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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 1852 - A Duel Between The Powerful
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Chapter 1852: A Duel Between the Powerful

Since they were under Xuan Dou’s care, Jian Chen no longer had to worry about them. Immediately, Jian Chen became fearless.

Jian Chen began to walk, gradually approaching the estate of the Yang family. At the same time, he emitted a surging presence. With each step, his presence grew stronger and stronger. It was enough to shock the world around him. In the end, it became something akin to a huge sword that had landed on the buildings, possessing great might.

The protective formations of the Yang family appeared, engulfing the entire clan. However, at this moment, the powerful defensive formation that was enough to stop the attacks of Overgods actually began to tremble slightly under Jian Chen’s tremendous presence.

Although the formation was only trembling gently, being nowhere close to shattering, it was only Jian Chen’s presence that had made all of this happen.

Just his presence alone had shaken up the formations of the Yang family. This was more than enough to demonstrate Jian Chen’s strength.

Xuan Dou, who protected Xi Yu and Mo Yan, changed in expression. He stared at Jian Chen in shock. His understanding of Jian Chen’s strength was limited to when he defeated Wayner Yan. However, only now did he suddenly realise that Jian Chen’s strength had grown to such a level.

Yang Kai, who hovered within the estate, also narrowed his eyes. He finally became slightly stern.

“The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is so powerful…”

“Looking at his presence, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan must have reached late Overgod. He is no longer any weaker than Yang Kai…”

“A late Overgod who has comprehended the Laws of the Sword… Hehe, looks like Yang Kai has provoked a powerful enemy…”

“The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has actually grown to have such strength. He cannot be provoked, no matter what…”

Several powerful senses of the soul gathered together. When they came in contact with each other, they began to converse. The disturbance at the Yang family had raised the attention of all the Overgods in the royal capital. Although they had not personally come, they had been observing the entire situation for quite a while now with the senses of their soul.

Jian Chen’s presence climbed rapidly. He completely unleashed his level of comprehension that was on par with late Overgods. He said coldly, “Yang Kai, it really isn’t much for you to take my Pyrogold. Pyrogold may be a supreme quality material, but it’s not unique in the Saints’ World. If you were willing to pay a little, I could have let you have it. However, you never, ever should have touched my sister Mo Yan.

“She’s the patriarch of the Mo clan’s daughter, not your sister. Jian Chen, are you really going to treat me as an enemy because of a mere Saint Emperor? I’ve shown you more than enough respect. If it were not for the Tian Yuan clan, just her insults to me would have cost her her life. It would be impossible for her to still be alive right now,” Yang Kai growled emotionlessly.

“A mere Saint Emperor? Cost her her life?” Jian Chen sneered, “Right now, I will let you know what kind of consequences you have to bear for touching the mere Saint Emperor you speak of.”

Suddenly, Jian Chen exploded with blinding light. He seemed to have become a miniature sun. He wielded the Startling Rainbow sword that was filled with destructive Chaotic Force on the inside while being covered with the powers of the Laws of the Sword on the outside. He stabbed at the Yang family’s buildings.

Yang Kai’s face was extremely sunken. He snorted coldly and appeared outside the protective formations of the estate. A sword had also appeared in his hand, shining with blinding, golden light. He swung the sword, and the power of laws surged, turning into a pillar of golden light that headed towards Jian Chen.

Even though Yang Kai used the sword, he had not comprehended the Laws of the Sword. Rather, he comprehended the Laws of Metal.


The collision of the two attacks was deafening. Terrifying ripples of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, directly dispersing the clouds. Even the protective formations of the Yang family shook violently after enduring the shockwaves.

Inscriptions of formations appeared within the royal capital as well, forming an indestructible wall of defence for the entire city.

The defensive formations of the royal capital were on the level of Godkings. The shockwaves from Jian Chen and Yang Kai’s battle did not even manage to make it tremble. With the formation protecting the city, even if Jian Chen and Yang Kai engaged in a devastating battle here, they would not be able to even leave a scratch on the city.

Only the formations of the Yang family estate were on the level of Overgods, as they were not connected to the formations of the city.

Jian Chen staggered a few steps back. In his clash with Yang Kai, he had clearly lost the upper hand. However, the presence he gave off only grew stronger and stronger. He seemed like a divine sword.

Yang Kai remained in the air. His face was cold. He acted like his first clash with Jian Chen was nothing as if it were only a casual attack.

“The person known as the greatest expert below Godking in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian is only so much,” Jian Chen said coldly. He fused with his sword and radiated with shocking sword Qi. He seemed to shoot off like an arrow, killing his way towards Yang Kai aggressively.

Yang Kai glanced at the shaking formations of the Yang family below him. He did not continue his battle with Jian Chen. Instead, he flew away from the royal capital.

Jian Chen naturally understood Yang Kai’s intentions. He did not want to damage the Yang family during the battle, so he chose to fight outside the city.

Jian Chen did not hesitate. With a thought, the Startling Rainbow sword appeared beneath his feet. With his arms crossed, he rode the sword away, disappearing from the royal capital as a streak of light.

After Jian Chen and Yang Kai vanished, all the Overgod ancestors who usually spent their time in seclusion and rarely made public appearances chose to emerge from their clans without any hesitation at all. They followed Jian Chen and Yang Kai and headed outside of the city by hovering along the ground.

The defensive formations within the city restricted the senses of their soul. Once Jian Chen and Yang Kai left the city, they would have left the range that the senses of their souls could encapsulate as well. As a result, they were forced to emerge from seclusion.

“The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan seems to have lost the upper hand. Looks like he’s still a little worse than Yang Kai…”

“What do you know? Yang Kai loves his pride and dignity. He knew that many of us were watching in secret. He didn’t want to embarrass himself, so he secretly used a battle skill. However, because he did not use the full might of the battle skill, you all failed to sense it. The patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, lost the upper hand because he did not use a battle skill like Yang Kai. Instead, he did not use any tricks at all…”

“In other words, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan seems to have fallen for Yang Kai’s scheme…”

“That’s indeed the case. However, if he didn’t do that, Yang Kai probably wouldn’t have been able to gain an upper hand at all. He would have only been able to match Jian Chen at most. After all, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is an Overgod who has comprehended the Laws of the Sword. He possesses an advantage in terms of laws. However… why do I feel that the patriarch’s cultivation level is a little low? It doesn’t even seem like he has reached Overgod…”

“I remember back in Godking Duanmu’s dwelling, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan had reached early or mid Overgod in terms of comprehension, while his cultivation level remained the same as a God. After so many years, his comprehension level has reached late Overgod, but his cultivation level remains at the level of a God. I can never understand why this is the case…”

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