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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1847 - Extremely Shameless
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1847: Extremely Shameless

Yang Kai’s nonchalant tone was also forceful as if Xi Yu would never make it out of the guest room if she did not want to sell the Pyrogold.

Moreover, as he spoke, the Space Ring with two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals slowly floated over before Xi Yu under an invisible force.

Xi Yu and Mo Yan had both become completely pale as their bodies trembled. Clearly, the ancestor of the Yang family wanted to buy it from them forcefully.

Moreover, he was extremely shameless as well. Indeed, they had bought the Pyrogold from the Imperial United Merchant’s Association for the low price of a hundred thousand high grade divine crystals, but that was because they had used the prestige of the Tian Yuan clan. They had even mentioned Jian Chen’s name to deter other buyers, so they would pull out for the Tian Yuan clan and not take part in the bidding. Otherwise, the price of the Pyrogold would have never just been that. It would have gone for five hundred thousand high grade divine crystals at the very least.

If there was a fierce struggle, it would have even been possible for the Pryogold to go for a million high grade divine crystals.

Yet now, not only did Yang Kai, the ancestor of the Yang family, want to forcefully buy it from them, but he had even offered such a low price as well. He was simply completely shameless.

“Senior Yang, you’re a famed expert of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, someone who holds great prestige. Aren’t you going too far by abusing the two of us?” Xi Yu said hoarsely. Her complexion was extremely ugly.

“You have no sense of shame as well to take advantage of us. So much for being an Overgod. I never thought you’d be so shameless. Sister Xi Yu, we bought the Pyrogold for patriarch Jian Chen. We can’t give it to him no matter what,” Mo Yan said furiously with a sheet-white face.

A cold light flickered through Yang Kai’s eyes. He glanced at Mo Yan. His glance was cold and merciless, and it also possessed a glint that was as sharp as swords.

Mo Yan immediately felt like her head was exploding from Yang Kai’s glance. It made her head throb as if her soul was about to shatter. Her body shuddered uncontrollably, and she directly fell out of the chair and landed onto the ground powerlessly. She constantly vomited blood.

Yang Kai’s glance had heavily injured Mo Yan.

After all, Mo Yan was just too weak. In Yang Kai’s eyes, she was even less significant than an ant.

“Sister Mo Yan!” Xi Yu’s face changed drastically as she cried out. She hurried to help Mo Yan off the floor and fed her a healing pill as quickly as she could. She stared at Yang Kai in complete hatred and roared, “Senior Yang, do you know just how important sister Mo Yan is to the patriarch? The patriarch will never let this matter be now that you’ve hurt her. Do you really want to declare war on the Tian Yuan clan?”

“Declare war on the Tian Yuan clan?” Yang Kai seemed to take it as a joke. He said leisurely, “Her previous words are already a crime worthy of death. If it were not for Jian Chen, do you think this little girl would still be alive? As for the Tian Yuan clan…”

A sliver of disdain appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes. He said, “Apart from Jian Chen, there really is nothing about the Tian Yuan clan that catches my eyes. Moreover, it’s impossible for Jian Chen to declare war on my Yang family over a mere Saint Emperor because the Tian Yuan clan cannot endure a loss like that.”

“Yang Kai, I will remember what you have said today. Our Tian Yuan clan will never let this matter just end like this,”  Xi Yu directly referred to Yang Kai by his name as she gritted her teeth. Her heart throbbed as she looked at the pale-faced Mo Yan who had a bloody chest.

“Tell me that once you become an Overgod. Xi Yu, accept the two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals. Hand over the Pyrogold,” Yang Kai said calmly. He really did not treat Xi Yu as anything significant.

Xi Yu said coldly, “I will never…” Suddenly, she stopped talking. Her eyes also widened at that moment as fury and intense regret filled her eyes.

At that moment, Xi Yu discovered that her body had become trapped by a mysterious power. She had become completely immobilised.

“Since you won’t hand it over yourself, I can only take it for myself then,” Yang Kai said nonchalantly. He extended his hand and directly removed the Space Ring from Xi Yu’s finger. After rummaging through its contents, he removed the Pyrogold before putting the Space Ring back onto Xi Yu’s finger.

Throughout the entire process, Xi Yu remained trapped by the mysterious power. She could only watch Yang Kai take away the Pyrogold.

“You’re not making a loss either by selling the Pyrogold for two hundred thousand high grade divine crystals.” Yang Kai finally smiled slightly when he held the Pyrogold. He removed the restrictions on Xi Yu and said, “The deal between us is complete now. Go.”

Xi Yu knew that no matter what she said, it was useless now that the entire matter had turned out like this. She was unable to change anything. All she could do was support Mo Yan as she left the Yang family in horrible spirits.

After the two of them departed, the patriarch of the Yang family arrived by Yang Kai’s side. He asked politely, “Ancestor, have we offended the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan with what we’ve done?”

Yang Kai said, “It’s only a deal between Xi Yu and me. She definitely did not use the wealth of the Tian Yuan clan to buy the Pyrogold, so technically, the material is not Jian Chen’s in the first place. I only purchased it from her before he could get his hands on it, so what can he do even if he learns about everything that had happened? After all, it’s only a normal deal between Xi Yu and me.”

“Moreover, the Pyrogold is only a supreme quality material for forging weapons. It’s rather rare, but it’s not unique in the Saints’ World. It’s always possible to collect it in the future if he wants to. Jian Chen is not a stupid person. He won’t fall out with me over a material for forging weapons.”

“Of course, what I’ve said before are only secondary. The most important point is that I am in desperate need of the Pyrogold.”

Powerful energy shook the surroundings of some desolate plains fifty million kilometers away from the royal capital. It caused the white clouds in the sky to be reduced to fragments.

A powerful killing formation had been cast down on the ground. It erupted with all its might as deafening booms rang out from within the killing formation.

The people trapped in the killing formation were the four Gods from the Blood Blade sect. Currently, they were using everything they had inside the killing formation to attack the formation in an attempt to escape.

“Hahaha, just as I had expected. Zeng Fei, you really would use that teleportation disc. Fantastic! Now killing the lot of you will be a piece of cake,” four men in azure robes sneered as they stared at the killing formation from the outside.

“Hua Yongyuan, it’s actually you. Impossible, this is impossible. Even we don’t know where we’ll be transported to when we used the teleportation formation disc. How did you manage to ambush us at the location where we’d appear and cast down such a powerful killing formation? Have you done something to the teleportation formation disc?” An elder of the Blood Blade sect cried out from within the killing formation.

“That’s right. We tweaked the teleportation formation disc. It’s just a pity that you’ve learnt of this too late. You four are done for today,” the man who had spoken before laughed out loud.

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