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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1845 - The Threat Of The Yang Family (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1845: The Threat of the Yang Family (Three)

With that, the gazes of the Lightning Brothers sharpened as if sparks were flickering in their eyes. As they used their technique, they began to shine with endless blue light.

“Thunder of the Four Symbols, Lightning Strike!” The Lightning Brothers yelled out at the same time. They used all their cultivation as late Gods as their presence soared rapidly, instantly reaching its peak.

At the same time, the vital energies of the four brothers seemed to fuse together. Their power seemed to have truly fused together, allowing them to seemingly surpass the limits of Gods and touch on the boundary of Overgods.

The difference between Gods and Overgods were as great as a chasm. Apart from an extremely limited number of prodigies, it was not something that regular people could overcome. The difference could be described as heaven and earth.

However, the Lightning Brothers were able to use a secret technique to fuse their strength together perfectly, allowing them to erupt with the might of an Overgod despite only being Gods. Evidently, the four brothers were powerful.


With a deafening sound, the Lightning Brothers fused together and shot towards Jian Chen as a huge bolt of lightning. The lightning that they had transformed into was just too quick, having reached the speed level of Overgods. However, the four of them had not comprehended the laws of Overgods, so they were unable to completely integrate with the world around them. Consequently, as the bolt of lightning moved with extreme speed, it produced sonic booms with the air around it.

“You’ve just managed to reach the level of Overgods. You four really are extraordinary. If it were a regular early Overgod, you really might have the ability to fight them. Unfortunately, your opponent is me,” Jian Chen commented calmly. His slender body stood as still as a mountain. With a wave of his hand, a strand of sword Qi was condensed from Chaotic Force, receiving the bolt of lightning that had a presence of destruction.

Against the Lightning Brothers, Jian Chen did not even need to use his Laws of the Sword. Just Chaotic Force was enough.

This was because his Laws of the Sword had already reached late Overgod, while his Chaotic Force was only equivalent to a God’s cultivation.

With a great boom, the lightning from the four brothers was dispersed by the sword Qi. The four of them also emerged from the lightning. Pale-faced, they stumbled a few steps back. They stared at Jian Chen in disbelief.

“Y- you’re an Overgod?” The four brothers cried out at the same time. They felt extremely shocked inside. Only powerful experts among all Overgods could fend off their combination attack with no effort at all.

There were only around a dozen Overgods in each divine kingdom. Every single one of them was famed, important figures who reigned over an entire region. These people rarely appeared in public. The four brothers had never expected their luck to be so horrible that they would come across an Overgod.

“Even though we haven’t seen all the Overgods from the neighbouring divine kingdoms, we’ve heard of them, but none of them are like you, sir. Have you come from an even more distant place?” One of the four brothers asked in surprise and doubt.

Jian Chen did not answer the question. He stared at them calmly and asked, “Now, are you still confident that you can take the Soul-drawing Lotus from my hands?”

The four brothers looked at each other. Their faces were filled with bitterness, as well as some sorrow.

Suddenly, the four brothers seemed to think of the same thing. They bowed at Jian Chen together and said, “Senior, the Soul-drawing Lotus is just too important to us. We need it to save the grand elder’s life. If we don’t use it, our grand elder probably won’t even be able to survive for another century. As a result, we hope senior can give up on the lotus. If we save the grand elder, we will return senior’s kindness one day.”

“Why is it the four of you and not the Thunder family who will be returning the favor?” Jian Chen asked.

The four brothers hesitated before one of them replied, “You do not know, senior. Our grand elder’s soul was heavily injured, and even his vitality was affected. Even if he recovers, it’ll be very difficult for him to become an Overgod in this lifetime, so his status in the clan is nowhere near as great as it was in the past. The ancestor has not placed any importance on him, or we wouldn’t have lost the bidding war for the Soul-drawing Lotus. Our Thunder family does not lack divine crystals.”

“But don’t worry, senior. The four of us may be nothing compared to senior right now, but when we break through to Overgod together in the future, we believe that we would have the power to return the favor.”

The Lightning Brothers stared at Jian Chen eagerly. They had said everything that they could, so they only hoped that the Overgod before them would be moved by their words and would hand over the Soul-drawing Lotus.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. After a moment of thought, he sighed gently, “There would be nothing wrong with me giving you the lotus if I didn’t need it. Unfortunately, I need it to save a friend of mine, so I can’t give it to you.”

“Senior…” The Lightning Brothers began to panic. Just when they wanted to say something else, Jian Chen raised his hand to stop them.

Jian Chen continued, “But you don’t have to worry too much. Hasn’t your grand elder got another one hundred years? I’ll visit your Thunder family in that time and see whether there’s some other way I can save him.”

The Lightning Brothers hesitated. They naturally did not doubt Jian Chen’s words about visiting the Thunder family in the future. Even if the Thunder family was a dragon’s lair, they would welcome friendly Overgods extremely warmly, and they would love to befriend them. What they doubted was whether Jian Chen actually had some other way to save the grand elder.

After all, injuries to the soul could not be healed that easily.

“Then we will trouble senior. The four of us will wait for you to visit the Thunder family,” after just a moment of hesitation, the Lightning Brothers clasped their hands. They understood that they could not take the Soul-drawing Lotus away, so they could only accept his offer for now and keep hoping.

Jian Chen nodded. Without any more delay, he chased after the people from the Blood Blade sect.

Currently, Xi Yu and Mo Yan were making their way through the streets of the royal capital leisurely with their veils on. They seemed to be downtrodden.

“Sister Xi Yu, where do you think patriarch Jian Chen has gone? Hmph, so much for us looking for him in so much excitement with the Pyrogold. We just wanted to give it to him as soon as possible, yet he has already left the auction centre silently,” Mo Yan puffed up her cheeks and said unhappily. Clearly, she was annoyed.

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the patriarch should be pursuing the people from the Blood Blade sect. Mo Yan, let’s wait in the royal capital for the patriarch. I believe he’ll return very quickly given his power,” Xi Yu said to Mo Yan. For some reason, she felt slightly depressed when she learned that Jian Chen had left the auction centre silently.

At this moment, a gleam of light flashed through Xi Yu’s eyes, and she glared ahead.

A few figures flickered at the end of the street. They approached the two of them rapidly. They moved very fast as if they were hovering above the ground. It was to the point that many people missed them completely. They shot through the crowd.

“Oh no!” Xi Yu thought to herself. Before she could do anything else, the group that shot over had already surrounded her and Mo Yan.

There were a total of six people. They were all very powerful, as they were all Gods. In particular, two of them even made Xi Yu become extremely stern, as they were late Gods.

“Hehe, you must be elder Xi Yu of the Tian Yuan clan. I am the patriarch of the Yang family, Yang Aoran. Greetings, elder Xi Yu,” one of the middle-aged men clasped his fist towards Xi Yu with a smile. He spoke politely.

“Patriarch of the Yang family, what are your intentions?” Xi Yu growled. She could sense that the situation was bad when she glanced at the six Gods who surrounded Mo Yan and her.

“The Yang family invites elder Xi Yu to visit. I hope that elder Xi Yu does not turn down the offer,” Yang Aoran smiled.

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