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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1843 - The Threat Of The Yang Family (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1843: The Threat of the Yang Family (One)

All the people with Overgods backing them up hesitated when they heard Xi Yu mention how their patriarch, Jian Chen, desired the Pyrogold very much. Deep fear filled their eyes.

Back when the news of Godking Duanmu’s dwelling appearing in the Dong’an province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian broke out, basically all the Overgods had taken part in the fight for the Godking’s fortune. They would naturally be familiar with Jian Chen.

This time, when they came to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian to take part in the centennial auction hosted by the Imperial United Merchant’s Association, their ancestors had all warned them to never offend the Tian Yuan clan.

Even if they had to offend the Yang family, they could not offend the Tian Yuan clan.

Everyone realised that the Tian Yuan clan could not be trifled with from the warnings of their ancestors, so the people who were originally interested in the Pyrogold all hesitated when they heard that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan required the item.

The people with Overgods backing them did not doubt what Mo Yan added at the end, where she talked about how Jian Chen had killed an Overgod in a single move. They did not doubt it because their ancestors had witnessed it and told them that such a matter had indeed occurred.

Even though it was only an early Overgod, it was indeed just a single move.

However, those people who did not sit within the viewing boxes did not believe the matter. They all began to voice their doubts. Quite a few of them were Gods.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan were in no mood to clear up the doubts. They only hoped to deter the organisations with Overgods and make them back off and not take part in the competition. It was not important to the two girls whether the people who were irrelevant to the auction of this item believed whether Jian Chen had truly killed an Overgod in a single stroke.

“Since the Pyrogold is something that the patriarch requires, our Guhun clan will not take part in the bidding…”

A middle-aged man stood before the window of a viewing box. He clasped his hands towards Xi Yu with a smile and spoke extremely politely.

“It’s the patriarch of the Guhun clan. I thank the patriarch very much for stepping back,” Xi Yu clasped her fist back at him.

The Guhun clan was an Overgod clan in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Recently, they had been on good terms with the Tian Yuan clan.

“Haha, we originally planned to buy the Pyrogold as well, but I never thought that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan would require it. If that’s the case, our Ling family won’t take part in the bidding either.” The window of another viewing box had opened. The patriarch of the Ling family from the Swordseeking province stood there. He smiled amicably.

Thanks to Jian Chen’s support, the Tian Yuan clan possessed some deterrence within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Excluding the clans from the five provincial cities, even many Overgod organisations within the royal capital feared the Tian Yuan clan slightly.

Afterwards, basically all the Overgod clans from within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian declared that they would give up on the item, whether they had been interested in it in the first place or not. They had done it out of respect for the Tian Yuan clan, as well as to show their kind intentions.

After the Overgod clans from the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, the organisations from other divine kingdoms did not fall behind either. They all expressed their intentions. Even clans who were truly interested in the Pyrogold could not help but give up on it after weighing the cost and benefits.

They all took their ancestor’s warnings to heart. They would never offend the Tian Yuan clan. Although the Pyrogold was a supreme grade material that was rare in this part of the world, it was just a piece of rock after all. There was no need to offend a powerful Overgod over a material.

The two elders of the Yang family who also sat in viewing boxes were currently uneasy. They were hesitant.

“I never thought that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan would also require the Pyrogold, and that he would need it dearly. But our ancestor also needs it very much. Do we engage in a battle with the Tian Yuan clan for the Pyrogold?” One of the elders asked. He was anxious inside.

The other elder said after some thought, “If we take part in the bidding, we’ll definitely offend the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. We can’t mess around. In my opinion, we should report to the ancestor as soon as possible and get the ancestor to make a decision on this matter.”

“Let’s not tarry then. Let’s go back now.” The two elders did not watch the rest of the auction unfold. They left the auction in a hurry to return to the Yang family.

No one else bid for the Pyrogold in the huge auction centre.

The hostess was helpess about the situation. The value of the Pyrogold was definitely more than that. In regular auctions, it could go for at least five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals, but she could only let the Tian Yuan clan get it for a bargain now.

