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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1833 - Xuan Rourou
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Chapter 1833: Xuan Rourou

Rourou made her way towards the inn gently. She moved at a steady pace while her guards all followed behind her closely.

There were two armored members of the Royal Divine Army guarding the entrance to the Perched Phoenix Inn right now. They stood straight like statues without moving at all. Only their eyes were revealed, which shone with a cold and merciless light as they observed the surroundings. Clearly, they were there to prevent anyone from entering.

The guards under the captain had stood to one side long ago.

Rourou directly made her way towards the entrance of the inn with her guards. Even though there were two soldiers at the entrance, she did not show any signs of hesitation in her steps at all. She was completely at ease.

Just as Rourou was about to enter the inn, the two soldiers did not do anything to stop her. Instead, they bowed at the same time and said to Rourou together, “Greetings, young miss!”

The jaws of everyone in the surroundings immediately dropped at the sight of this. All of their eyes became filled with shock and disbelief towards Rourou, leading to quite a large disturbance. They all soon began to guess at Rourou’s identity when they saw how the Royal Divine Army showed so much respect towards her.

Clearly, Rourou was already used to the polite treatment she received from the two soldiers. She did not find it strange at all. She nodded at the two of them calmly and did not halt her steps at all. She directly entered the inn.

At the same time, Jian Chen resided on the very top floor of the inn. He remained by the window as he gazed out. He seemed to be deep in thought.

Behind him, ten-thousand-man commander Peng and his two thousand-man commanders had already arrived in the room. When the ten-thousand-man commander saw Jian Chen’s back, he immediately clasped his fist towards Jian Chen without any hesitation and said loudly, “Ten-thousand-man commander Peng of the seventh regiment of the Royal Divine Army greets the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan!”

“Thousand-man commander Zhang of the seventh regiment of the Royal Divine Army greets the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan!”

“Thousand-man commander Li of the seventh regiment of the Royal Divine Army greets the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan!”

At the same time, the two thousand-man commanders behind ten-thousand-man commander Peng clasped their hands towards Jian Chen. They looked at Jian Chen with much respect.

This was the respect towards strength!

The three of them were only Gods. In their eyes, Overgods were indomitable existences.

Moreover, the Overgod standing before them was not like any other Overgod. Instead, he possessed a crushing advantage in power. He was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan who defeated the Overgod of the Wayner clan, someone that had comprehended the Laws of Strength; he was Jian Chen!

Jian Chen turned his head towards the three soldiers covered in armor and asked, “Did Xuan Dou send you here? Are you really that certain that I’m the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan? What if you recognised the wrong person? Wouldn’t it become a huge joke if that happened?”

“It was commander Xuan Dou who sent us. Before we came, the commander showed us images of the patriarch, which is why we recognize you,” said commander Peng Fei.

Jian Chen nodded. Just when he was about to say something, the door to the room suddenly opened once again. The captain of the guards entered from outside. Clearly, he did not sense the special atmosphere in the room, nor did hear what had just been said earlier. As soon as he saw Jian Chen, coldness filled his eyes. He pointed at Jian Chen and said, “Commander Peng, it’s him. He was the one who committed crimes in the royal capital. Not only does he look down on the laws, but he’s extremely audacious as well. If you let him go, who knows how many more heinous crimes he will commit. Please take him away for arrest, commander Peng.”

Jian Chen smiled when he heard that. He looked at the captain and commander Peng in interest without saying anything at all.

However, when commander Peng heard the captain’s words, his gaze changed slightly. If his covered face was visible at that moment, it would be evident that his face had already darkened, having become extremely sunken.

The person before them was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, the same person who easily defeated Wayner Yan who had comprehended the Laws of Strength several dozen years ago. Not to mention that there were rumors recently that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had broken through once again in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling.

The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was someone that even their superior, Xuan Dou, had to treat politely. Xuan Dou had even ordered them to receive the patriarch warmly, yet the captain of the guards had demanded his arrest as soon as he showed up. Was he not trying to go against everything that the commanders were trying to carry out?

Right now, Peng Fei was tempted to swat the captain to death in a single stroke.

“Even if you want to take people away, you should find out everything about the matter before taking action.” At this moment, Rourou entered the room with her guards as well. Clearly, she had heard the captain’s words. She said all that as soon as she had entered the room.

“Young miss, why have you come as well?” Peng Fei was rather surprised as he stared at Rourou and said politely.

Rourou glanced at the guards behind her and a sliver of helplessness appeared on her face. She said, “The girls can’t bear an innocent person being framed, which is why I came specially to have a look.” Rourou paused after reaching this point. She glanced at Jian Chen and said, “Ten-thousand-man commander Peng, according to my knowledge, the entire matter was instigated by Yang Tie. As a result, I hope that commander Peng can look through all the facts before making an arrest. I won’t allow you to take away the innocent.”

“Arrest? Young miss, a- aren’t you…” Commander Peng stared at Rourou. He was clueless as to how to respond. He only grumbled indignantly inside, “My young miss, the person before you is the famed patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. Just what position have you forced me into by saying that I would arrest people right before him?”

“Moreover, even if I really wanted to arrest him, I’m nowhere near his opponent as a God. At the very least, we would need an Overgod like commander Xuan Dou to come personally.”

Rourou could not help but become slightly confused when she saw how commander Peng responded. Something did seem slightly off.

“Commander Peng, are there any problems?” Rourou asked.

The captain also looked at commander Peng. He also sensed that something was off.

Jian Chen’s interest was piqued as he watched everything unfold like a cliché drama. He smiled at the people in the room.

Suddenly, commander Peng clasped his fist towards Jian Chen. He said apologetically, “Patriarch, this is the first young lady of our commander, Xuan Rourou. The young miss did not know the patriarch’s identity, so I that hope the patriarch can forgive her if she has offended you in any way.”

The captain immediately became stunned when he saw the commander’s actions. Disbelief filled his face.

He was a mighty ten-thousand-man commander of the Royal Divine Army, not to mention the fact that he was the famed ten-thousand-man commander, Peng Fei, yet he was actually apologising to the young man. Moreover, the reason for his apology was how their young lady had spoken.

Just how great was the first young lady of the commander’s estate? With her status in the army, very few Overgods would ever truly pursue the matter even if she disrespected a few regular Overgods.

However, commander Peng was actually personally apologising to the young man before him due to some minor things raised by Xuan Rourou. Just who was this young man?

“Patriarch? Patriarch? Just which patriarch in our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian possesses such power? There aren’t any. Let alone our divine kingdom, there are no patriarchs as powerful as him even in our neighbouring divine kingdoms because the patriarchs of clans with Overgods are always Gods or even other Deities. However, even when facing the patriarch of the Yang family, commander Peng would still talk without going out of his way to be respectful. He would not show any fear, let alone lower himself like this… Unless he’s from the Dong’an province… no… impossible…” The captain guessed. Finally, he seemed to think of who this person was, and his face immediately paled.

Xuan Rourou was also slightly taken aback by commander Peng’s apology. However, she also seemed to realise something soon afterwards. A strange light immediately filled her eyes as she stared at Jian Chen. She almost cried out, “You’re the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan from the Dong’an province?”

According to Xuan Rourou’s understanding, only the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan could be referred to as patriarch and make commander Peng act with so much caution.

Overgods were basically all ancestors in clans. They would stand back while the position of patriarch would be occupied by someone else. Only the Tian Yuan clan of the Dong’an province possessed an extremely powerful Overgod as a patriarch.

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