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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1822 - The Royal Capital Of Pingtian
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Chapter 1822: The Royal Capital of Pingtian

“Yes sir!” A general below stood up and dropped one knee to the ground, accepting the orders with courtesy.

Liu Shan left the divine hall. Without any hesitation, he summoned his vice generals.

“General Liu, what’s happening? Are we attacking the royal capital seeing how urgently you’ve summoned us?” Very soon, two burly men in tight, black robes strode over from afar as a demonic presence churned around them.

Although they seemed like they were just strolling about leisurely, they could easily cross hundreds or even thousands of meters with each step. It was like the distance was nothing more than a few inches.

They were still several kilometers away when they began talking, and it had taken them less than five seconds to finish their words. However, in just that short period of time, they had crossed the distance and appeared before general Liu Shan.

“You must have heard about the matter regarding Godking Duanmu’s successor. Just then, protector Zeng personally came to ask about it in the form of a soul projection. As a result, the commander has ordered us to go to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian to capture Ling Hougong. You two come with me,” Liu Shan said to the two. Not only were these two his deputies, but they were also his brothers that had gone through thick and thin with him.

“Protector Zeng personally asked for this? Why do I remember that our commander has always been on bad terms with protector Zeng? Why would he listen to him?” One of the deputies asked in confusion after hearing Liu Shan’s words.

Liu Shan became stern and growled, “Vice-leader Huai is about to emerge from seclusion!”

The expressions of the two deputies changed when they heard that. They could not help but become polite and show respect.

“We should not tarry then. General Liu, let’s set off as soon as possible. Though this Ling Hougong sure has some prestige. He could raise the attention of protector Zeng and even get our commander to order us personally to capture him.”

“Hehe. Now that we three Overgods are moving out personally, Ling Hougong shouldn’t be able to complain about dying in vain…”

The two deputies sneered as a vicious light shone in their eyes.

On the roads that extended in all directions outside the majestic royal capital of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, many cultivators gathered daily. Merchants flowed in and out of the huge city gates.

From time to time, there would even be luxurious carriages pulled by rare, invaluable beasts that slowly made their way towards the royal capital.

Without a doubt, the people within those carriages were people with quite some power.

However, regardless of the greatness of their backgrounds, flying was forbidden when entering the royal capital. Even the organisations with Overgods were affected.

This was all due to their respect towards the royal capital. Only Godkings could ignore the rules and directly fly into the city.

“Hold onto it. That is your pass into the city. Remember, you have to pay ten low grade divine crystals for every day you spend within the royal capital. Otherwise, the guards of the city will take you away,” a guard explained to Jian Chen outside the city gates as he handed a medallion to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen entered the city after taking the medallion.

“What dense origin energy. Compared to the provincial city of the Dong’an province, it’s several times more. Not only is there quite a large vein of divine crystals below the royal capital, but there are also formations in the city that draw over all the origin energy in the surrounding radius of ten thousand kilometers. What extravagance.” Jian Chen strolled through the streets of the royal capital as he observed the surroundings in interest and studied the layout of the city.

Now that his comprehension of the Laws of the Sword had reached the level of late Overgod, his perception was far greater than before. He could see through many hidden things with just a single glance.

“The entire city is enveloped by an extremely vast formation. Every single street and store is connected to the formation, causing the entire city to become as tough as steel. Even battles between Overgods would not be able to create any damage to the structures in the city.”

“The huge formation has already reached the level of Godkings. Only Godkings can smash through it…”

“And aside from the defensive formations, there’s also trapping and killing formations in there. With these formations, even Godkings would probably fail to leave unscathed if they came to make trouble…”

Jian Chen marveled from the bottom of his heart. The royal capital was so powerful that it made him sigh emotionally after seeing it. He thought about how he would be truly free of worries if the formations of the provincial city in the Dong’an province were so powerful.

At this moment, Jian Chen came to a halt. He casually glanced past a building that he was about to pass by, and he immediately caught sight of the three words, “True Sword Pavilion”. They were written in a fancy font. Vaguely, a sharp sword Qi seemed to surge out.

Clearly, the place was a shop that specialised in flying swords.

After pausing for a moment, Jian Chen entered without any hesitation at all.

The pavillion was filled with a great collection of various flying swords. Small groups of people gathered within the large store as they studied the swords like gentlemen. They would shake their heads in disappointment at times, and they would also nod and praise at other times. A few pretty women received them as customers politely with business-like smiles, presenting swords to them patiently.

Among them, there was a group that stood out the most. They had basically become the centre of attention in the shop, attracting the gazes of everyone present.

The group consisted of two women and one young man.

One of the women possessed devastating beauty. Not only was her beauty and bearing extraordinary, but she also possessed an otherworldly charm. Her expression was gentle, making her seem quiet. A single glance was enough to make people feel warm inside.

The other woman also possessed extraordinary beauty. Her face was filled with an uncontainable sense of arrogance. From her curled lips, she was clearly a rude and unreasonable woman.

The young man was dressed in luxurious robes and was extremely handsome. However, his face was filled with arrogance as if he looked down on everyone. Evidently, he was a wastrel from a powerful clan.

A few guards stood behind each of them. Even though they were only at the peak of Reciprocity, they were clearly not nobodies.

At this moment, the young man smiled as he spoke gently to the soft-spoken woman beside him. Uncontainable adoration filled his eyes.

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