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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1846 - Yang Kai Appears
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Chapter 1846: Yang Kai Appears

“Patriarch Yang, I can only say that you’ve come at the worst time possible. I’m currently going to meet my patriarch to hand over the supreme quality material I purchased to him. As a result, I am unable to visit your Yang family right now. However, I will tell the patriarch about patriarch Yang’s great invitation. I believe we will be visiting the Yang family soon,” Xi Yu said while appearing to be composed. She looked around and stressed the two words, ‘great invitation’.

Yang Aoran’s face suddenly changed when he heard Xi Yu mention that she was just about to meet up with the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. He became extremely stern and asked, “Elder Xi Yu, from what you said, is your patriarch present as well?” He had not just invited Xi Yu to the Yang family for her to visit. If the patriarch happened to be present, things would become difficult.

“That’s right. Our patriarch is in the royal capital,” said Xi Yu.

“Your patriarch is in the royal capital? Hehe, elder Xi Yu, do you really think we’re so easy to trick,” Yang Aoran’s brother, Yang Lianxin, sneered.

“You must be senior Yang Lianxin. Senior, I really do not understand how I would ever benefit from tricking you all,” Xi Yu replied with composure. However, she began to worry slightly inside. She hoped that Jian Chen could come back sooner.

Although she had no idea why the Yang family had ‘invited’ her to visit, she could tell with a single glance that it definitely was not for any positive reasons from their behaviour.

Yang Aoran said nothing. The light in his eyes flickered as he analysed the truth of Xi Yu’s words. If the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really was in the royal capital, he truly could not do things forcefully.

“Jian Chen is not in the royal capital. Take the two of them to the clan immediately.”

At this moment, Yang Kai’s voice boomed through the heads of the six Gods from the Yang family.

Yang Aoran and the others all became confident after they heard their ancestor’s message. Yang Aoran began to smile warmly once again. However, the smile just seemed slightly cold. He said, “Elder Xi Yu, our ancestor has something important that he wants to see you about. It won’t take too much of your time, elder Xi Yu. You can meet up with your patriarch after meeting the ancestor.” Yang Aoran turned to his side slightly and made a gesture of invitation as he spoke.

“All of you, get out of the way. We don’t care if your ancestor is looking for us for something. If we say no, are you going to use force against our Tian Yuan clan?” Mo Yan was angry. She planted her hands on her hips and said loudly, causing all the passersby to look over. However, none of them dared to say anything.

There were barely any people who did not know about the Yang family, and there were few people who dared to offend the Yang family.

Xi Yu pulled Mo Yan’s sleeve to tell her not to say anything more. Then she clasped her fist and said, “Patriarch, please tell senior Yang Kai that I’m only an elder of the Tian Yuan clan. I can’t make any decisions for important matters. Once we meet up with the patriarch, we will visit the Yang family.”

A gleam of light flickered through Yang Aoran’s eyes, and he said, “To us, completing the ancestor’s mission is of utmost priority. The ancestor has already given us the orders, but miss Xi Yu still wants the ancestor to wait. It really is inconvenient, so please come with us, miss Xi Yu.”

With that, a powerful pressure emanated from Yang Aoran. It directly enveloped Xi Yu and Mo Yan like a mountain crushing down on them.

At the same time, Yang Lianxin and the four mid God elders all produced powerful pressures as well. At that moment, these six Gods had fully unleashed their presences, targeting Xi Yu and Mo Yan.

Xi Yu’s face changed suddenly. Although her progress with cultivation had been ungodly during these past few years, she was still only a mid God. Faced against four elders of the same strength and two late Gods, she was naturally not their opponent. She was suppressed to the point where she could only use seventy percent of her strength.

Spurt! Mo Yan’s face directly became sheet-white as blood sprayed from her mouth. She had become heavily injured from the tremendous pressure.

If the six Gods had not targeted Xi Yu, just the pressure alone was probably enough to claim half of Mo Yan’s life, or maybe even all of it.

After all, how was Mo Yan supposed to endure the pressure of six Gods as a mere Saint Emperor?

“Sister Yan’er!” Xi Yu cried out and immediately protected her. She stared at the people from the Yang family with intense hatred and called out, “You’ve actually hurt Mo Yan! Do you know just how much the patriarch adores Mo Yan? If anything happens to sister Mo Yan, the patriarch will never let you off the hook!”

Yang Aoran continued regardless of her words, “Even if that’s the case, I still wish to invite elder Xi Yu to come to our Yang family as a guest. Once we end up falling out and fighting here, that girl is so weak, so it’ll be your responsibility if she dies in an accident.”

“You…” Xi Yu pointed at Yang Aoran. She was so furious that her body trembled.

