810: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit (Two)

“It’s all thanks to the patriarch’s kindness. If it were not for the patriarch’s assistance, I would have never been able to become a God so soon,” Xi Yu clasped her fist towards Jian Chen as the light in her eyes flickered. Unknowingly, her opinion of Jian Chen had changed silently.

Jian Chen was quite indifferent to how Xi Yu behaved towards him. After nodding slightly, he looked towards Mo Ling and Ando Fu. He said to the two of them, “I’m going to be leaving for some time. During this period, you two will keep up the management of the clan. If there’s anything important, crush this jade talisman.” As he said that, he passed a talisman to Mo Ling.

The talisman contained a sliver of the power from his soul. Once the talisman was shattered, he would sense it.

“Yes, patriarch!” Mo Ling stowed the jade talisman away carefully.

Xi Yu trembled undetectably when she heard that Jian Chen would be leaving. At that moment, she felt dispirited for some reason.

Afterwards, Jian Chen told the people some more things before directly leaving the Tian Yuan clan.

Shangguan Mu’er and the others were all in secluded cultivation within the forbidden grounds. He did not take anyone with him. He was moving alone this time.

Only the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was an exception. It remained within the Bright Moon Divine Hall, lying gently on Kai Ya’s casket like a royal guard.

“Sigh. Kai Ya, I wonder when you’ll awaken. However, I have completely no clue just what has happened to her. I’ll have to ask the Overgods to have a look once I go to the royal capital in the future. Let’s see whether they know a method to cure Kai Ya,” Jian Chen thought. He had inspected Kai Ya’s conditions closely and many times in the past. She clearly was not injured. He had even used the sap from Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo on her.

The sap from the bamboo was something for healing injuries to the soul. Even if Kai Ya’s soul was severely damaged, a single drop would be more than enough for her to make a full recovery with her strength.

However, the sap had been like a drop in an ocean when he used it on her. It did not have any effects at all, making Jian Chen very confused.

“Even the sap from Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo was useless on Kai Ya. There are only two possibilities for this. One is that the sap of Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo is not enough for Kai Ya’s soul to be healed, while the second one is that Kai Ya’s soul is not injured at all,” Jian Chen murmured. He naturally believed it was the second reason.

As a result, he was helpless about Kai Ya’s current predicament.

Before long, Jian Chen arrived in front of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling again.

Even though it had already been several decades since the commotion the dwelling caused, the place was still extremely busy and continued to attract many cultivators from distant lands. As a result, many people entered and exited the place basically every day.

Although the Overgods had taken away all the treasures within the dwelling several decades ago, there were still objects that interested Deities and Gods within the place. In particular, Godhood experts who comprehended the Laws of the Sword treated the empty dwelling as a great treasure.

This was because there were also sword slashes left behind by Godking Duanmu!

It was exactly because of these slashes that the people in the surrounding divine kingdoms who comprehended the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space had all gathered here. There were also quite a few Origin realm cultivators among them.

As a matter of fact, there were even a few Saint Emperors who used the sword as their preferred weapon who had come to try their luck. They hoped to come across the fortune that would allow them to rise up.

As a result, the current dwelling seemed rather bustling.

Jian Chen erased his presence and entered the dwelling as well.

He heard various sounds as soon as he entered the dwelling. There were already quite a few people outside, but there were even more inside the dwelling. It was extremely busy like a noisy market.

Jian Chen made his way towards the depths of the dwelling with much familiarity, and he arrived in the dwelling of Godking Duanmu’s disciple very soon.

The place was filled with people as well. There were even more people in the Sword Comprehension Building. Basically, everyone stared at the sword slash that Godking Duanmu had left within the building personally. They tried their hardest to comprehend it and benefit.

Jian Chen shook his head gently when he saw the slash within the building. He could tell with a single glance that the slash had lost its mysteriousness and charm.

This was because the slashes Godking Duanmu left behind could only be comprehended a certain number of times. Once the number exceeded the limit, the slash would lose all its charm and become ordinary. It would be very difficult to benefit from it no matter how it was studied.

Jian Chen did not stay there for very long. He continued onwards to the very depths. Very soon, he arrived before the three stone huts.

Aside from the first hut that had already collapsed, the two other huts remained standing. People would enter and exit from time to time.

However, there were quite a few people who had come into the dwelling for the first time outside of the two huts. They were hesitating over which hut to enter.

“Quick, go to the third hut. There’s someone who has become a God successfully in the third hut again…”

At this moment, a voice rang out nearby. When they heard the voice, the cultivators that had gathered there immediately fell into a commotion.

“What! Someone has broken through again in the third hut…”

“I really do envy them. The third hut has given birth to over a dozen Gods…”

“Quick, enter the third hut. The third hut is where Godking Duanmu passed away. The comprehension of laws from his past life remains there. The comprehensions have become very thin now, reaching a level that we can comprehend. Cultivating in there will increase your chances of becoming a God drastically…”

“What’re you hesitating for? Let’s go to the third hut. We might be able to break through there as well and become Gods…”

Immediately, the hesitating cultivators all rushed towards the third hut.

Jian Chen took a step forwards and made his way towards the stone huts as well. However, he did not go to the third hut but the second.

After making it through the entrance, the world around Jian Chen opened up. He had entered another world.

The place seemed like an extremely large world. It was filled with endless mountain ranges, and each of them stood up like swords, directly reaching towards the sky. Many mountains possessed huge slashes caused by swords.

This was where Godking Duanmu had once practised the sword, so an invisible sword Qi permeated the entire space. Even though countless years had already passed, the sharpness remained.

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