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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1817 - The Swordseeking Province
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Chapter 1817: The Swordseeking Province

The ancestor of the Mo family did not have much of the miraculous liquid. When he discovered it in outer space, he had only found six droplets in total. He used a droplet to study its effects, wasting it on a damaged supreme quality saint artifact. As a result, he only had five droplets left.

Even though the ancestor of the Mo family had no idea what the liquid was, nor did he find any rumors about such a liquid, he understood exactly just how valuable it was if a single droplet could repair a damaged supreme quality saint artifact.

Originally, the ancestor of the Mo family did not want to use the liquid to repair the god artifact today. He knew that if the god artifact remained as damaged as it was right now, he would be able to keep it. However, he would struggle to keep it once it was repaired.

As a matter of fact, countless experts would be drawn over if he leaked the news that he possessed an undamaged god artifact.

These experts would not be Godkings, but ones that had surpassed Godking and reached the Primordial realm.

But now that Jian Chen had broken through, he no longer had a choice. All he could do was repair the armor.

Only with the armor would he feel confident about killing the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan.

As all the remaining liquid was poured onto the armor, an even denser layer of light immediately rose up. The damaged portion was being repaired at an even quicker pace than before.

The ancestor of the Mo family’s eyes were filled with nervousness, eagerness, and joy as he stared at the piece of armor. Even though he had no idea whether he would be able to keep it forever, it was still something joyful if he could personally witness a god artifact being restored to its original form.

The dense light over the armor lasted for several hours before gradually vanishing. Once the light had completely disappeared, the armor’s original appearance was finally revealed.

The ancestor of the Mo family could not help but become excited when he saw that the armor had been repaired. He murmured, “It has actually been completely repaired. Completely repaired I say. That’s fantastic. The liquid is miraculous. It can even repair god artifacts.”

“I don’t have the ability to refine the god artifact right now. I can’t even use the power of the god artifact, but as long as I wear it, I should be able to endure attacks from Overgods from the armor’s defence alone. Even late Overgods won’t be my opponent.”

When he thought up to there, the ancestor of the Mo family was filled with excitement. However, he also understood that he had to keep his possession of the god artifact a complete secret. He could not bring it out unless he was facing danger.

“Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, so what if you have those two strands of terrifying sword Qi? I have no need to fear you at all now,” the ancestor’s confidence swelled. At that moment, he was even tempted to directly advance to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian to kill Jian Chen personally.

After all, he had taken the god artifact from Jian Chen. He feared that Jian Chen would leak news about it.

“Jian Chen’s strength should be similar to mine, and he comprehends the Laws of the Sword. I can’t be defeated with the god artifact, but killing him won’t be easy. If he wants to escape, I probably won’t be able to stop him.”

“I can’t go to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian right now. Whatever. Jian Chen probably won’t leak the news of the god artifact either since he doesn’t know that I’ve repaired it. I’ll just cast down the most powerful formation I can get my hands on here and wait for Jian Chen to come patiently.”

The Swordseeking province was one of the thirty-six provinces of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, and it was also known to be the most powerful province. This was because the person who held absolute power in the province, Ling Hougong, was not only an Overgod who had comprehended the Laws of the Sword, but also a founder of the divine kingdom.

At the same time, the Swordseeking province possessed the only tax-free provincial city in the kingdom. All the income went to the Ling family that Ling Hougong came from.

Just this was a great glory for the Ling family.

There was an extremely large and grand manor in the centre of the provincial city. The manor was where the greatest clan of the province, the Ling family, stood.

A white-robed young man walked towards the entrance of the Ling family slowly.

“Stop! This is the estate of the Ling family. Do not loiter around!”

Before the young man could even approach the entrance of the Ling family, the guards stopped him at the entrance.

The young man did not stop. Under the glares of the guards, he made his way to the entrance at ease. He said to the guards in an approachable manner, “Please pass on the message that Jian Chen of the Tian Yuan clan has come to visit.”

“The patriarch has ordered that all uninvited guests must be turned down…” The guard glared at Jian Chen as he said without minding too much.

However, before the guard had finished speaking, he came to a sudden halt. A great change occurred in his eyes at that moment as he stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. He said in surprise, “Wait… what did you just say? The Tian Yuan clan? Which Tian Yuan clan? Is it the Tian Yuan clan from the Dong’an province…”

Jian Chen smiled, “Correct. The Tian Yuan clan from the Dong’an province.”

The expressions of the guards immediately changed when they heard that he was from the Tian Yuan clan of the Dong’an province. They stopped glaring at Jian Chen, and their eyes became filled with reverence.

“Esteemed guest, please wait. I will contact the patriarch immediately…” A guard ran off in a hurry.

The patriarch of the Ling family, Ling Mojian, was currently holding a clan meeting in the discussion hall of the clan. He sat on the patriarch’s throne. He was stern and gave off a dignified bearing.

Below him were the several dozen members of the upper echelon of the clan.

At this moment, a guard rushed into the hall regardless of the rules. He said politely, “Patriarch, there’s someone outside who claims to be Jian Chen from the Tian Yuan clan. He says he has come to visit our Ling family!”

“What? The Tian Yuan clan? Is it the Tian Yuan clan from the Dong’an province?”

The patriarch of the Ling family was just about to scold and punish the guard for not following rules. However, when he suddenly heard the reported news, his face immediately changed, and he became extremely stern.

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