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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1840 - The Thunder Family
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Chapter 1840: The Thunder Family

“It’s a pity that the grand elder is still a late God. His heavy wounds to the soul several dozen years ago have damaged his vitality. Even if his soul is cured with the Soul-drawing Lotus, he probably won’t be able to reach Overgod. The ancestor is only willing to spend three blocks of high quality divine crystals on him, and that’s all because of all the contributions he made to the clan as the grand elder. Let’s just hope that there won’t be too many people who bid for the Soul-drawing Lotus. Although three million high grade divine crystals should technically be enough to purchase the heavenly resource, I am just worried that the price will climb higher and higher if there are a lot of bidders,” said a third middle-aged man. He was slightly worried.

“Hmph. We have to obtain the Soul-drawing Lotus. Even if someone else manages to buy the lotus, let’s see if they have the power to take it away with them,” the fourth middle-aged man said coldly as a serious light flickered through his eyes.

At the same time, a few other people from clans with Overgods in other viewing boxes desired the Soul-drawing Lotus as well.

Although many heavenly resources could heal the soul in the Saints’ World, most of them were ordinary items that were not very useful to people at higher cultivation realms. On the other hand, high grade heavenly resources like Soul-drawing Lotuses were extremely rare. It did not matter whether they needed it or not. If they could buy it, they could just put it aside for when they needed it.

After just a few bids, the price of the lotus rose to a million high grade divine crystals. The people from the Overgod clans understood its value, so they all took part in the bidding. None of them were willing to miss it.

“One million and two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals…”

“One million and three hundred thousand high grade divine crystals…”

“One million and eight hundred thousand high grade divine crystals…”

The four middle-aged men became rather impatient as they watched the price climb. Immediately, one of them stood up and clasped his hands towards the window of his viewing box, “Everyone, we come from the Thunder family of the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud. Our grand elder has suffered extremely severe injuries to the soul, where it has even reached the stage where his life is threatened. We are in desperate need of the Soul-drawing Lotus. Moreover, the ancestor has given us, the Lightning Brothers, orders when we came here today. He instructed us that we have to obtain this Soul-drawing Lotus no matter what to save the grand elder. As a result, I hope everyone can give up on it and allow our Thunder family to take the lotus. Our Thunder family will feel deep gratitude if that happens. We are going to bid two million and five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. I do believe that this is a worthy price for the lotus.”

“The Thunder family of the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud is an extremely impressive clan. It’s said that a Godking appeared for them a hundred thousand years ago, but he vanished mysteriously afterwards…”

“I never thought that the Lightning Brothers would personally come. They’re the four heavenly kings of the Thunder family, and they all possess extremely great strength. It’s said that they’ve grasped a combination attack, where they can even overcome the huge disparity and fend off Overgods when they work together. It’s extremely powerful…”

The competition for the Soul-drawing Lotus came to a temporary halt after the Lightning Brothers spoke out. The price remained at two million and five hundred high grade divine crystals. No one bid for quite some time.

Most of the people gathered here came from different divine kingdoms. With the obstruction of a border, the divine kingdoms did not fear each other as much, given that the clans possessed similar strength.

However, the Thunder family of the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud was an exception. They were extremely powerful and great deviants. Even with the existence of borders, most people did not dare to offend the Thunder family.

Even one of the most powerful clans in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the Yang family, feared  the Thunder family very much.

“The Thunder family of the Divine Kingdom of Aethercloud?” Jian Chen murmured to himself quietly. He could not help but think of the information he had learnt during his conversation with Xuan Dou about the Thunder family.

Even Xuan Dou feared the Thunder family slightly because there was a rumor that they had gained a Godking a hundred thousand years ago. The rumor was basically confirmed, but for some reason, the Godking vanished mysteriously. There had been no news of him since.

Even when ignoring the missing Godking of the Thunder family, their strength in general was extremely great and terrifying.

It was rumored that the Thunder family originated from an extremely mysterious and ancient royal family. Their bloodline was special, giving them a natural affinity with lightning. Over ninety percent of the Thunder family would become Gods by comprehending the Laws of Lightning, which was one of the most offensive laws among them all. It stood beside the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Destruction.

Moreover, the people from the Thunder family were much more skilled with the Laws of Lightning than others. The entire clan was basically favored by lightning, so they possessed a natural advantage.

Aside from that, there was another important reason; they were also a clan with two Overgods!

“Since the Thunder family is in desperate need of the Soul-drawing Lotus, our Chu clan will give up on it…”

“Our Cloud Separation sect will also give up on the lotus…”

“The Heavenscaling Pavilion will give up on the Soul-drawing Lotus…”

Many organisations with Overgods gave up on the heavenly resource. Basically, all of them declared their names to express their kind intentions, as they were unwilling to offend the Thunder family.

The four brothers gradually smiled. They all let out a sigh of relief. However, before they could maintain their smile for long, a calm voice rang out.

“I will pay three million high grade divine crystals. I am also in great need of the Soul-drawing Lotus,” Jian Chen finally stated his price from his own viewing box. He needed the Soul-drawing Lotus, as it was a key to awakening Kai Ya.

The entire auction centre fell silent. They all glanced in the direction of Jian Chen’s voice, looking towards his viewing box. Unfortunately, the curtains were closed, and there were formations that warded off the senses of the soul. As a result, unless the person inside was willing, other people would not be able to send in their senses to observe the interior.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan sat in a viewing box leisurely. They watched the ferocious struggles within the auction centre with interest. However, when they heard Jian Chen’s voice, their faces immediately froze.

“Sister Xi Yu, t- that seems to be patriarch Jian Chen. Do you think patriarch Jian Chen is here?” Mo Yan’s eyes widened as she stared at Xi Yu in surprise, but her face gradually lit up.

Xi Yu nodded silently. She said quietly, “Yes, that’s the patriarch’s voice. The patriarch has gone missing for several decades. News had only just appeared that he was in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, but who would have thought he would actually come to the royal capital, and he is even taking part in the auction this time.”

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