Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1812 - Partial Achievement Of Sword Spirit (Four)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1812 - Partial Achievement Of Sword Spirit (Four)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1812: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit (Four)

The young man was only at Reciprocity, so he was unable to resist before the female Deity at all. The woman captured him effortlessly.

“Senior, w- what are you doing?” The young man began to panic.

The provocative woman pushed her face up close to the young man’s face. She extended her tongue and licked his face gently. She gave off a fragrance that could incite the bestial instincts of desire, and she said softly, “Little brother, don’t panic or be scared. I won’t hurt you because you’ve already caught my eye. Let me properly show some love to you. I’ll take you to a land of bliss.” As she said that, the woman waved her hand and a divine hall immediately flew out. It rapidly expanded in the air and landed heavily on the ground.

The woman grabbed the young man and directly entered the divine hall, ignoring his resistance.

The people gathered in the space to comprehend the Laws of the Sword looked at the provocative woman at that moment as well. However, their expressions became rather strange very soon.

This was because the woman’s divine hall was transparent.

By transparent, it meant that everything that happened within the divine hall could be seen clearly from the outside.

The perversion in the woman’s eyes became even more intense within the divine hall. Under everyone’s gazes, she stripped the young man naked first before ripping off everything on her body. She directly pressed the young man to the floor and sat down on him just like that, going at it publically.

“Senior, please don’t, senior. Spare me…” The young man was not delighted at all. Instead, he began to beg miserably. However, his body was trapped and immobilised, so he could only watch the woman sit on him. He was unable to do anything.

However, his complexion gradually paled while his skin gradually lost its lustre. It yellowed as if his vitality was being drained away.

On the other hand, the woman was ruddy. She was in high spirits as if she had just eaten something nourishing.

“Ptuh. So shameless…”

“What a shameless person…”

There were also quite a few women in the space. Their faces all reddened slightly when they saw this repulsive sight, and they cursed.

“Hmph, you’re looking to die!” The two middle-aged men who had come in with the provocative woman immediately became angered when they heard these statements. One of them called out coldly, and a huge axe appeared in his hand. He swung it towards a few women.

The huge axe cleaved through the air and sent a demonic aura towards the women.

The women had not even reached the level of Gods, so they completely lack the strength to fend off an attack from a God. They all paled in fright.

“Great-grandfather!” At this moment, one of the women called out.

Nearby, the eyes of an old man who sat on a mountain peak snapped open. The moment he stood up, a sharp sword Qi immediately began to radiate from him. He wielded a sword and directly sent a sword Qi towards the axe.


The demonic aura produced by the middle-aged man immediately dispersed while the sword Qi dulled slightly as well. However, it did not disperse and instead continued towards the middle-aged man with lightning speed.

“A God who has comprehend the Laws of the Sword!” The expression of the middle-aged man with the axe changed. He immediately swung out a second time and dispersed the sword Qi. However, he could not help but take a small step back. At the same time, fear flooded his gaze towards the old man.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. He could not help but properly study the old man in interest.

“My great-granddaughter is not someone you can hurt! Moreover, you’re literally offending the public by letting something so repulsive happen before everyone. I’ll teach you all a proper lesson today.” The old man wielded his sword as he radiated with powerful sword Qi. He strode through the air and rapidly moved towards the two middle-aged men. He gave off quite the presence.

“Hmph, we’re from the Mo family. Sir, do you plan on going up against our Mo family?” The middle-aged man with the axe growled sternly. The old man had comprehended the Laws of the Sword, so he was extremely powerful. He and his companion probably would not be this old man’s opponent even when working together.

The old man halted when he heard that they were from the Mo family. His face changed slightly, and he growled, “The Mo family? The Mo family from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang?”

The middle-aged men’s faces could not help but brighten when they saw the old man respond like that. They could tell that he feared the Mo family.

“That’s right. We’re elders of the Mo family from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang,” the middle-aged man with the axe said arrogantly. At the same time, he took out a token that displayed his identity.

Fear immediately appeared in the old man’s eyes when he saw the token that represented an elder of the Mo family. He snorted coldly and arrived before one of the young women and stood in front of her to protect her. Clearly, he was afraid of provoking the Mo family.

“Great-grandfather, that woman is so shameless…” The woman behind the old man said with resentment.

“Enough. Don’t mention this again. The Mo family is a clan with an Overgod. They’re not a clan that we can offend,” the old man said to the woman secretly. His voice was filled with hopelessness.

The people who originally planned on complaining as well all settled down after the middle-aged man revealed their identities. Fear appeared in their eyes as well.

They clearly did not dare to provoke the Mo family from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang.

Jian Chen sighed gently at this sight. He stood up slowly and casually extended a finger towards the transparent divine hall.

A tiny sword Qi immediately shot out with that gesture, shattering the divine hall to pieces. The powerful shockwaves created forcefully separated the woman and young man as well.

The woman could not help but become furious when someone got in the way of something she was enjoying very much. She immediately called out, “Who? Who is it? Are you sick of living?”

“Woman, please have some dignity in the public. Don’t do these offending things,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly as he stood on a mountain peak. There was repulsion in his eyes as well.

“How dare you…” The woman did not put on any clothes and just stood up like that. Just as she pointed at Jian Chen and was about to bellow out, she could not help but become stunned. She dazedly stared at Jian Chen who stood on the mountain peak with his arms crossed, and she became infatuated.

“What a handsome man. In particular, his otherworldly presence makes him seem so noble. I’ve played around with so many men before, but I’ve never seen a man with a presence like that.” In the blink of an eye, all of the woman’s anger vanished. She flew to Jian Chen’s side eagerly as she stared at Jian Chen with deep desire. She said, “Big brother, what’s your name?”

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