“Alright, I’ll go with you. I’d like to see just what the Yang family has planned.” In the end, Xi Yu still abided. If they really started fighting, she would struggle to protect Xi Yu, let alone the fact that she was not their opponent at all. Even Origin realm experts would become heavily injured or directly die from the shockwaves of battles between Gods, let alone Mo Yan, who had not even reached the Origin realm.

Although the royal capital had rules that forbid fighting, these rules only affected regular people. Overgods were naturally not subject to the punishments with their status.

Even though Xi Yu and Mo Yan had basically been forced to go to the Yang family, the treatment they received was still very great. After entering the Yang family, Xi Yu was invited into the guest room by Yang Aoran as an esteemed guest.

“Please do not blame me for the horrible approach, elder Xi Yu. We had no choice because we had to complete the ancestor’s mission. Here is a healing pill, which should be enough for this lady to make a full recovery.” In the guest room, Yang Aoran apologised to the two women. At the same time, he took out a jade bottle and passed it into Mo Yan’s hands personally. He behaved like he was extremely sincere.

This was because he too understood that if it were not for the fact that the Pyrogold was simpy too important to the ancestor, the ancestor would not want to offend the Tian Yuan clan either.

“Hmph, who would take your sh*tty pills.” Mo Yan did not accept the offer at all. She directly smashed the bottle onto the ground, and it immediately shattered. A round pill rolled out and produced a heavy fragrance.

The pill really was of a high grade.

Yang Aoran did not mind at all. He knew Mo Yan’s identity. She was only the daughter of the patriarch of the Mo clan. She was not anyone important. He had only gifted the pill to her because of the Tian Yuan clan.

“Aoran, leave for now.” Suddenly, a voice rang out in the guest room. A middle-aged man with a resolute face had entered the room at some time. He did not give off any presence at all, making him seem like an ordinary person.

He had arrived silently like a ghost. Even Yang Aoran and Xi Yu had failed to notice him.

Yang Aoran immediately became courteous when he saw the middle-aged man. He bowed towards him before leaving politely.

The middle-aged man looked at Xi Yu and nodded in satisfaction, “Xi Yu, I’ve heard of you in the past. You’ve become a God at such a young age, which really does make me feel that the old will be surpassed by the young. Becoming an Overgod will be nothing difficult for you if you are given some time. I even envy Jian Chen slightly now. He has just founded the Tian Yuan clan, and he already possesses such an extraordinary expert. It’s just a pity that my Yang family doesn’t possess a great clansmen like you.”

“Sir, you must be the ancestor of the Yang family, senior Yang Kai,” Xi Yu stood up and clasped her fist at him. However, she did not show any politeness on her face at all.

“You’re right. I’m Yang Kai,” the middle-aged man smiled faintly.

“Senior Yang Kai sent several Gods, and even the patriarch of the Yang family personally came. I don’t think it’s as simple as inviting the two of us to your clan as guests since you sent so many people,” Xi Yu said. She could not think of why Yang Kai would do something like this no matter what. There did not seem to be anything valuable on her.

The only thing that had some value was the Pyrogold, but with the Yang family’s wealth, they could have just bid during the auction if they really did require it.

“I’ll be honest. I’ve invited you here as a guest only because I want to make a deal with you,” Yang Kai sat down before Xi Yu, which made him seem very approachable.

However, Xi Yu could clearly sense that Yang Kai still possessed a natural, irremovable sense of condescension even though he tried to appear approachable. In particular, his gaze towards her was like he was looking at an ant.

“A deal? But I don’t have anything valuable on me! I am very confused. May I ask just what has caught senior Yang Kai’s eyes?” Xi Yu felt more and more doubtful.

“The Pyrogold!” Yang Kai said.

Xi Yu’s face changed when she heard that. She gripped her Space Ring instinctively and stared at Yang Kai in complete caution. She said, “Senior Yang Kai, I may have to disappoint you. The Pyrogold is extremely important to the patriarch as well, so without his permission, I cannot make any decisions about it by myself.”

Yang Kai seemed to be expecting Xi Yu to say something like that. He responded calmly, “The Pyrogold is extremely important to me as well. I need it desperately. It’s just a pity that I learnt of it a little too late, or I would have never missed it.”

“Since senior Yang needs the Pyrogold, I can talk to my patriarch about it,” said Xi Yu.

Yang Kai shook his head, “You were the one who spent the divine crystals to buy it, and the Pyrogold just happens to be on you as well. I can just negotiate with you. Is there any need to find Jian Chen? As long as the Pyrogold hasn’t ended up in his hands, it doesn’t belong to him.”

Yang Kai took out a Space Ring and said, “You spent one hundred thousand high grade divine crystals to buy the Pyrogold. I have two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals here to buy it from you.”

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