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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1828 - A Slight Punishment
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Chapter 1828: A Slight Punishment

Not only could the formation for Jian Chen’s room defend attacks from even Gods, but it also functioned as a barrier that blocked sight and the senses of the soul. However, this only applied to those outside the formation. Inside, Jian Chen did not suffer these restrictions, so he could clearly observe what was going on outside through the formation.

“Looks like this little young master of the Yang family harbors resentment towards me from when I severed the arms of his guards. He actually directly brought four Gods from his clan. Even in clans with Overgods, Gods possess quite some status. They’re usually elders and stand above everyone else, receiving the respect of everybody.”

“Yang Tie only suffered a slight embarrassment in the True Sword Pavilion, and he immediately brought four Gods with him. Looks like they haven’t come with good intentions. They probably want to redeem themselves. Are the people of the Yang family really so stubborn over such a worthless matter, where they are willing to send over so many people for just a wastrel?” Jian Chen thought.

He had seen the ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai, in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling in the past. He was a very powerful Overgod, having reached late Overgod. He was one of the most powerful people among the several dozen Overgods who entered the dwelling previously.

Although he was not on any particularly good terms with Yang Kai, he was not on any particularly bad terms either. As a result, he was rather unwilling to fall out with him over these petty matters.

The Yang family was one of the greatest clans in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian after all. It was a clan that stood in the same divine kingdom as his Tian Yuan clan. For the Tian Yuan clan, he was naturally unwilling to offend other clans with Overgods for no reason, as it would lead to troubles for the clan.

After all, it was impossible for him to remain in the Tian Yuan clan forever. He would leave one day.

Of course, it was a whole new story if they came to provoke him time and time again.

Jian Chen was unwilling to create trouble for the Tian Yuan clan, but he was not someone who feared matters like that. He would face these problems head-on when they came.

With a wave of his hand, Jian Chen opened the defensive formation around the room. As soon as the formation was removed, the people from the Yang family learnt of it. They all beamed with joy, appearing to be extremely excited.

It was as if they could already see a high quality saint artifact before them!

Yang Tie and the God elders immediately entered the room, while the Deities stood guard outside. Among the four elders, one of them closed the door behind him as soon as he stepped in. However, he felt that this still was not enough, so he immediately cast down a formation around the room.

Only after that did the elders nod in satisfaction. They felt like the operation this time could not fail. The high quality saint artifact was basically theirs.

Jian Chen calmy remained on his bed for the entire time. He watched everything unfold nonchalantly. However, his cold gaze explained what he currently felt. He felt nowhere near as calm as he appeared on the surface.

They behaved so cautiously and came with ill intent. They definitely came for his sword.

Fortunately, it was Jian Chen who sat there today. He felt no fear towards the Yang family. If it were another person who was not an Overgod, the outcome would be as clear as glass.

“Brat, I never thought that we’d see each other so soon,” Yang Tie glared at the seated Jian Chen as he sneered.

Jian Chen directly ignored Yang Tie. He glanced past the Gods of the Yang family and asked calmly, “You must have come for the high quality saint artifact, right?”

Seeing how Jian Chen did not even look at him, Yang Tie immediately became furious as he always placed great focus on his status. Before the elders could say anything, he directly called out coldly, “Brat, this is what you get for offending me. That’s right, we’ve come this time for the Startling Rainbow sword, and it won’t be just the sword this time. We’ll be taking you with us as well.”

Jian Chen immediately frowned.

However, the elders silently studied Jian Chen, and they gradually became stern as well, as all of them had discovered that they could not see through his strength. In their eyes, Jian Chen seemed just like an ordinary person, without the presence of an expert at all.

There were normally two situations that would lead to this. The first one was that the person possessed a great secret technique that could conceal their presence. As a result, Gods or even Overgods could not see through the cultivation of a Deity.

The other situation was that the difference in cultivation was simply far too great. All they needed to do was conceal their presence, and other people would not be able to sense it.

The elders of the Yang family all studied Jian Chen for a while before reaching the same conclusion.

“This person definitely is not an Overgod. If he were an Overgod, he would possess the pride of one. He probably would have sent us out of the room already, but he has only remained there without doing anything at all. It is probably because he fears us. This person must be a God who concealed his presence using a secret technique. He might even be a Deity.”

“Has the Yang family reached such a level of boldness in the royal capital? Have they already achieved dominance in the royal capital?” Jian Chen murmured to himself.

However, Yang Tie’s face changed when he heard Jian Chen’s words. Yang Tie could not help but think about an awful memory of the past, and his face immediately sunk heavily. He lost his temper and roared out, “You’re looking to die!” Yang Tie directly swung his hand towards Jian Chen’s face.

He had completely no idea just whose face he was trying to slap right now.

Even the ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai, would never be bold enough to do something like this.

This was because his action would create an irreconcilable grievance out of nowhere; it was one that would last until death.

Jian Chen’s gaze turned cold. He caught Yang Tie’s hand easily and stared at him coldly. He said, “You sure are bold. Just this one action tempts me to claim your life. But I’ll spare you because of your great-grandfather. You may have avoided death, but you still need to be punished.” With a flash of light, Jian Chen severed Yang Tie’s entire arm. Blood immediately began to spurt out like a fountain.

Afterwards, Jian Chen pressed his hand against Yang Tie gently. With a miserable shriek, Yang Tie vomited blood and was sent flying out the window.

A gleam of light flickered through the eyes of the elder who cast down the barrier. Immediately, a crack appeared and Yang Tie just happened to fly out through the crack.

The elders did not stop this from happening. They had no good impression of Yang Tie, and his injuries would benefit them greatly instead. It would provide them with an even better excuses to move against Jian Chen.

Once they brought the high quality saint artifact back to the clan, even if the Overgod behind this person came, they could use Yang Tie as an excuse for everything they did and avoid trouble.

They also witnessed that Jian Chen was only a God at most through his moves this time as well, so they all became fearless.

Yang Tie’s miserable cries rang out from the street below while his blood had already formed a mess on the ground.

It was very rare for people to get injured in the royal capital. In a short moment, Yang Tie’s miserable cries had drawn over all the passers-by in the surroundings. Very soon, a large group of people gathered. They all pointed at Yang Tie, who was rolling in pain on the ground, and discussed softly.

“Hmm? Isn’t that the young master of the Yang family, Yang Tie? How has he ended up like that…”

“Who? Who is it that is bold enough to cut off the young master of the Yang family’s arm…”

“It doesn’t matter who the person in the Perched Phoenix Inn is, they’re in deep trouble…”

“He deserves it. Who knows just how many innocent girls lost their lives due to the young master of the Yang family. Now that he has ended up like this, he really does deserve all of it…”

“The guards of the royal capital will arrive very soon…”

“Yang Tie really is annoying sometimes. There really isn’t a reason to blame you, except for the fact that he’s the young master of the Yang family, after all. For the sake of the Yang family’s dignity, we can’t just drop this matter here. If the matter causes a large ruckus and attracts the attention of the ancestor, it’ll be horrible. In the entire divine kingdom, there’s probably no one, apart from the commander of the Royal Divine Army, Xuan Dou, and the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan from the Dong’an province, who can endure his anger.” The barrier closed up again and isolated any sounds in the room. The God who had cast down the formation smiled as he continued to speak, acting like he was completely concerned for Jian Chen, “However, I think we can become friends fast. Seeing how you’ve fallen under so much trouble, I’m willing to assist you in getting through it all. I just hope that you can cooperate.”

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