Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1829 - Jian Chen’s Bottom Line
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1829 - Jian Chen’s Bottom Line
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1829: Jian Chen’s Bottom Line

Jian Chen sneered when he heard the elder’s words. He stared at the elder as if he was deep in thought and calmly said, “May I ask what this old mister is speaking of exactly by cooperating?”

The old man was extremely experienced in life. Naturally, he noticed the faint sarcasm in Jian Chen’s voice, but he did not mind at all. He smiled, “It’s nothing difficult for you. All you need to do is hand over the high quality saint artifact, the Startling Rainbow sword, you just purchased from the True Sword Pavilion. Only that will be enough for you to make up for your mistake of cutting off the young master’s arm.”

“Of course, I understand that you’ve paid quite a hefty price to buy the saint artifact. However, you have to understand just who you’ve offended this time. It’s the young master of the Yang family.”

“As a powerful clan within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Yang family naturally places much emphasis on their pride. As a matter of fact, they cannot allow any provocation to happen at all, and your actions today have gone far beyond mere provocation. If this matter isn’t handled correctly, you’ll become an enemy of the Yang family. Not only will you struggle to escape from the royal capital, but even the clan behind you will be dragged into the matter. Let alone the fact that no one dares to provoke the Yang family in the divine kingdom. We’re famed even across the neighboring divine kingdoms.”

The old man smiled. As soon as he mentioned the possibility of becoming an enemy of the Yang family, he felt like victory was already in reach. He believed Jian Chen was done for.

The Yang family really did possess such prestige and power.

And this was all because of their late Overgod ancestor, Yang Kai!

“I never thought that the glorious Yang family of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian would do something like this. But do you really think I would just hand over the sword I spent six million high grade divine crystals to purchase?” Jian Chen asked.

The old man smiled confidently, and his tone gradually became forceful as well, “Brother, you’ve offended the Yang family, so you must hand over the sword. Otherwise, the Yang family will not let you leave the city.”

“Elder Ma is right. Sir, it’s best if you hand over the Startling Rainbow sword. We’ll be able to guarantee you that the Yang family won’t look into the matter of the young master’s severed arm. Otherwise, we’ll just have to make it difficult for you and make you come with us to the Yang family,” a second elder spoke out. He was also an old man, and he looked at Jian Chen with hostility.

“High quality saint artifacts are precious, but if you can’t even keep your life intact, is there still any use for such a great weapon? Brother, you better think it through. After all, the Yang family is not to be trifled with. Even if you don’t care for you life, you have to think about your clan. If you happen to anger the Yang family, and they directly wipe out your clan, it’ll be horrible,” the scholarly, middle-aged man chimed in as well. He smiled and spoke calmly. However, there was a sense of coldness present in his voice.

Only the last elder from the Yang family remained silent. He was the one who had followed Yang Kai to the True Sword Pavilion and tried to persuade him otherwise. His old eyes always remained fixed on Jian Chen. He felt that the person before him was nowhere as simple as the other elders believed him to be.

“Wipe out my clan?” Jian Chen murmured, and his face gradually sank. Killing intent began to seep out from his eyes, and he did not make any effort to conceal it at all.

If the three elders had only threatened Jian Chen himself, he would have never reacted so violently. However, they never, ever should have threatened his clan.

Not only were members of his family in his clan, but there were also his friends that he had gone through life and death with. They were Jian Chen’s soft spot, as well as a bottom line that could not be crossed.

Sensing the icy-cold killing intent from Jian Chen, the four elders in the room looked at each other, and they all became extremely stern. The killing intent had actually made them shiver.

Through the killing intent, the four of them gained a rough understanding of Jian Chen’s strength. He was definitely more powerful than any single one of them.

At this moment, Jian Chen moved. The bed that he sat on shook gently, while he had already become a faint blur. He appeared before the scholarly, middle-aged man with unbelievable speed and directly grabbed his throat in a death grip.

Only after sensing his throat being gripped tightly did the man see Jian Chen appear before him. His eyes widened dramatically while disbelief flooded his eyes. His heart churned.

With his strength as a God, he was actually unable to put up a struggle against Jian Chen at all. He did not even see Jian Chen move. All he felt was that in a single instance, his throat had ended up in Jian Chen’s grip.

“Who is this? Even I failed to sense anything when he moved. Even late Gods can’t achieve this. Is he an Overgod? How is that possible? How can he be an Overgod?” The middle-aged man was utterly terrified.

“You dare to threaten to end my clan? Let alone you, a God, even if your ancestor, Yang Kai, was standing before me, I would never let the matter slide.” Jian Chen glared at the middle-aged man as he forced out each word before directly smacking the man’s head with his hand.

The clan was Jian Chen’s bottom line. It was an existence that could not be touched. Even though he was not interested in becoming an enemy of the Yang family before, he needed to kill this person now because of how he had spoken.

Bang! The middle-aged man’s head directly shattered into pieces from Jian Chen’s attack, and his soul was wiped out.

Jian Chen released his hand from the man’s throat and allowed him to collapse onto the ground. Afterwards, he turned his head towards the three other elders as if nothing had happened at all. He said emotionlessly, “Now, not only have I severed the young master’s arm, but I’ve killed an elder of your Yang family. What are you going to do?”

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