In the end, Xi Yu obtained the Pyrogold for a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals.

Even when the next item for auction was brought up, Jian Chen still had not returned to his senses. He remained seated in his viewing box as he stared at where Xi Yu was. Surprise was plastered across his face.

Not only had he come across the two girls out of complete surprise here, but Xi Yu had even used a method he had never even thought of to purchase the Pyrogold at a reduced price.

A while later, Jian Chen shook his head with a faint smile. He murmured, “I never thought that I would have so much prestige. I wasn’t surprised by how the people from the five provincial cities had backed out. After all, I had worked with their ancestors in the past. I just never thought that the Overgod clans from other divine kingdoms would do this for me. It’s really quite surprising.

It was also at this moment that Jian Chen could not help but think back to the time when he and Shen Jian had first come to the Saints’ World. They had encountered the early God ancestor of the Lu family, Lu Tian, and engaged in a battle of life and death.

Yet now, in less than a century, he who had struggled in a fight against an early God had already become an expert feared by most Overgod clans. Jian Chen could not help but become amazed by such a great change.

The auction continued. Overgod level formation discs and Truth Tier Battle Skills that were enough to pique the interest of Overgods appeared later on. Each and every one of these items were sold for an astronomical price of over a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals.

Even organisations with Overgods and rich heritages would become interested in treasures like that. It led to a brutal struggle between many organisations. Even when the powerful clans feared by many took part, it was not enough to cause even a pause in the bidding.

Every single item held great significance for clans. Their influence would be extremely great, so it was directly tied to the future of the clan.

However, the Tian Yuan clan did not take part. It was not because the Tian Yuan clan already had these items. Rather, it was because they lacked the wealth.

The Pyrogold was only a supreme grade material, which was enough to deter people from taking part. However, before Overgod level formation discs and Truth Tier Battle Skills for Overgods, it was naturally impossible.

At the same time, the two elders who had just left the auction politely stood with Yang Aoran before the door to a secret room in the forbidden grounds of the Yang family.

“Why have you disturbed me during my secluded cultivation?” A dignified voice rang out from the room. It was the ancestor of the Yang family, Yang Kai.

Yang Aoran and the two elders immediately bowed deeply. One of the elders said, “Ancestor, we found the Pyrogold that you require in the centennial auction of the Imperial United Merchant’s Association.”

“What? You found the Pyrogold?” Yang Kai’s excited voice rang out from within the secret room. It was filled with much joy.

However, he calmed down very quickly. He asked, “Have you come across problems in obtaining the Pyrogold?”

“The ancestor is wise. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is also in desperate need of the Pyrogold. And in recent times, there are rumors that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has broken through once again in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling. If we bid for the Pyrogold, it would be extremely likely that we would offend the Tian Yuan clan. As the matter relates to just too much, we were unable to make the decision, which is why we’ve come to you, ancestor,” said the elder.

The voice fell silent again. Yang Kai only spoke out after quite a while, “Who from the Tian Yuan clan has come to the royal capital? Is Jian Chen here?”

“Ancestor, it’s elder Xi Yu of the Tian Yuan clan. We are unable to determine the whereabouts of their patriarch. Recently, he appeared in the Ling family of the Swordseeking province. Also, elder Lu of our clan was slain by an unknown Overgod three days ago in the royal capital,” Yang Aoran said politely. He explained the matter of elder Lu’s death to the ancestor in detail and did his best to cover up Yang Tie’s responsibility. He pushed all the blame onto the Overgod that they had yet to identify.

“Put the matter of elder Lu’s death aside for now. The Pyrogold is extremely important to me, so we must obtain it as soon as possible. Yang Aoran, set off personally with Yang Lianxin and some elders. You must invite Xi Yu to the clan,” Yang Kai’s voice rang out from the secret room.

The two elders who had returned from the auction shivered inside. Yang Aoran and Yang Lianxin were the two most powerful Gods in the Yang family so far. They were both late Gods, and they had grasped extraordinary battle skills. In battle, regular late Gods were not their opponents. They had never expected the ancestor to send both of them together.

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