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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1850 - Jian Chen’s Fury (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 1850: Jian Chen’s Fury (Two)

“Patriarch, it’s the Yang family…” Xi Yu did not hide anything. She told him exactly what had happened. She spoke in great detail, and whenever she mentioned Yang Kai, she would grit her teeth in much anger.

“Yang Kai!” Jian Chen murmured. Anger rose up within him as a powerful killing intent began to build up in his heart.

Originally, the young master of the Yang family, Yang Tie, had provoked him time and time again, going overboard on some matters. Jian Chen was unwilling to become hostile with the Yang family when he considered how they belonged to the same divine kingdom. As a result, he only cut off Yang Tie’s arm in the inn and left his life intact.

However, he had never expected that just a few days later, Yang Kai, the ancestor of the Yang family and a mighty late Overgod, would do such shameless things.

“Patriarch Jian Chen, Yang Kai has simply gone too far. The Pyrogold was purchased by sister Xi Yu and me for you, but he stole it in the end. Sob sob… he has gone too far. He’s using the fact that he’s an Overgod to bully me and sister Xi Yu just because we’re not as strong as him.”

“Patriarch Jian Chen, now that the Pyrogold is gone, what do we do? What do we do? Sob sob sob…” Mo Yan cried painfully. Her body trembled in Jian Chen’s arms. She felt wronged.

Coupled with the fact that she was too injured, her violent emotions had triggered her wounds. She vomited a mouthful of blood and dyed Jian Chen’s robes red.

Jian Chen removed a healing pill he had obtained from Godking Duanmu’s dwelling from his Space Ring with a sunken face and fed it to Mo Yan gently. He said, “Let’s go to the Yang family. I’d like to see just how arrogant Yang Kai is.” Jian Chen spoke icily. Anyone could sense the heavy killing intent in his words.

This time, he had truly been angered. In other words, he was out to kill.

Very soon, Xi Yu and Mo Yan arrived before the Yang family again, this time with Jian Chen. Standing at the entrance, Jian Chen directly called out, “Yang Kai, get your ass out here!” Jian Chen’s voice was thunderous. It formed a visible soundwave that spread out in all directions, and it basically spread across half of the royal capital.

Jian Chen condensed a resplendent sword Qi in his hand as he said these words. It shone brightly as it shot forth, landing mercilessly on the main entrance of the Yang family.


The huge estate of the Yang family shook violently with a deafening boom. Formations upon formations appeared and trembled, engulfing the entire clan.

The estate was built by the Yang family themselves. Although the protective formations were not connected to the formations of the royal capital, they had still reached the level of Overgods, so it completely withstood Jian Chen’s attack.

The boom also rang across almost half of the city. Everyone could clearly hear the disturbance generated by the surging energy ripples.

The royal capital was no longer at peace. Countless people looked towards the Yang family as they discussed with great interest.

In the commander’s estate, Xuan Dou’s eyes narrowed as he was guiding Xuan Rourou’s cultivation. He suddenly turned his head towards where the Yang family was and frowned. He murmured, “Why is Jian Chen attacking the Yang family? Looking at how murderous he seems, he seems to possess deep hate for them.”

“Grandfather, what is happening?” Xuan Rourou also became surprised and doubtful. She looked in the Yang family’s direction.

She was not wearing her veil right now. She seemed very gentle and well-educated; she was just like the young lady of a large clan. However, her beauty was extraordinary as well, and it was enough to rival the moon.

“Rourou, stay within the estate. I must pay a visit,” Xuan Dou said to Xuan Rourou. His gaze was filled with adoration when he looked at her.

At the same time, all the Overgod clans in the royal capital began to pay attention to the Yang family. Even though the Overgods did not visit the Yang family personally, they had all sent the senses of their soul over to pay close attention.

The guards of the royal capital naturally discovered that a conflict was occurring at the Yang family. Someone wanted to fight in the royal capital, so they had broken its rules.

However, none of them dared to act recklessly. They all continued their patrols like nothing was happening. They just went about doing what they were supposed to do. They would make detours around the territory of the Yang family purposefully.

The entire Yang family was disturbed. Figures flickered inside, and in the blink of an eye, a large group of people had gathered at the entrance. All the elders were present, as well as many Deities. The person at the very front was the patriarch of the Yang family, Yang Aoran.

All of them were stern.

“It’s you! It’s actually you! How dare you! You’ve actually come to our Yang family! Father, it was he who cut off my arm! He was the one who killed elder Lu! You have to capture him! He can’t escape…” Yang Tie also ran over to see what was going on. He recognised Jian Chen with a single glance and leapt up in surprise, yelling as he pointed at Jian Chen.

The only difference with him now was that he had recovered his severed arm.

“Shut up!” Yang Aoran snorted coldly as he glared at Yang Tie, forcefully shutting up Yang Tie before he could say anything more.

Quite a few elders in the surroundings stared at Yang Tie like they were looking at an idiot. They all secretly cursed that Yang Tie was even more stupid than a pig.

“I was wondering who it was. Looks like it’s patriarch Jian Chen of the Tian Yuan clan. You sure are imposing,” a confident voice rang out. Yang Kai made his way over in the air step by step. His face was quite ugly.

Clearly, the situation had slightly surpassed his expectations.

He had indeed ‘purchased’ Jian Chen’s Pyrogold from Xi Yu forcefully, but he believed that Jian Chen would only come to talk about it, so he would have many methods to handle the situation. He had never expected Jian Chen to show no respect for his authority at all, directly attacking his clan.

He, Yang Kai, was a late Overgod after all. Who was willing to offend a late Overgod over a piece of Pyrogold that was only worth a few hundred thousand divine crystals?

All the people in the Yang family were shocked when they heard that he was the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan. Even Yang Tie became stunned. His face became filled with some confusion, as he found it rather difficult to believe.

Very few people had seen the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan before. As a matter of fact, no one aside from Yang Kai in the Yang family would be able to recognise him. This was because Jian Chen had risen to fame too recently. Information regarding his appearance and characteristics had yet to spread completely, so they were naturally unable to identify Jian Chen.

However, the name Jian Chen, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, had even spread to neighbouring divine kingdoms, let alone the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. Everyone knew his name, and he had already become a well-known figure.

“No matter how imposing I am, I can never be as imposing as you, Yang Kai. You’re a mighty Overgod, yet you would go far as to do something as despicable as this,” Jian Chen sneered.

“I’m despicable? Why do you say that, Jian Chen? If you don’t give me a satisfactory reply today, I will not drop the matter of you offending the Yang family,” Yang Kai said with a sunken face.

“You don’t even want to own up to it? Let me ask you. Did you take my Pyrogold?” Jian Chen said sharply as he emanated with a threatening presence.

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